August 13, 2012 journal, a painting of Mystery 2012 Babylon a collaboration of 2 artists is now completed in the art gallery of the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay 10x20 ft. The painting pictures the Big Apple in a skeleton form suspended on Manhattan Island and pivoting on the capstone of the all seeing eye of the great pyramid from ground zero. The new tallest building named the "One World Trade Center" is teetering unfinished on the Island also as the symbol of world domination. The immediate presence are written of the United Nations, the New York Stock Market and the Federal Reserve Bank of cash flow for import & export of the blood of the souls of men through the Babylonian money system of idolatry. Scripture is given to support the rendering of the World Trade System. Supply lines are pictured and color coded for example green for money, red for blood and black for oil. You must use your imagination for hundreds of other commodities that are taken from or sold to the world. The supply lines are flexible moving up & down with the island. The nine double one fountains are pictured as the blood of the many nations that is spewing out from portals under ground as water turning into blood of the world slavery system of Mystery Babylon and that the Illuminati requires to participate in their luxuries. The drainpipes of blood would include people killed by alcoholic beverages on highways and every method connected through Mystery Babylon financial center even to obesity. Mystery Babylon profits on the bloodshed of men, women and children in my opinion. These are my pro-forma suggestions and do not include the Norbert H. Kox description. Once Norbert completes his description of the painting a final version will be published. These opinions and observations are strictly that of my own and may be changed in final. On the left side is the sun that has turned black and on the right the moon turned to blood as the prophecy in the Book of Revelation predicts. Below the ground level is filled with skeletons of those that have perished in slavery to the Babylonian system from way back. Not all the supply lines are visible that carry the blood of the souls of men fighting wars. The cave men digging for minerals such as gold, copper and the raw materials of the earth that died in the process including the coal mines of West Virginia, China, Russia and all. Also those that died on the deep sea oil rigs in the Gulf & worldwide digging for a living. The universal system requires a lot of blood & here it is shown flowing freely to keep the Babylonian system alive that rich men may get richer all on the life blood of man & beast. This scene represents sweat that turn into blood and tears that turn into blood universally. The skeletal remains of the Statue of Liberty donated by the French Mason's in 1886 is dilapidated and its promises of freedom and liberty are floating down the Hudson River. The right of Habeas Corpus and the freedom of speech are also floating down the river. The spears of Miss Liberty are broken and torn and floating down the river like lost hope. Dollars of idolatry appearing illuminated shine toward the east and the west of the world. It is not just a city but it is in fact a world slave driving empire profiteering on the blood of men and women to its own detriment and we believe it's time appointed is very short. The scripture predicts that Mystery Babylon has fallen and has become a nesting place. for every hateful bird. Fires are burning in the underground that would remind one of hell. Since 1913 America has been enslaved to the foreign Federal Reserve Bank conspiracy. Not shown in the painting are the millions or even billions but are hooked into the system to make a bare living with their sweat and blood daily denying family time to earn wages. Not shown in the painting are the trillions of dollars in debt by the people & government, making slaves out of the entire world caught up in the gridlock of their Antichrist system. Not shown in the painting are the estimated 100 million aborted babies alone in America but the gushing blood is from them all as they are surely represented with God Almighty. It is obvious that this economic system is on the verge of collapse facing the Apocalypse. The Bible Book of Revelation speaks of blood running / rising up to the horse's bridle in the Battle of Armageddon and we are staged already for that event as the end of this Day of Grace. May this painting awaken America and the world to serious coming events by God Almighty. Awaken America so they may see clear Biblical prophecy in plain view. The Pyramid and the pit holes many deadly secrets of this vast wealth accumulation over 50 percent of the world's wealth are in Mystery Babylon corporate merchants of the earth. This painting was begun in 2005 through 2007 but then lay dormant for 5 years until it seemed the right time to get our heads together and finish it. With all the curiosity about 2012, this painting is on target I believe to witness the truth to the world of prophecy. Once the painting was hung on the wall it took on a visual living dimension like reality. Started by William Thomas Thompson 2005-finished by Norbert H. Kox in July 2012 Related information- Major Port City, Greatest and Wealthiest City, and City of Jewish Exiles- "New York City is undoubtedly the most important port city in the world. What may not be known is that when a ship approaches the New York City harbor from the south, in order to properly conform with the shipping lanes it must aim due north straight for a municipality on Long Island named "Babylon." A tall water tower on the shoreline is used as a reference point for navigation and when a ship reaches closest to shore before turning west to enter the harbor, the name "Babylon," written on the tower in big bold letters can be easily read. The community of Babylon is a predominantly Jewish community of over 200,000. It has an airport and two universities. To read about this community go here. According to researcher Richard Coombes, Babylon was so named by early Jewish immigrants because of their study of the scriptures and their belief that Ancient Babylon would be relocated west of the Nile. According to my research this community is the only inhabited and functioning community in the world that is known as "Babylon." There are more Jews living in New York City than in any other city on earth, and there are more Jews living in America than in Israel and Russia combined. Clearly America is the home of Jewish exiles. For further evidence that the USA, led by New York City, is end-times Babylon, I suggest Coombes' breakthrough book," (Not 100 %)