August 09, 2012 journal, these brave men pushed to the limit to commit the crime of fear and hatred so they could outlaw more of our freedoms from the attack of nine double one. Dick Cheney leader of the pack of criminals in conjunction with the false state of Israel as Israelis and the Cheney legacy will always be known for this notorious blame on Mideast people...these brave people in collaboration with the Russian Communists and Rothschild Bank which is to say the world Babylonian system from the Big Apple Wall Street casino pushed us too far this time to accomplish their cause of war and bloodshed in their world. The world of The Wall Street banks are selling the souls of men and destroying America as they did Russia under Lenin from 1917 until Russia was only left a scrapheap of death. History will reveal the truth everlasting and the Project for a New American Century will not survive the people's scrutiny when they are hungry & desperate to survive falsehood. This nightmare is manifesting the American Jewish state of the 7 Noahide laws under the deceptive title of Education Day USA like the deceptive title of Federal Reserve has kept the American people in the dark while the impostures rob the U.S. Treasury of gold. The U.S. dollar today is only a Federal Reserve note of debt by which we pay interest on every dollar to the godless rich elite of the underworld that make the mob look like choir boys. This is the Mystery Babylon firsthand installed in 1913 falsely called the Federal Reserve. Both federal and Reserve are both deceptive words because it is not federal and there is no Reserve. They are parasites parading as dangerous Zionism from the Masonic Lodge Temple to the Halls of Congress even to the London Olympic Spider symbol Supreme. These imposture Russians have become overconfident overpower over the past 500 years thinking the (Goyim "cattle" will never figure out their intrusion and wickedness upon we the people. The most informed opinion I have ever heard about Mystery Babylon and the nine double one crime comes from Steve Jones ministries relating to the timeline of God judgment of America and the Church in being conned into Babylonian demonic Zionism. Chris Hedges, Truthdig: "It was science, industry and technology that made possible the 20th century's industrial killing. These forces magnified innate human barbarity. They served the immoral. And there are numerous scientists who continue to work in labs across the country on weapons systems that have the capacity to exterminate millions of human beings." Read the Article. I have been to Sam's Club and I have lost faith that any of these people can make it because they are tuned to a different planet and without God. The B* om*b and Drone: The Grim Reaper Keeps Taking Its Toll. Ed Kinane, Truthout: "Like Japan's hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties, the Reaper's civilian casualties in Afghanistan/Pakistan/Yemen fail to matter. Few ask: What's the human cost?" How long do these arrogant barbarians think they can get away with coldblooded premeditated murder? And I pray God to stop the reaping of Human Souls by our bloodsucking tyrants. 1. Meredith Carpenter: "The USA is in Trouble-Our country is being devastated by fire, draught, floods etc. Only things that God could allow. Over 70% of our corn crops have been destroyed by draught. The western part of the US is being torched, destroying many, many acres. ... We allow our unborn children to be aborted at the rate of over 1 million a year. Oh yeah, our nation has to answer for that. There is talk of Sabbaths having to be fulfilled in the land, but I don't understand that. God is doing a mighty work here. He is preparing us." Genetically modified sweet corn is about to hit Wal-Mart shelves come hell or highwater. "The European Union, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Russia and China, require labeling for GE foods. Earlier this year, the German corporation BASF announced that it would stop developing genetically engineered products targeting the European market, in part due to low consumer demand. Given that 93 percent of Americans support mandatory labeling of genetically engineered (GE) foods, Beyond Pesticides believes that we can have the same impact here as in Europe." The elite supremacist are letting the blood of the American people unto death do part. Mitt Romney, The One-Percent Supremacist-Terrance Heath, Op-Ed: The conservative ethos has its origins, in the conservative worldview described by George Lakoff, in which material wealth and well-being is an indicator of moral strength, poverty and want are indicators of moral weakness, moral strength is to be rewarded, and moral weakness is to be punished. That worldview forms the basis of what Sarah Seltzer called conservatism's "victim-blaming script," which has its own basis in what psychologists call the "just world fallacy." Curiosity for Life on Mars: Our Place is in Space Andrew Lam, News Report: "Taking Robertson's definition a step further, it seems inevitable that the universe too, shrinks and compresses as we explore and measure it, and as we infer profound implications from our discoveries. Cosmozation, or empyrealization, is then the process by which man's awareness and influence expand beyond our planet: We grow cognizant that we exists on intimate levels with the rest of the universe, that we are interacting with it, and, increasingly, having an effect upon it." Salon Appeals Court OKs Warrantless Wiretapping-Wired The violation of the Constitution has become a standard procedure now for the courts. And it's all coming from the orders of the occupiers that holds the Almighty money bag.