August 12, 2012 journal, jail the bankers or abolish the prison system says Truthout and I know we do have a double standard of justice in this country, one for the rich and one for the poor. Also, let us teach our children to pick up after themselves, teach them manners, politeness and cleanliness to never leave a mess on the table for their parents to pick up. Even MacDonald's teach one to trash their trash in the proper disposal provided to them. This is the basics of education but most ignored by parents and teachers in school system. "It is now almost uncontested that in the United States the most privileged tier of society gets impunity while those on the bottom get criminalized and punished largely for their marginalized place in our society. In the last year, many activists within Occupy Wall Street have begun with an analysis of economic inequality focused on the unpunished excesses of the financial sector, but become increasingly concerned with issues such as police repression (of both activists and communities of color) and mass incarceration. How do these issues interconnect, and what are some possible solutions? Can those who want regulatory bodies to bring bankers to justice and those who seek a radical overhaul or dismantling of America's criminal justice system work together? Truthout assembled a panel at New York's Brecht Forum on August 1 to discuss these issues. Joining moderator Joe Macaré were Alexis Goldstein, an Occupy Wall Street activist who wrote an acclaim-ed account of her time as a Wall Street professional; Natasha Lennard, who has reported for Truthout on topics including prison noise demonstrations and the limits of what marij-uana decriminalization can accomplish; and Liliana Segura, an editor at The Nation Magazine. Special guest Andy Stepanian, a social justice activist, artist and political rabble-rouser, who spent three years in federal prison on terrorism charges (after a politically charged landmark free speech case known as the SHAC 7 trial), also contributed to the discussion." America is not our country, it has been hijacked! "On this day in 1945 the United States demonstrated that it was as morally bankrupt as the Nazi machine it had recently vanquished and the Soviet regime with which it was allied. Over Hiroshima, and three days later over Nagasaki, it exploded an atomic device that was the most efficient weapon of genocide in human history. The blast killed tens of thousands of men, women and children." The chickens are coming home to roost already. The same people that ran America then ran the Russian Lenin killing machine and Nazis point a finger at the Rothschild banking regime international fraud conglomerateur of the Russian case are Zionist evil. There is on a one-way to say it and that is to say the tru th. The numbers are about right but the wrong people are in prison. Wall Street should be in the prisons. Our concept of what is criminal is all in reverse of the Biblical law to say the least. Why is dual citizenship not a crime like Joe Lieberman, who is to say that he is loyal to this country or to his native country. Perhaps not his native country, it is Russia. No secret is kept forever and no massacre is without survivors which is the rule of God. I believe the secret rulership imposture society is about to be revealed and deported back to Russia as history shows most every nation in Europe did in the last 500 years and with Spain deporting them in 1492 because they were in debt to them even as bad as America. These are a godless barbaric people, lovers of money and rejected by God and they love money more than life or blood, that is to say "Gentile" blood. God will stop the red fox in time spreading his propaganda & fear to a world his subjects. What is not touched by the power and influence of Satan? These offensive occupiers are in your food basket first of all, they are in your home and your brain with evil Hollywood and New York philosophy. These obscure Mystery Babylonians maintain a staggering influence over your Church as they do your education, your health care, your insurance and everything that touches your life including your very own life and death. I pray for the deliverance of America from the Beast of Revelation prophecy. God set their timing before they were released in 743. You can hide secrets but they will be revealed in time even the great Mystery Babylon as all things will be revealed in God's timing and all sin will be punished in the Lake of Fire. America in order to be free must do what Spain did in 1492, deport their debt predators. Say goodbye to America's national debt in accordance to the executive order of John F. Kennedy. A bankrupt nation must declare itself bankrupt before it can begin to recover. This article is about right as for is it goes but it stops just before naming the real problem. "I was really excited when I saw an op-ed in the New York Times by Israel's most important critic of his own government, Avraham Burg. He's the most important critic because of his high political standing (he served as the speaker of Israel's Knesset [parliament) because he so persuasively condemns Israel's occupation of Palestine, and because he focuses on such an important, but too often neglected, motive for Israel's oppression of Palestinians: the mistaken belief that Israel is a weak nation, vulnerable to enemies who want to destroy it. In his most influential book, The Holocaust Is Over; We Must Rise From its Ashes, Burg argued that it's dangerous for Jews as well as Palestini-ans when Israel views its political opponents as if they were Nazis. They're not, and the huge difference is crucial if Israel is ever to have a realistic security policy that will realize bring its people security. Yet that mistaken equation, Palestinians (or Arabs) equal Nazis, is what Israel's quite popular prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, promotes at every opportunity. On his recent trip to Israel Mitt Romney embraced Netanyahu, making it clear that, if he becomes president, Romney will base U.S. Mideast policy on the same wrong-headed, fear-based ideology. Of course Obama as well as Romney justify their pro-right-wing-Israel tilt by claiming that there's a "special relationship" between Israel and the U.S., that there's "no daylight" between the two governments on basic policy issues. And the "special relationship" goes beyond geopolitical interests, we're always told. It's a matter of fundamental values. What exactly are those values? That's just the question Avraham Burg said he intended to address his op-ed. In the 1950s, he began, the crucial ties were a common commitment to "democracy, human rights, respect for other nations and human solidarity." Now the two nations are bound by "a new set of mutual interests: war, bombs, threats, fear and trauma." Right on target!, I thought. The most important message anyone can bring about U.S.-Israel relations, delivered by a former top-ranking Israeli leader on America's most prestigious op-ed page.Unfortunately, Burg's column did not go on to address the crucial issues his opening paragraphs raised. He wrote eloquently about the gradual disappearance of democracy in Israel, as religious intolerance and ethnic chauvinism become the norm -- an important subject, to be sure. But he said nothing about the deeper insight of his book: the way unjustified fears and feelings of victimization warp Israeli Jewish life and give rise to anti-democratic, anti-humanistic trends. Even more unfortunately, he said nothing more about the strikingly similar trends in American political culture. No, we did not endure a Holocaust. But the fear of a German invasion of the U.S. homeland was very real in the early 1940s. And Franklin D. Roosevelt did everything he could to fan the sparks of that fear into an anti-German fire. It was a crucial part of his strategy to build political support for his program of supporting the British war effort with everything short of sending U.S. troops to Europe. That was before December 7, 1941. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, the fear for the homeland that Roosevelt had created was immediately, seemingly effort-lessly, extended from Germany to Japan. Resistance to war, which had been strong enough to remain Roosevelt's number one political concern, evaporated as a politically significant force overnight. Roosevelt did not realize the staying power of the worldview he created for the American people, based on the warning that we must always be watching out for enemies who want to destroy us. That warning had played little role in American life since the 1840s (some historians would say since 1815), except for the brief U.S. engagement in World War I. World War II changed all that. Once the Axis was defeated, the "red menace" of communism took its place, to be followed by "terrorists," "Islamofascism," and now "the Iranian bomb." Next year the enemy might have some other name. Who knows? Israel has gone through a similar revolving door of enemies. Once it was "the Arabs," then particular Arab nations, then "the Palestinians," then "the PLO," now "Hamas terrorists" and "the Iranian bomb." Next year Israel's enemy might have some other name too. For now, Israel and the U.S. agree that Iran is bogeyman number one. They differ only on tactics for combating the purported threat. And the agreement is not only among top political leaders. There seems to be as much support for anti-Iranian policies among Americans as Israeli Jews. Israel's myth of insecurity and Americans' myth of homeland insecurity foster the fear of Iran. Indeed the myths demand the fear: Someone has to play the threatening enemy to make the myths believable. A myth of insecurity, with the sense of vulnerability and victimization that it breeds, is the most fundamental tie that binds the two nations. Both peoples learned long ago to base their national identity and sense of patriotism on fighting off enemies who are, they believe, bent on destroying their nations. Both are deeply committed to and shaped by these myths. In both countries there are dissenters who say that their own people are being warped by their myths. These minorities see the peril as well as the foolishness of a fear-based worldview. But in both countries the minorities are as yet small enough that they have little influence on policy. This is what I hoped Avraham Burg would write about: the shared values that so clearly bind the U.S. and Israel yet remains undiscussed, virtually unnoticed, as hidden as any secret. What a chance Burg had to lay the secret out in the open, to try to wake Americans up, just as his book tried (and in some cases succeeded) in waking Jews up. It's a message that Americans need to hear, too. If it were delivered in their most prestigious newspaper, at least the relatively well-educated and elite readers of that newspaper might begin to ponder it. It would be secret no longer. Here's hoping Avraham Burg will return to the op-ed pages of influential American newspapers with his full message another day. Then we could begin to have a public debate not only about the U.S. relationship with Israel but about our relationship with our own understanding of security. Israel Shields Public from Risks of War with Iran" The Red Fox Media smut peddler is one big fear monger bloodsucking warmonger.