April 27, 2012 journal, Pat Robertson Jr. said if the Government cut out all discretionary spending it would not balance the budget that America must cut the entitlements of Social Security and Medicare payments to recipients or the system cannot survive. This is their standard boiler plate Republican rhetoric. He is obviously not dependent on those so-called entitlements to live. They are prepaid by the recipients and they are not freebees. What he is really saying, the system is bankrupt and being robbed by the Federal Reserve therefore they cannot pay out what the poor working class have paid in, in their lifetime. Direct link to the star but it is not the Star of David because David did not have a star. It is in fact a pagan symbol from the Egyptian pyramids created for the false Israel in 1948. http://www.tbn.org/partner/monthly-love-gift This month's love gift is a beautiful silver-plated reproduction of an ancient Messianic insignia used by the early Christian Church in Jerusalem. ("Oh what a tangled web we weave if at first we practice to deceive".) The sign of the fish-one of the first Christian symbols-was derived from the Greek word for fish, ICHTHYS, and was used by first century Christians as an acronym for "Jesus Christ, God's Son, Savior." Joined to the Star of David, representing Israel and the Davidic Kingdom from which Jesus descended, and united with a menorah, a sign of God's covenant with Israel, this Messianic symbol is a beautiful reminder of God's covenant with His people Israel and those of us who are "grafted in" to His Kingdom through Jesus Christ (Romans 11:17). I consider this blasphemy and detrimental to the true Christian Faith. Dear Lord, spare us I pray from the intrusion of the crypto khazars. Your love gift to TBN for this month of April only will bring you this powerful expression of faith. As always, it comes to you with Jan's and my love and thanks for your faithful partnership with us as we take the name of Jesus to the nations. Here is the direct link signed by Paul and Jan Crouch TBN world TV ministries. (Instead of His true name Yahweh/Yesu) Only God can stop this roll a coaster merry go round. This is boldface blasphemy showing the Antichrist symbol of Satan's favorite people. Satan rules this world and the United States of America bow down to his authority, his filthy lucre. Life is cheap and the people live with uncertainty. Fox News spreading fear. We really must be in touch with our maker early every day as this is serious business. Do not waste your life or risk your eternal soul in frivolous behavior, the end is near. To put the cross under the reverse pyramids of Egypt is surely an insult to God Almighty. King David never had a Star and people like Pat Robertson should stop promoting it when it came from the red shield moneylenders of the European J-e-ws in Germany who are the same people that own of the Federal Reserve today and own all the banks money. God will judge the foolishness of this world so get off that train before it reaches the end. The Christian Church is brain dead and scripturally illiterate to let this pass by them and not scream in defiance. I pray God to reveal to his people the truth of what is sacred. Give us wisdom and knowledge dear Lord I pray to live in obedience to your commands.