August 04, 2012 journal, what the Masters of money are saying to maintain their position. The Church should be the enlightened ones but instead Satan the devil has lighting power. The Babylonian bondage is in sucks all the light out of that would be enlightened. Satan is happy just to cause mass confusion but he is causing much more in destruction. For every one person brave enough to speak the truth there are a thousand calling him a liar. Nine double one was not an inside it was anoutside job, by the Israeli Mossad. Of course Cheney and his gang had to knowthey were doing it, the 4,000 Israelis stayed home having to be pre informed. The invading force revealed in the Bible Book of Revelation fresh out of Russia from the Lenin Communist regime of so-called Zionist and they have latched on to American's freedom taking it away from the so-called gentile goy cattle. They will hold their power position using our money military until God forbids. For this group everything is hatred except for their song and dance and here's an example. Hatred Must Be Drowned Out (by outlawing free speech) By Abraham H. Foxman-National Director of the Anti-Defamation League. This article originally appeared in South Florida Sun-Sentinel on February 8, 2012 In my travels, I am often asked for my impressions of the prevalence of anti-Semitism in America. Is the level of hate up, or is it going down? What are the trends? Such questions invariably arise after there are incidents or hate crimes in the news that have left people feeling particularly vulnerable. This year has been no exception. There is no doubt in Americawe have made great strides in combating anti-Semitism. In many strata ofsociety, from academia to government, from business to the professions, we have never felt more secure as a people or enjoyed more freedom from bigotry or religious persecution. Jews are finding greater acceptance in America than ever before, and many American Jews will tell you they do not encounter anti-Semitism in their daily lives. Yet we cannot be complacent. Anti-Semitism (their magic weapon to protect their secrets) seems to manifest itself in cycles, taking on new life when crises erupt and anxiety is high. (Crises they created or Fox News spreading fear) As new immigrants arrive, there is continual need to re-educate about the dangers of this age-old hatred, to monitor its prevalence, and to expose it whenever possible. While there hasn't been any dramatic shift in the level of anti-Semitism in the U.S. in recent years, even with the downturn in the economy, there are troubling signs, and some empirical evidence to suggest we may be entering a period where anti-Jewish bigotry is again on the rise. God help us to see the light onthe impostures in Judaism prayer is that all things will be revealedto us and to the entire world that lives under the bondage of the bankers and their enormous debt as it was in Spain in early 1492 as they expelled the Masters and holders of debt. Unfortunately they sailed the Atlantic Ocean to America.The debt holders are the mystery Babylonians in New York. Washington follows along second hand and only as a matter of procedure to make it all seem legal any way they can. Deliver America, Lord I pray from this bondage today and give us spiritual discernment of who are the people of God from who are the people of Satan. Recognize the devil in the origins of the people that control America1913 & 1917. No longer should the Russian Lenin genocide be kept secret from the American people.