August 18, 2012 journal, Doctors Nurses are now burdened with computer bookkeeping as the most important thing they do more so than the patient's health and it is all red tape as a result of health insurance complications. Health record-keeping should be eliminated. This is the mark of the beast along with required ID and required health-insurance policy. Talk about one single payer health insurance, everybody can now be their own doctor if they have a computer it could keep track of their heartbeat, their oxygen level and it could monitor the entire living body. Why not then monitor yourself so then if you have a heart attack they can pick you up without even calling them. If you die the computer verifies. Union demands for health insurance has spoiled it for everybody. Stay out of the health care bloody butchers reach. You may be worth more dead than alive to the government. Constitutional common-law is no longer recognized in the American courts of any kind. Most people do not recognize our captivity controlling this greatest nation, its Antichrist. An alien serpent people who hate all the Protestant Christian people with a great passion. The menorah graces the White House lawn confirming that we are a modern Jewish state. Someone had their license tag stolen off their truck shrews and all leaving a note saying this vehicle does not have any insurance when it did. Have we sank so low that a police officer would come into your yard in the middle of the night and steal your license plate? Even though I know politicians are bought off by the insurance industry this is ridiculous. America has become a pitiful excuse for a nation, we're killing people by satellite drones. I had rather be a beach bum than to live in a police state of crooked politicians and those jellyfish preachers with no spine to stand up and to preach the gospel to church people. I can quote beautiful scriptures from the Psalms but my inner self tells me to speak the in time prophecy because that's where we are living and that is what the people need to hear. "This article is the result of our correspondence with a loyal A-O Report reader, Dr. Jeffrey Ady. Dr. Ady is an associate pastor with a church in Hawaii. In a recent exchange of ideas, Dr. Ady mentioned the apparent loss of key Bible Prophecy teachers, authors and prophecy ministries as well as America's local churches ignoring or turning attention away from Bible Prophecy. He expressed his concern and support for The Alpha-Omega Report as we experience severe testing via financial distress and a physical move of facilities this summer. We're not out of the woods just yet on finances and are still in critical need of donations and prayer support. As I considered some of Dr. Ady's observations, I asked Dr. Ady if he would put his thoughts down into an article for The Alpha-Omega Report and share them with the A-O readership. He has graciously consented and below are his thoughts on the world of prophecy and the sad situation taking hold in America's churches today. Over the past weeks and months I've noticed a marked decrease in the volume of information and insight offered by what may be taken as the standards or heavyweights in the prophetic or "watcher" community in the Body of Christ. I must note that by "prophetic" I mean teachers and evangelists whose ministries are known for messages centered on Biblical prophecy concerning the end-times being fulfilled in our day-and making that appeal a major point in bringing people to Christ, and encouraging Christians to stay close to God and living ever more anchored in His inerrant Word. In comparing notes, Richard and I have observed significant events in [inter]national ministries noted for their global reach in Bible Prophecy teaching and evangelization. A short list of these events reads thus: 1. The passing on of scholars and teachers foundational to the modern Biblical Prophecy Fulfillment Awareness Movement, so termed perhaps first here in this essay: Dr. John Walvoord; Dr. S. Lewis Johnson; Ray Brubaker of God's News Behind the News; Zola Leavitt; more recently, Grant Jeffrey and J.R. Church. Lesser known, but with research in intriguing areas that have received more attention recently through the work of Tom Horn and associates, was David Flynn, graduating at around age 50. 2. Surviving historical mainstays of the Movement appear to experience difficulty in ministering at peak levels due to age or other circumstances: Hal Lindsey seems to have recycled previous broadcasts in recent months despite putting out excellent and compelling productions over the past two weeks [July 27 and August 3]; Dr. Dwight Pentecost at age 97 is evidently slowing down; Chuck Missler is in his eighties; Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa is in his eighties as well, and is battling lung cancer (though successfully at this stage). Dr. Charles Ryrie at 91 seldom speaks on eschatological matters. The bite of controversy never seems far behind any of them, whether deserved or spurious. 3. There remains a remnant, if you will, of faithful Biblical eschatology teachers, scholars and watchers who keep the Blessed Hope alive and well. I use the term "remnant" purposely with respect to point 4 below. Scholars and teachers such as Dr. Thomas Ice [Executive Director of the Pre-Trib Research Center, with over two hundred affiliated members], Dr. Mark Hitchcock of Dallas Theological Seminary and a handful of others maintain a vigorous debate with preterist, Dominion and replacement theologists. The A-O Report is of course just one of several high-quality and well-informed websites that present literal, Scriptural, and up-to-date eschatological analyses of the world's conformity to Biblical predictions. Given these observations, I have one suggestion to make and three warnings, each followed by a series of pleas. My suggestion: We must continue to support the [inter]national eschatological ministries that remain true to the Scriptures even more vigorously as the Spirit directs us to. But-and this is where I see a significant departure from the norm-we must make the most of our local networks and assets to meet both short-term and long-term concerns. It's time for the next generation of Biblical prophecy teachers, scholars and evangelists to step up, network, and allow the Lord to develop them and their messages. This "next generation" of Biblical prophecy teachers, scholars and evangelists are younger, and most likely the preponderance of them are local [or at most regional] in scope. We should get to know each other, develop our visions and callings with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and allow the Lord to move us together [or separately] as He desires. Networks at the local and regional levels must be built, and this process starts with awareness. The old model of Bible Prophecy Conferences, where established ministers present the latest perspectives and younger ministers are socialized into the professional ministerial ranks, may have seen its best days already. This is particularly true of bi-vocational ministers [of which I am a prime example], who are less likely to make trips to these conferences than the national ministers or full-time pastors of well-funded congregations. As a result, new approaches may be needed. Virtual network building may be a very attractive alternative approach. Materials can be shared; sermons and notes, articles, even videos of presentations can be shared; congregations and ministers at the local and regional levels may discover shared visions of the Blessed Hope and decide on the basis of common convictions, especially as eschatology is connected with evangelism, discipleship, the fight against false teaching, and preparing congregations for more challenging times should the Lord tarry. The focus should be on sound doctrine, i.e., the simple gospel of salvation through faith in the death and resurrection of Christ, and the imminent, pre-tribulational rapture of true believers in Christ. And the temptation to say "I'm the only one in this town who believes this way" is probably not an impulse leading to the truth. Just as Elisha and Paul were told that God had His own solders on hand to help them get the job done, or the fight won, we may be pleasantly surprised to learn, should we follow the Holy Spirit's lead, that there are those who believe in the Blessed Hope, and are "waiting for His Son from Heaven, Who delivered us from the wrath to come." We should not be surprised as the Spirit leads us across denominational lines. Another reason we must make the most of local and regional networks and ministries is the possibility of less than permissive political and societal conditions, should the Lord significantly delay His return for His own. A continuation of the anti-christian trends already well underway in the United States could mean that widespread availability of Christian and eschatological media via the Internet would see meaningful decreases. So local networks and ministries, already developed, could "go low tech", move into house-church or underground mode, and continue much as the "early church" did. But because so many of our media-driven Christian culture ways keep us at the Internet trough currently, we are not at present ready for such a transition as currently configured. Now for some Warnings: And Pleas-Warning #1: Deception, General-Discrediting the Inerrant Word This suggestion made, the relentless onslaught of deception, false teaching and specious argumentation has led many [particularly in North American churches] to fail to look for Christ's appearing and live accordingly. The historic move toward higher criticism and away from literal interpretation of the Scriptures in American seminaries have produced dramatic turnarounds such as that cited by Paul Smith's (2012) book New Evangelicalism: The New World Order-in it Smith cites the example of Fuller Theological Seminary's wholesale rejection of Biblical inerrance-and this trend is a potentially fatal threat to the vitality of the American evangelical movement. And Fuller Seminarian George Eldon Ladd's advocacy of dominionism and anti-dispensationalism (Aufett, 2012) have meant that large numbers of congregational leaders have dismissed eschatology as a topic of teaching or discipleship, let alone evangelism, because of the confusion that has been sown by the various viewpoints advocated by many more seminarians, popular Christian authors and "discernment" ministries. In my own struggles against preterist, dominionist, "pre-wrath" and "tribulational cleansing" doctrinal arguments held by those completely committed to these ideas while claiming to live in daily communion with a loving God, I continue to be amazed at how "mature Christians" hold these erratic views, based on anything but literal interpretation of Biblical passages in context, and not willing to brook the possibility of being convinced by a study of the pertinent Scriptures! I thank God I was pulled into the Body of Christ in 1976 by the promise of an imminent, pretribulational rapture of the Church. But I doubt very much what is presented by most these days would convince me that God really loves me and provides a better way, a more desirable future in Christ. And this is why I believe so strongly that we must:" He has some truth but why don't he just preach the gospel rather than false doctrine? I will stop quoting this writer here because I see no pre tribulation rapture of the church. The Bible does not teach a pretribulation rapture of the church! This writer is in modern nonscriptural prophecy I'm sorry to say. His writing sound good but his prophecy is false. Maybe Scofield. I'm sure he is serious and genuine individual with well-meaning but he is following the wrong doctrine as thousands do if they do not study for themselves. The unbiblical rapture doctrine was written by a Spanish priest in 1582 to take attention off the Pope to whom Martin Luther was calling the Antichrist. This false doctrine is known as futurism and it was not a part of the Protestant movement until the Puritans came over and brought it to America. Futurism and the letter J has taken over most all the Protestant movement unfortunately. This clouds the truth with error and it is a real insult to one's intelligence. America has become the aggressor and the Antichrist is in charge of our money and of our war policy and everything else that moves in this country. I pray God to free us from this burden. I pray God to put chains on the beast Wall Street. I pray God to stop our killing by satellite guided predator drones and return this country to sanity. Wisdom and knowledge comes from God Almighty and he confuses the rest of the world. Hell is confusion and death. The Babylonians are still trying to build the Tower of Babel but it will not stand against God because they are definitely the Antichrist and they are joined by the church at large both Catholic and Protestant in my opinion from what I see happening. Has taken a lifetime for the Lord to show me what is going on. I think God for the truth being revealed to me in time and feel the wasted a lot of life listening to false doctrine without checking it out for myself. God finally led me into the truth. Who will be their false Messiah to rapture them when the real one does not appear? They are tampering with death and destruction supporting the Israeli to set the blaze of Armageddon to destroy the world. Just save your comments and see that it will happen.