August 01, 2012 journal, we should always listen to both sides of the argument, otherwise we may not know the truth. It's so easy to listen to the propaganda of the biased airwaves. The latest word is that Israel will attack Iran before election day and may be Armageddon. All this in retaliation over the president of Iran being accused of saying that "Israel should not exist". I have never heard him say that and if he had said that they would be showing him saying that. I have heard him speaking of the atrocities of Israel against Palestinian people. it is crazy to think we should destroy Iran for any reason because they can buy from Russia or China any deadly device they wish at anytime without making it all over. For Israel the failed war in Iraq was fault killing over a million Iraqis and Afghans even more and now the same kind of phony excuses are used to attack Iran because Israelis want war on behalf of the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve money. I do not blame the Israelites because they have no power over the Zionist communists, the real Israelite people are in bondage to the impersonators who are the Russian Communist. A strange turn of events has happened and is revealing the Red hand of communism over America making slaves of all the American people through the Mystery Babylon system. Dear Norbert- I am so happy you will be able to paint in the gallery where you have space and it is cool. I have been suffering with sore bones from travel and painting on the floor. my air condition has frozen up in my computer room so I have been off and on. I could not buy another they were sold out at the stores. Yes I remember now seeing the pipe for the U.S. and Britain. Thanks for reminding me. I'm glad to get your impression of the rings of fire, I do not know why I put those in but I never thought of them as rings of fire until now so from now on they are wheels of fire. I am still learning and appreciate your taking time to tell me there are two versions of the Talmud, the Jerusalem version and the Babylonian version. I find that very interesting. is there any valid scripture in either version? do the two versions differ greatly? I am assuming they are not online. Are they in English or some other language? I am not insinuating anything, just trying to learn. Samuel Adams was not mentioned in any way connected to the triple K. At first I thought these were from your research then I saw the website giving it all. My first thought was that where there is one insider telling the truth for example with freemasonry and their evil vows, there is a hundred denying it. I do not know who you are referring to by the term haters or repeater's of lies. One of the sites on the Internet is saying that "Jews do not live but if they do it is the truth". George W. Bush more or less said that if he said it, it is the truth. So much for a retarded moron. They may be haters or they may be truth tellers. Only spiritual wisdom will do to reveal. The word hate has become a weapon of the politically correct and government politics and many people are falsely accused the same as in the new hate crimes bill protecting a very small percentage of society. God "hated" Esau & declared total Edomite destruction in the Book of Obadiah. I just assumed modern Israel was run by Edomites until Rebekah told me of the book by Arthur Koestler entitled the Thirteenth Tribe saying Europeans (jewry) Khazaria Russians operate Israel that the Israelites have no say so whatsoever anymore than the so-called "gentiles". Unfortunately Koestler and his wife were killed shortly after the book was published. Koestler established no bloodline kindred to the House of Israel or Judah among the Russian Zionists converts to Judaism of 743a.d. after extensive on-site research of southern Russia. Israelites are no akin to the modern Israelis. Perhaps this is why we have the 7 Noahide laws as Education Day USA preceding Moses. Modern Israelis did not descend from Abraham Isaac and Jacob/Israel. have you ever heard Russia referred to as a Christian nation prior to Lenin's great Holocaust of 1917? I cannot understand Yair Davidy saying suddenly that they are part of the House of Israel but yet maybe I do understand and believe he is not being truthful. He only mentioned it lately. It really gets complicated now knowing there are 2 different versions of the Talmud and I have never heard anyone reference which one they were quoting. Have you ever quoted either Talmud in any of your books or writing? If some of it is bad as you say, do you try to correct it in any way or just leave it be? Were they both written by a lot of rabbis? Only recently have I seen quotes from the Talmud and Karan. The triple K guys are said to be an extension of the Free Masonic Lodge Scottish Rite! --------------------- I found the Tal-mud on the Internet but how can I trust it to be the original? In fact the Internet seems to be flooded suddenly with various Talmudic quotations. Perhaps that is why many are coming and quoting passages from the Talmud. Thanks for telling me there are the Jerusalem version And the Babylonian version of the Talmud. I am forwarding to you a email with special attachment that addresses the issues at hand. A strange thing has happened with an e mail coming to me just this morning from a friend I almost did not open the attachment but it turns out to fit the occasion of our discussion. Louis Farrakhan has been the most feared man that ever walked on American soil with his Nation of Islam ministry. He led the Million Man March on Washington to make the black man responsible for their families which was a good work and many of my black friends from this area went to the March about 10 years ago. I do agree with his demand for an independent and separate black nation after all we did it for the Indians. Farrakhan blames the European Russian Jewish shipowners with the slave trade. Now Louis Farrakhan is quoted as the nation's most notorious anti-Semitic but speaking the truth of who controls America. I believe it is important for you to read this, he says originally all the Jewish race was black and he has it straight on the Khazar Zionist orgin. I'm amazed at how informed he is on world affairs and particularly Russian Zionist Israel. His remarks are clever and much in line with what I have discovered from the American universal economic system of Wall Street and the Red Shield fiat money masters of debt. I do not advocate Islamic or Talmudic religions but I recognize the truth from any source. Farrakhan apparently resides in Chicago and you remember the Rev. Wright condemning the Zionists leadership of this country wherein he was immediately branded anti-Semitic. Farrakhan opposes homosexuality and is a former Episcopal minister. The change is unbelievable of what I hear in this email and what I have feared from him for many years. Apparently he's been saying this all along but we were not listening, media not reporting. The American people have spoken by trading with chick fil a against same sex marriage. Prominent black ministers have now emerged against the president and his gay policies. I wish you Gods speed in completing the apocalyptic painting of the earthquake tidal wave. I believe the 2012 anticipation will bring much publicity to these subjects. "Over the past two years Nation of Islam (NOI) has engaged in a wide-ranging campaign to demonize Jews. Not only have the speeches delivered by Louis Farrakhan been among the most hateful of his 30-year career as head of the NOI, but the organization's media arm has also reinforced these messages through a range of propaganda. The NOI's 2011 Saviours' Day convention in Rosemont, Illinois, proved to be a continuation of this campaign. Louis Farrakhan's keynote address, titled "I Will Send Saviours After Them," featured many of the anti-Semitic themes that have defined the organization's latest efforts, including anti-Semitic charges of deicide and accusations of Jewish control. In addition, a plenary session devoted to "The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews" sought to demonstrate disproportionate Jewish involvement in the slave trade and Jewish exploitation of Blacks ever since. The session featured charges of Jewish control of the media and calls for the inclusion of the NOI's anti-Semitic book by the same name, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews Volume 2, in educational curricula nationwide. A promotional graphic released in advance of the session featured a Jewish star over an illustration of a Black family being auctioned off during the slavery era." The convention took place from Feb. 24-27, 2011. Accusations of Jewish control". If the Talmud is not Holy Spirit inspired and it's not the gospel then why should we study it or allow it to go uncriticized as a Bible or holy book? Let us set the record straight.