April 10, 2012 journal, I was wrong saying the dynasty of Popes have been the Antichrist for 1500 years. Actually, the Antichrist has been on earth much longer as is specified in the books of John the apostle. The Pope and the dynasty of Popes are I believe part of the Antichrist but there is an evil trinity or at least evil in the trinity of 3 groups of people that claim to be Israelites. The Torah Orthodox Jewish people studying the 5 Books of Moses of the Old Testament. Even though they are the legitimate House of Israel, they are still against Christ, therefore, they are Antichrist according to the apostle John New Testament books. 2-The Herod Edomite people from Esau, brother of Jacob. Then a year ago I have discovered the Zionist Khazar Crypto Russian people that founded modern State "Israeli" are different. Someone of the Jewish community told me about the book The Thirteenth Tribe written by Arthur Koestler giving a full account of the Russian Khazar people who converted to Judaism or at lease a form of Judaism in 743AD and their history. They had never lived in Palestine but they demanded Palestine as their homeland from the UN and accomplished their goal in 1948 taking it away from the British and the Palestinians. Now you have the legitimate Israelite people opposing the modern State of Israel. There are the Edomite people who were living in Palestine and Israel during Christ day and infiltrating the temples. The 13th tribe so-called are the third group are converts to a form of Judaism from Babylon and they are the bankers in particular Rothschild and the Red Star of David but it is not from King David because King David never had a star. Wikipedia agrees that the Star of David came along with the new State of Israel. The modern Church largely in America have mistaken all things called Jewish for the "chosen people of God" and they worship in a sense the false Israel. God Almighty, I pray to give us wisdom & knowledge of the gospel truth. This is the message I have on my shoulders because all things not of Christ are Antichrist. If we support a false people then we support the Antichrist which has been here for a long time. The false doctrine of the Catholic Church to save the Pope during Martin Luther's day has become doctrine of the church that the Antichrist will be only one man rising up when it is millions maybe even billions who are mistaken and do become a part of the Antichrist. True Israelites are I believe persecuted in modern Israel according to many reports. Israel is Antichrist as it was in the days of Christ when the hierarchy of the church demanded he be put to death. Christ was killed by Esau Edomites. The hierarchy of the modern State of Israel today are leftover from Russian Communism. They are Antichrist to say the least a long with the dynasty of Popes and some Christians who are compromised with the Antichrist through false doctrine or the worship of money. If you try to emigrate to Israel you will most likely be turned down as a Christian believer individual. Modern Khazar Russian Jewish impostures are leftover Russian Communists from the killer Lenin regime of 1917, he being Jewish according to the Khazar converts and always being in charge of the money. Sure there are starving Georgians in southern Russia and they are used by the Christian television evangelist to raise money to emigrate to Israel. Martin Luther was extremely critical of these people although he did not ever distinguish between the genuine House of Israel and the Khazar people of Russia. TBN and the Charsmatics have made an industry of the substitute Israeli Israel. Modern false Israel is leading the world and the U.S. into the battle of Armageddon against God. Why show me Lord the truth of the matter when I feel so inadequate to deal with it. We cannot stop prophecy from being fulfilled but we can live the Christian life. As Christ said to Peter "Put away thy sword". Stop all killing by abortion and war.