August 07, 2012 journal, 2012 may be the year Mystery Babylon will be revealed as part of the Israelite bondage and the Children of Israel to be freed from Babylonian's bondage. As the American goy strive to survive on after-tax wages and sacrifice their young to the Israeli wars, the noose gets tighter around the necks of the people as freedoms float down the Hudson & Potomac river to never never Land. We are from the tribe of Manasseh and God has not forgotten us. Among and in spite of all the confusion. A light is shining for freedom from God our creator who lives and is coming to rule this world for a thousand years. My strength and inspiration comes from God Almighty, this is my daily message. 5/8/2012 Preparing for Babylon's fall "It is increasingly important that we have a proper perspective and understanding of prophecy as it applies to soon-coming world events. Without this, it is likely that we will be caught unprepared and will react in ways that are inappropriate and could even end up supporting or working in the interests of the wrong side. From the beginning, America's founding was linked by known prophetic time cycles to the biblical nation of Israel. The laws of tribulation mandated a period of "7 times" (7 x 360 = 2,520 years) for Israel's sin, and so from the start of Israel's tribulation (745-721 B.C.), we can see that 2,520 years later was 1776-1800 A.D. America's founding represented the end of Israel's long time of tribulation. America was founded as a Christian nation and was called to carry the mandate given first to Abraham and later to the nation of Israel. That mandate was to be a blessing to all families of the earth. It was also the mandate given to the Church, for any true believer had opportunity to be Abraham's seed in the general sense (Gal. 3) and to be a blessing to the world. It does not take much knowledge to see that America failed in this mission, both as an extension of Israel and as a Christian Nation. We did not bless any other race of people except ourselves. Instead, we treated others as if they were created for our own benefit, forcing them to be a "blessing" to us. For this reason God brought us back into captivity to Mystery Babylon in 1913 via the Federal Reserve Act. At the same time, a new view of prophecy was financed by Samuel Untermyer and brought into mainstream Christian thought, known as Dispensationalism. This view conditioned Christians to accept and support a Zionist state by which Jews could supplant and expel the people of Palestine, steal their land, and mistreat or kill anyone who stood in their way. The Abrahamic mandate was ignored. Samuel Untermyer was a Jewish lawyer who helped to frame the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. As the head of the Lotos Club of New York, he provided free housing for Cyrus I. Scofield as he put together the Scofield Study Bible which legitimized political Zionism in the minds of the Church. Christians did not realize that in 1913 America was taken over by Mystery Babylon. Babylon's government takeover was a "mystery" (i.e., secret, hidden). While Christians were led to believe that this Mystery Babylon was yet future and would be accompanied by an "Antichrist" in a horrible 7-year tribulation, they did not suspect that they were already in captivity. Nor did they realize that they had been recruited to support it as if it were the original Christian Republic established by our forefathers. Perhaps the most important truth to see today is that this Babylonian captivity is ENDING. Most Christians are still looking for its starting point, because they believe it will coincide roughly with the "rapture." They develop eyestrain looking for an Antichrist, not realizing that the Apostle John already told us how to identify the "many antichrists" that existed in his own day and who are still among us today. The truth is that Babylon is now nearing its end, and is soon to collapse as God sets us free by His power. God has raised up "the kings of the east" to overthrow Babylon, even as He did so in the days of Daniel when the Medes and Persians overthrew Babylon. If we do not understand this simple truth, we could find ourselves fighting the very powers that God has raised up to set us free! How? Very simple. When this event finally surfaces at the crucial moment, many Christians will think it is the rise of the Antichrist and will be frightened. When they discover that they are not yet "raptured," they will view God's deliverers as if they are the enemy. There is no telling what they might do as a result. Fear will take over, and they will not be able to think properly. They will be totally unprepared when they see that they have not been raptured and think they might have to face the Antichrist in a horrible time of "The Great Tribulation." Our present Babylonian leaders (mostly behind the scenes) have been controlling us through debt and fear. They have manipulated many events in recent years to manipulate us into giving up our freedoms in the name of Security in the "war on terror." This is their primary weapon, and you can be sure that they will use this terrible weapon until the day that they fall from power and lose control of the media. This year 2012 is revealed to be "The Year of Awakening." If you understand the divine plan and know that Babylon is now falling, you will be able to interpret events around you in a proper light. You will not be afraid of those God has raised up to overthrow Babylon. You will probably be surprised at those whom God uses in this, but you should not be afraid. But if you are focused upon the rise of an Antichrist and a time of Tribulation under a revived "Babylon" that you think is yet to come, you may be in for a very rude "Awakening." It is much better to know ahead of time what God has in mind, so that His plan will not be such a shock to your system. It is now being reported that the end of Babylon is near, and that its leaders will soon be arrested and brought to the World Criminal Court for trial. Some time ago, INTERPOL was given the right to come here and investigate the criminal activities of our political and financial leaders. Then the NDAA law was signed into law on Dec. 31, 2011, allowing American citizens to be arrested and detained. The Babylonians think they will be using this law on us, when, in fact, it will be used on them. Remember Haman? That was prophetic of what is about to happen here in America. Haman will be hanged on his own gallows, so to speak. Last week the president signed an executive order recognizing the International Criminal Court (ICC). This legally allows INTERPOL to arrest the Babylonian leaders and put them on trial for the crimes listed in Revelation 17 and 18. We are being told that when this Day arrives, the television stations and the internet will show this news 24 hours a day, and that there may be some disruptions for a few days or perhaps up to two weeks. It is suggested that everyone remain calm, but also to be sure to always have at least a two-week food supply. No one can say for sure how long supplies may be disrupted, but hopefully, it will only be for a few days. It will depend largely on how much fear, panic, and anger occurs, because these emotions make people do bad things. Remember that this event will go against the prophetic viewpoint of the average Evangelical Christian. I believe this will be a serious problem for many of them, and we need to be prepared to enlighten them. They will have to learn a lot in a very short period of time. The better you know the Scriptures, the more you will be able to provide the solutions. Books are also an excellent tool to use, if you are lacking in skills as a teacher. I also believe that this Day of Reckoning for Babylon will coincide with a great outpour-ing of the Holy Spirit. This will not only sustain true Christians, but will also shine a great light in the world that penetrates the darkness that Babylon has spread over the earth in the past century. Keep in mind that Iraq is also a regional "type" of Babylon, as it occupies the territory of old Babylon. Watch Iraq, then, because I suspect that Prime Minister Maliki represents Belshazzar of Daniel 5. When he falls from power, that pattern will be repeated on a greater scale in the overthrow of the world system of Mystery Babylon. So watch events carefully and prayerfully." A reported police blitz on I-85 and 26 is more Police State, over policing of free people. Of course people are not free at individual freedoms are perishing everyday as occupation increases of the powers that be in control of the United States of America and resources. Pat Roberson of his 700 Club continues to show the over criminalization of America and its true with 2.5 million people in prison and many do not know why. Now comes wide-spread privatization of the prison system which encourages more innocent people being held not to mention the elimination of the right of trial or the predator drones elimination. America has a dark future and only God will stop this catastrophic insanity in his timing. The atrocities committed by the United States under the command and control of Israeli Zionists, the Federal Reserve banking system far exceed that of ancient Rome and Nazis. Jordan's King was interviewed about the refugees pouring in from Syria by the millions in the North adding to a crowded desert with the Iraqis 3 to 4 million on their eastern border. There is no Jesus or Jewish name in the Bible because the J was invented only in the 17th century. Sorry folks but that's just the way it is even if you were taught different by your church. The church should be the place of absolute history but it is any thing but history. Jack vanity Saturday night special as part of the Mark of the Beast Babylonian Bondage . Chicago today evacuated 100,000 people from their sports arena during a major storm. The parasites letting our blood or the Khazaria Russian Karl Marx Communist criminals. It is suggested that the extremist went on his killing spree against the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin thinking they were Moslems when they were most likely the most peaceful. America trains people to kill and killing they do. This is become a justifiable concern of the super Right Wing warlords fearing the soldiers coming home will turn fury on them. I have not heard of this people before. Who kills the most, the Moslems or Americans?