August 15, 2012 journal, all the mortgages in the entire world are not a drop in the bucket compared to the money wasted in Afghanistan and Iraqi wars not to mention the death or destruction of those countries & more including the annihilation of Christian population. I see the evil in the Bush administration consistent with every presidential administration that is guided by the Russian Communist terminators that control our currency as the Fed. The wicked Elders of Zion hijacked our money in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act of the Rothschild imposture Jewish bank of the Antichrist rising from 743ad Russian Khazar converts to Judaism bringing on the Babylonian Talmud haters of Christianity in making slaves out of the Christian world. The United States today is ruled by its least population in the courts, in Congress, in economy, in education, in defense, in war policy and killing. The Synagogue of Satan rules just as the Christian Bible tells us. All things are accurate as the Bible records & predicts. All things are being fulfilled on schedule as the Bible has provided in history and in the future. Babylon has fallen the exact same way predicted in the Book of Revelation prophecy of the New Testament scripture. There is no escape of this reality. God Almighty Yahweh is on the throne One with Yesu the Messiah and Holy Spirit of God. I shiver and shake in my boots at the very thought of Him most powerful. I wake up every morning with a fresh message on my mind for the people of this world to awaken to the present Antichrist and prepare to be independent of the Babylonian system. The Antichrist bankers will not allow people's mortgages to be paid off because they are determined that all man shall make payments to them forever on mortgages or taxation. I say free America from the alien bankers. Robert Reich, Op-Ed: "Most Americans only get two weeks off right now. But many don't even take the full two weeks out of fear of losing their jobs. One in four gets no paid vacation at all, not even holidays. Overall, Americans have less vacation time than workers in any other advanced economy. Studies show workers who take time off are more productive after their batteries are recharged. They have higher morale, and are less likely to mentally check out on the job." At the predator drones convention there was zero tolerance for peace- "Duszynska, a writer for National Catholic Reporter, was allowed inside but was overwhelmed by the experience. "Walking through the exhibit hall was surreal. It is all about performance, speed, targets and sales-nothing about consequences," said Sevre-Duszynska. "It felt like a war zone, and I felt like an alien. There didn't seem to be others who were questioning the deadly uses of this technology." This run by General Betrayus. Romney's Death Squad Ties: ties to Salvadorean dirty deals but does it surprise anyone? #12 Mitts VP choice is the sanctity of life that life begins with conception with all rights. Out of 12 things published we should know about Romney's VP, this one I do approve. Is anyone surprised that the attorney general cannot prosecute his bosses on Wall Street? Justice Dept. Ends Investigation into Goldman Sachs Mortgage Abuses Without Pressing Charges. Travis Waldrop "Goldman Sachs became of the face of widespread mortgage fraud and abuse that led to the subprime mortgage crisis when evidence that it had made trades described by its own bankers as 'shitty deals' came to light during a Senate investi-gation in 2011. The Department of Justice, however, concluded that it did to meet the "burden of proof" required for charges, the Wall Street Journal reports." News Report.