August 03, 2012 journal, who are those haters that are being condemned by Congress. Who is it playing judge and jury with the American people against their independence? When people talk about haters they are reviving the Civil War where the shoe was on the wrong foot such as it is today. I never knew what prejudice was until I entered the military and heard it from people from the northern states. A Christian is incapable of being prejudice against anyone for any reason. The promoters today of the word hate means to hate gays, Jewish people, black people, white people or Mexican immigrants. The word in itself is prejudiced while it excludes hatred for Christian people by Jewish people, hatred of straight people by perverted people. Hatred of God by the obsessed. America now has a law against hatred to protect the guilty and to prosecute the innocent. What a awful selfrighteous demonic law crossing the border between church and state to legislate political correctness and replacing God with Satan the Devil in these end times. This is a super product by the architects of the Civil War, the Revolutionary War, World War one and two, Korea and Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan and a 100 other wars of the Russian Zionists as communists world haters having impersonated the Children of Israel. It is time for American people to recognize the truth and expose and expel the criminals of southern Russia that occupy and rape this country of its trust in God and its resources. May God bring about a day of victory and keep us in peace while he fights our battles as promised. Let us never go alone into a battle without God Almighty as the leading force. The Koran hates the real God Yahweh while the Talmud hates Christ Yesu the Messiah even more. God in his Holy Spirit inspired Word tells us to hate sin and to hate Satan, to hate all things of this world but now we have a command to love sin & indorse the devil. The intrusion force faking God's favorite people wearing their righteous robes with clever names such as antiSemitism have been given the green right by our government to accuse and threaten us all as haters. No good church folks would dare ever to question their own captivity. Those fingers in the face shouting anti-Semitism are not the Semitic people at all. Read the book The Thirteenth Tribe by Arthur Koestler who studied them from the grassroots and say they're not akin to the real Israel, they are impostures before the God. Their only enemy & opposition is the truth & they are vowed to stamp it out where ever. "Ye that claim to be Jews or Yews but ye are not, ye are of the Synagogue of Satan". A prominent person has said that the anti Semitics are those false Russian Jewish people who claim to be God's favorite people as they have forced the takeover of Palestine and accusing everybody that question their existence as being anti Semitic when they are not. The Khazaria's masquerading as Zionists Jewish converts of 743ad are the anti Semitics. Most people do not know of the Russian Communist Zionists under Lenin took over and killed Christian Russia atleast 66 million beginning in 1917 and destroyed Russia one and the very same as they are destroying the United States today after stealing our money in 1913 conspiring to create the Federal Reserve which gave them total control of the USA. They're buying Congress with our own money and they own the presidency out right and since away back. They are the Antichrist operating Wall Street and the Federal Reserve Bank. Most church folks are completely blind to the slavery of the Babylonian financial system which is Mystery Babylon in the Bible in the Book of Revelation. The blood is flowing from every country on earth and just today another soldier is buried here with it happening about every 3 months. His death is attributed to his love for his country and that may be correct but ill-conceived in that the innocent must die to keep evil rulers rich. Koestler 13th Tribe declares Russian Jewish completely absent of the Israelite bloodline. This means the powerful Jewish cartel that rules America and forged modern Israel is a complete frauds. Was it Patrick Henry that declared "Give me liberty or give me death"? Can you imagine this all being kept secret that they did in Russia killing Russian people? Talk about the great tribulation and it has already come to Russia and now to America. When they own and control media they own and control the minds of a people as slaves. These people will not volunteer to give up their reins of power unto God takes them out. Jack vanimpy comes on his worldwide broadcast every Saturday night quoting the Koran and advocating war on Iran. He in my opinion is an agent of Antichrist with out a doubt. I wonder why he never quotes the Talmud or the Karbalah or the Torah or the Kanack? Without the Arab nations as his big and dreadful fear to spread he could never raise that $14 million per year. Fighting Iran is an industry for him and Pat Robertson's 700 Club. I used to think what was in New-York stayed in New York but it does not, it rules the world through the powerful banking system with the stock market and Federal Reserve. New York does not need Washington but Washington needs New York and its money. If there has ever been a renewed Babylon New York fits the bill perfectly fulfiling prophecy Those that call themselves ministers and Jews are the Whore of Babylon riding upon that scarlet colored beast of Revelation Chapter 17 drunken on the blood of the saints of God. The Church at large is frolicking with the Babylonians, compromised to Satan the Devil.. The Babylonian Antichrists are in total control of everything that transpirers in America. Don't fight it because God has a plan and its demise is very near and sure in Armageddon which they will bring down upon themselves of their own accord through their owe greed and ignorance. Promised salvation resurrection comes to individuals committed to God. Fox News is no friend of American people, they do seem to have favor with Fedel Reserv in acquiring a mess of media and they are the hero of the Republican political party. **************** Here is a different approach to mystery Babylon 2012 saying the people will be freed from Fed bondage in 2012, that America's 1913 hostile takeover of our currency will end having been a part of the judgment of God on Israel. An interesting article on the 2012 year of enlightenment of the American people. America - Mystery Babylon Becoming Free Again - MUST READ 05/08/2012 "It is increasingly important that we have a proper perspective and understanding of prophecy as it applies to soon-coming world events. Without this, it is likely that we will be caught unprepared and will react in ways that are inappropriate and could even end up supporting or working in the interests of the wrong side. From the beginning, America's founding was linked by known prophetic time cycles to the biblical nation of Israel. The laws of tribulation mandated a period of "seven times" (7 x 360 = 2,520 years) for Israel's sin, and so from the start of Israel's tribulation (745-721 B.C.), we can see that 2,520 years later was 1776-1800 A.D. America's founding represented the end of Israel's long time of tribulation. America was founded as a Christian nation and was called to carry the mandate given first to Abraham and later to the nation of Israel. That mandate was to be a blessing to all families of the earth. It was also the mandate given to the Church, for any true believer had opportunity to be Abraham's seed in the general sense (Gal. 3) and to be a blessing to the world. It does not take much knowledge to see that America failed in this mission, both as an extension of Israel and as a Christian Nation. We did not bless any other race of people except ourselves. Instead, we treated others as if they were created for our own benefit, forcing them to be a "blessing" to us. For this reason God brought us back into captivity to Mystery Babylon in 1913 via the Federal Reserve Act. At the same time, a new view of prophecy was financed by Samuel Untermyer and brought into mainstream Christian thought, known as Dispensationalism. This view conditioned Christians to accept and support a Zionist state by which Jews could supplant and expel the people of Palestine, steal their land, and mistreat or kill anyone who stood in their way. The Abrahamic mandate was ignored. Samuel Untermyer was a Jewish lawyer who helped to frame the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. As the head of the Lotos Club of New York, he provided free housing for Cyrus I. Scofield as he put together the Scofield Study Bible which legitimized political Zionism in the minds of the Church. Christians did not realize that in 1913 America was taken over by Mystery Babylon. Babylon's government takeover was a "mystery" (i.e., secret, hidden). While Christians were led to believe that this Mystery Babylon was yet future and would be accompanied by an "Antichrist" in a horrible 7-year tribulation, they did not suspect that they were already in captivity. Nor did they realize that they had been recruited to support it as if it were the original Christian Republic established by our forefathers. Perhaps the most important truth to see today is that this Babylonian captivity is ENDING. Most Christians are still looking for its starting point, because they believe it will coincide roughly with the "rapture." They develop eyestrain looking for an Antichrist, not realizing that the Apostle John already told us how to identify the "many antichrists" that existed in his own day and who are still among us today. The truth is that Babylon is now nearing its end, and is soon to collapse as God sets us free by His power. God has raised up "the kings of the east" to overthrow Babylon, even as He did so in the days of Daniel when the Medes and Persians overthrew Babylon. If we do not understand this simple truth, we could find ourselves fighting the very powers that God has raised up to set us free! How? Very simple. When this event finally surfaces at the crucial moment, many Christians will think it is the rise of the Antichrist and will be frightened. When they discover that they are not yet "raptured," they will view God's deliverers as if they are the enemy. There is no telling what they might do as a result. Fear will take over, and they will not be able to think properly. They will be totally unprepared when they see that they have not been raptured and think they might have to face the Antichrist in a horrible time of "The Great Tribulation." Our present Babylonian leaders (mostly behind the scenes) have been controlling us through debt and fear. They have manipulated many events in recent years to manipulate us into giving up our freedoms in the name of Security in the "war on terror." This is their primary weapon, and you can be sure that they will use this terrible weapon until the day that they fall from power and lose control of the media. This year 2012 is revealed to be "The Year of Awakening." If you understand the divine plan and know that Babylon is now falling, you will be able to interpret events around you in a proper light. You will not be afraid of those God has raised up to overthrow Babylon. You will probably be surprised at those whom God uses in this, but you should not be afraid. But if you are focused upon the rise of an Antichrist and a time of Tribulation under a revived "Babylon" that you think is yet to come, you may be in for a very rude "Awakening." It is much better to know ahead of time what God has in mind, so that His plan will not be such a shock to your system. It is now being reported that the end of Babylon is near, and that its leaders will soon be arrested and brought to the World Criminal Court for trial. Some time ago, INTERPOL was given the right to come here and investigate the criminal activities of our political and financial leaders. Then the NDAA law was signed into law on Dec. 31, 2011, allowing American citizens to be arrested and detained. The Babylonians think they will be using this law on us, when, in fact, it will be used on them. Remember Haman? That was prophetic of what is about to happen here in America. Haman will be hanged on his own gallows, so to speak. Last week the president signed an executive order recognizing the International Criminal Court (ICC). This legally allows INTERPOL to arrest the Babylonian leaders and put them on trial for the crimes listed in Revelation 17 and 18. We are being told that when this Day arrives, the television stations and the internet will show this news 24 hours a day, and that there may be some disruptions for a few days or perhaps up to two weeks. It is suggested that everyone remain calm, but also to be sure to always have at least a two-week food supply. No one can say for sure how long supplies may be disrupted, but hopefully, it will only be for a few days. It will depend largely on how much fear, panic, and anger occurs, because these emotions make people do bad things. Remember that this event will go against the prophetic viewpoint of the average Evangelical Christian. I believe this will be a serious problem for many of them, and we need to be prepared to enlighten them. They will have to learn a lot in a very short period of time. The better you know the Scriptures, the more you will be able to provide the solutions. Books are also an excellent tool to use, if you are lacking in skills as a teacher. I also believe that this Day of Reckoning for Babylon will coincide with a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit. This will not only sustain true Christians, but will also shine a great light in the world that penetrates the darkness that Babylon has spread over the earth in the past century. Keep in mind that Iraq is also a regional "type" of Babylon, as it occupies the territory of old Babylon. Watch Iraq, then, because I suspect that Prime Minister Maliki represents Belshazzar of Daniel 5. When he falls from power, that pattern will be repeated on a greater scale in the overthrow of the world system of Mystery Babylon. So watch events carefully and prayerfully. Posted by John MacHaffie AnonymousMay 9, 2012 EXCELLENT ARTICLE WE HAVE WORK TO DO TO HELP OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS WHO MAY NOT UNDERSTAND! AnonymousMay 9, 2012 So is the writer saying there will be no world dictator with a false prophet who appears to work miracles, refuting biblical end-time prophecies? And no tribulation despite pretty accurate descriptions of end-time plagues and hardships? Not all of us are "schooled" in the rapture theory. Mystery Bablylon is the false teachings and religions that abound that stem from the old Babylonian religion that sprang up from Nimrod and his Mother, not our banking or political system. Dan VincentMay 9, 2012 6:10 PM-Begging to differ, but you must realize that the Dispensationalist "rapture" viewpoint is not the only valid perspective with regard to prophecy. In fact, if you would have a look at some of the author's materials (Dr. Stephen E. Jones,, you'll find very in-depth teaching on the very subjects you bring up. I think if you keep an open mind, you might be surprised. The Fed fits Mystery Babylon to a tee. functional mute-May 9, IMHO - That's right, no 'world dictator' often referred to as 'The Anti-Christ'. And correct, no 'official' 7-year Tribulation period. However, there will be a variety of natural and man-made (nukes?) disasters that continue and probably increase. Mystery Babylon is a (symbolic) term used in the Book of Revelation, written about 90A.D. by the Apostle John, looking forward. Therefore it could not be applied to Nimrod or his teachings because he lived several thousand years earlier. The 2 beasts of Mystery Babylon are: one from the sea = The Roman Church, one from the land = Financial cabal AnonymousMay 9, 2012 The Roman Church and her offspring are from the old Babylonian religion even to the "Holy Mother and child" (Nimrod and his mother/wife)along with other practices. Yes, John looked forward, but the past religious practices had already been well disseminated and established in some parts of the world and are in practice still today. Read Hislop's "The Two Babylons" for information on the old Babylonian religion and its ties to Christianity. AnonymousMay 10, 2012 10:02 AM I need to correct myself in regard to the above comment. Mystery Babylon, the Great Whore, Mother of Harlots, as depicted in the book of Revelation is referring to ALL the false religions that sprang from the ancient mystery religion of Babylon. (Nimrod, his mother, et al) That includes any religion that does not follow the statutes, ordinances and commandments God ordained. If your Christian church is observing Easter, named after the pagan goddess Ishtar, guess what? You're part of the Babylonian system. Then there are the moon worshipers like Muslims. I'm sure this will not make me popular here...Again, read Alexander Hislop's "The Two Babylons" for some eye-opening info. RamMay 10, 2012 Rev 18:3 says "For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies." - looks to me like she's all about power domination + banking = maybe only heaven knows RamMay 11, 2012 yea MB is also TRYING to control politics + religions + everything - to kill most of us then enslave the rest of us with those SCARY lookin Soros criminal WAR PIG, Nephilum, Liberal, Communist, un-American, Illuminatzi, Satanic, Dirty Rotten Scoundrel globalist, rotten Bauer Roths KRAP child bastards trying to rule the world with N W O + not many KNOW of this = so it's up to us to take back control of our freedoms with= Reply-Eric-GuntherMay 9, 2012 5:37 PM Most do not know that the word "RAPTURE" is not in the Bible and it was a dream of a 15 year old girl in Glascow, Scotland in the year 1830. She was a mental patient and taking Opium and was having dreams of flying off the earth and she told the story to her pastor and he began teaching it to the congregation. The story made it's way to America and was being taught in seminaries. Still is I guess. Jesus said he was coming and reign with us. If we are not going to be here why would he waste his time? princesirki2012May 9, 2012 HALLELUJAH! FOR THE LORD GOD OMNIPOTENT REIGNS SOVEREIGN OVER ALL THAT IS! "IT IS EVEN AS YOU SAY, FOR I AM THE SOURCE OF ALL PROPHECY, AND I WATCH OVER MY WORD TO PERFORM AND TO FULFILL MY COVENANT WITH ALL THAT IS, AND MY EYES SEE WHAT YOUR EYES CANNOT SEE, AND I AM ABLE TO BRING MY PLAN TO COMPLETION. I AM ABOUT TO REVEAL MY PLAN, AND I HAVE ISSUED MY WORD AND JUDGMENT HAS GONE FORTH, AND THAT WHICH WAS HIDDEN HAS COME TO LIGHT, AS I HAVE SPOKEN, AND THE DECREE IS FOREVER ESTABLISHED! I AM YOUR WISDOM, I AM YOUR UNDERSTANDING, I AM YOUR KNOWLEDGE, I AM YOUR HOPE, I AM YOUR FAITH, I AM YOUR ASSURANCE, AND I AM YOUR DELIVERANCE! I AM THE JUDGE, AND MY JUDGMENT IS CERTAIN, AND MY EXECUTION IS SURE! I AM YOUR DELIVERANCE FROM GREAT TRIBULATION AND I AM YOUR REFUGE FROM EVIL! FEAR NOT, MY BELOVED PEOPLE, FOR I AM YOUR ARK OF SAFETY, AND I AM FIGHTING THE FIGHT OF FAITH FOR YOU, AND I AM BRINGING YOU OUT OF BABYLON AND INTO THE PLACE WHERE I DELIGHT. AND THAT PLACE IS THE PROMISED LAND OF MY PRESENCE, WHERE FEAR AND DOUBT AND DARKNESS AND RESISTANCE TO MY LIGHT IS BANISHED FOREVER! I HAVE BROUGHT YOU TO THIS PLACE FOR SUCH A TIME IS THIS, THAT MY GLORY MIGHT BE KNOWN BY ALL THAT IS! I AM THE SOURCE OF INFINITE POWER, AND THAT POWER IS WITHIN YOU! TRUST IN THAT POWER, ACT ON THAT POWER, REJOICE IN THAT POWER, FOR IT IS MY KINGDOM, MY POWER, AND MY GLORY COMING FORTH IN YOU!" I AM THAT I AM Dan VincentMay 9, 2012 6:12 PM-I love that you posted this from Dr. Stephen Jones. If I may, I would like to point everyone to his website as well - His blogs are a must-read (as you've noticed), and his books are outstanding. All available for free online or in print form. AnonymousMay 9, 2012 6:36 PM-Great "STORY", Yet more propaganda to dumb down the people. Yes the"light" people will save everything and corrupt the bible all in one clean swoop. What ever you choose to believe, just ask Christ to forgive your sins and ask him into your heart. Then what ever "happens" is really AnonymousMay 9, 2012 God's Kingdom Ministries, All Rights Reserved, Copyright (c) 1998-2012, Stephen E. Jones. functional mute-May 9, 2012-The author's web site: There is a lot more good stuff on his site. A good place to start might be a pocket-sized booklet in the Teaching section called "If God Could Save Everyone - Would He?" Reply AnonymousMay 9, 2012-To understand Dr. Jones article some definitions need to be understood. The term "Israel" used in the article does not refer to the present nation of Israel in the mid east. It refers to the House of Israel or the House of Ephrahim (or the House of Joseph) which were dispersed by Assyria and commonly called the 'Lost tribes of Israel'. The number 2520 has much deeper meaning than what appears in the article. As someone mentioned earlier it would be good to read Dr. Jones Blogs at his website - AnonymousMay 9, 2012 This is the one thing that I keep remembering.. If something is of fear it is not of love therefore cannot be of God because God is love! So if you find yourself in fear be assured that there is something wrong and not of God because God has said many times in the scripture FEAR NOT .. has he not? Only when you stand up and are willing to lay down your live will you truly gain your life! That is what it takes to overcome these powers that have held us in bondage all these years and yes.. anyone who would believe that they have not gone into the churches to corrupt them and the scriptures there should seriously think again! There is no place that evil has not nor does not touch! In the scripture there is a warning of changing the word and if there was not reason for the warning it would not be there so be assured that some had tampered with it! Why would God's word say on one hand fear not yet later you read all the dreadful things written to instill fear? Is that from God or Man? AnonymousMay 10, 2012 9:38 PM The End Time Prophesy's are biblical. And yes he says we are not to fear. He also says that we are not to sin,this is why we are given the 10 commandments. The old testament and all the "rules" are there for us to follow, but also demonstrates the impossibility of achieving Gods perfection. In the new testament we learn that it is impossible to be sinless. This is why Christ had to come and bare all the evil sin on the cross, cuz we can never be good enough. The old testament foreshadows all that is written in the new testament. Together they are the inspired word of God. We are not to change the word, and by this he means do not take things out of context and do not favor one scripture over another. We are not to manipulate scripture to assert the self, or our personal agenda. They are meant to be as a whole and complete guide to life and death. May us all see the truth before it is to late. siriusvoidMay 10, 2012 Placing all war, and end times scenarios aside for the moment... I wonder, what would Jesus do? As I recall, he came that we might have Life, and have Life more abundantly.. Also, I think he recomended we Love our enemies and Bless those that persecute us... To Love Our GOD with all our Heart, Mind and Soul.. And to Love our neighbor, even as we love ourself. Amazing person, this Jesus of Nazareth! It seems quite possible we may now be required to actually LIVE our Faith, as opposed to the virtual imaginings and reveries, and battle formations we may envision while reading books. GOD's Blessings upon us all... We have been promised: If we will endure in Faith until the end, we will recieve a Crown of LIFE. "I am a muslim and i tell you , ITS NOT THE JEWS YOU FOOLS ITS THE ZIONISTS, the real jews were demonstrating against the evil while you fat ignorant slaves watched tv while eating a burger ... we moslems know the truth and? the real jews are our brothers, the zionists have no soul no mind they are full of hate ...EyeTouch91 1 week ago 14 Reply-Jews are the true evil in this world". One online commend. The term goy I have seen it used for a hundred years in some of the old text by the bankers. And protocols. Yes they mean cattle! "Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day," Pat Robertson chided gay rights advocates on the 700 Club today for protesting the restaurant chain's anti-gay activism. He said that he predicted that a group, in this case the gay community, will move from the "fringes" to the mainstream of society but ultimately "turn on the mainstream," making those "who are traditionalists feel like they are unwelcome, and that's exactly what's happening." Co-host Kristi Watts in her reaction to the controversy said "the Bible talks about in the later days the truth becomes a lie and the lie becomes the truth, and that really is the essence of what we're dealing with right now." Robertson warned that "the gays have just gotten the media megaphone and they're shouting" at Chick-fil-A's CEO for his anti-gay statements, "is it going to get worse? I hope not."