April 26, 2012 journal, Oklahoma Senator is interviewed on his new book on 700 Club warning America of the enormous national debt we owe to the foreign Federal Reserve. Our treasonous Congress should have known this a hundred years ago when they traded us off for a mess of pottage. In 1996 the national debt was 5 trillion, now no telling what. The 'Debt Bomb' book is predicting America will become the next Greece within 2 years, but I think we already are Greece. The rising debt at $60 billion per day for the last 13 years at least. I have vowed to stay off these subjects but it is hard to do because it is a part of America's problem. I disagree with the book because the private independent Federal Reserve is proven it can print any amount of money and it still spends for a while at least. The Fed is reported to have printed or authorized 20 trillion dollars going to the European banks debt crisis recently. I am surprised Pat Robertson is revealing such a debt crisis and there really is a debt crisis put it in terms of slavery of the poor people. Do we feel the bumps in the road when the foreign Fed bailed out the European banks? No not at all. The foreign Federal Reserve has the authority to authorize or magically create such money and charge it to the U.S. taxpayers then for interest and repayment. Herndon want to cut Social Security payments and Medicare like all Republicans. All America has to do to get out of debt is to expel the sacred independent Federal Reserve. Spain did this very same thing in early 1492 and rejected their artificial national debt. What does the American Federal Reserve have to do with the European banks to bail them out. Nothing. This is not fiction, it is a fact. America has been robbed of its money and the debt is climbing out of control. The 700 Club reported 90 percent of America's debt last year was purchased by the Federal Reserve. Why not? If you can speak your bank account into what ever you need you can buy the world and it's all to your advantage and toward slavery for the goyims, the millions of ordinary citizens that work and pay tax. All this is going on while they strip our military of the right to pray. The biggest bank robbery in world history has taken place from the December 1913 clandestine action of Congress under Woodrow Wilson totally giving the phony Federal Reserve the right to print money and control the currency. No, America's not going broke, it already has gone broke by that action and has no ability to go broke any more. We are again making bricks like the children of Israel did under Egyptian rule. We cannot compete with corporations advertising money to elect their people to serve them best at our expense. Let us not grow weary in well doing but serve God regardless of all the suppression and persecution by the parasites that are robbing us of our daily bread. Let us not be foolish to fight our own battles when God has promised to avenge our enemies. The 700 Club said they should of used the bailout money to make loans to the people but instead they kept the money to make the banks stronger. "The fig tree blooming but not bearing any fruit". Congress of the United States is in bed with the bankers frolicking to get reelected and not caring a hoot about the poor John Q. Public unemployed suckers. This is not bitterness on my part, it is just the facts as I see them happening and I am not political. Besides money, Ron Reagan & Abraham Lincoln are the sacred perfect hero's of the Republican Party. Actually, you can safely say that most Republicans worship their dead party politicians. The American people deserve to know the truth about who owns them and their money. The book says that the debt crisis is the biggest threat to America's future more than any Arab terrorists or any other group. Actually it goes much deeper than that from the rulers of the world. They are not the 13th tribe or the 12 tribes or the 10 lost tribes, they're not the tribe of Joseph's two sons Ephriam and Manasseh which settled Britain and the U.S.. They are the 13th tribe as referred to in the book by Arthur Koestler documenting them as Russian Khazars that never have lived in Palestine. They are not even close to being akin to the ancient House of Israel. They are not even descendants of Esau but are converts to Judaism as of 743AD. They are not from the House of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They are however in charge of the American dollar, the Federal Reserve Bank and they have robbed the American people of trillions of dollars. They are the leading Antichrist of the world. We cannot fight them because they are in control of the most powerful military in the world and until God intervenes they will continue making war and debilitating all the Christians in America and the entire world. May God save us from this obscure monster. Everybody needs to read the book the Thirteenth Tribe by Arthur Koestler to understand when what the Church does not understand Lenin's Russia of 1917 and what's happening to us. Is there any place in the world one can live on entitlement check where no drone roams. It really does not making a difference of much money the Fed prints for their own riches war for foreign banks. They could of paid off all debt for the poort but they did not and they will never help the working people out of debt because that is what makes them so much money. One would think that if they could print their own money they would not need the poor man's money but they are still after it like a house afire and that is only the the demonic Antichrist. Congress privatized America's money in 1913 to our detriment. The Bible refers to money as filthy lucre and we should not love it or desire it or keep it.