August 19, 2012 journal, money belongs to the people, not the government, certainly not the foreign shyster fiat Federal Reserve or the banks. It is the people's money and people should have it instead of the alien impostures that originated with a Rothschild European banking monopoly. Let the secrets of the Antichrist Federal Reserve Bank Act be told. Since 1913 this ill-conceived private corporate Federal Reserve Bank has held a noose around the necks of America. Every year and every day the noose gets tighter upon us. Some believe in 2012 God will free the people and I pray that God will reveal it to them and all of us who we are Israelites from the 10 lost tribes of the 12 Jacob Israel Tribes. All others are fakes and phonies stealing our birthright and even our identity as the Mark. America is marked now worse than ever with the phony security since nine double one. Spreading fear has been very profitable for Fox News media and all the media and for the Republican Party at large. All this is top-secret and kept from the people's need to know. America needs a good housecleaning and send the bankers back to Communist Russia as their beginning. Occupy Wall Street is the first hint of resistance, I believe its here to stay. This is secret mystery Babylon with the mark of the beast and the Antichrist present and in control of our daily lives. Compare to the Christian New Testament BookofRevelation. A stranded boater penetrated through airport $100 million parameter security at Laguardia crossing a 14 ft. fence and was not detected before he inquired for help to fix his boat that he left outside. Instead, he was arrested for trespassing and I'm sure treated as a terrorist. Security is more about money than it is safety of people. The rich get richer on our blood. The political turmoil over a statement "cut loose Wall Street" is on target & Republicans need to hear it since they cut loose Wall Street under bushy boy causing the meltdown. I would not cross the street to vote for either party Democrat or Republican all corrupt. Now we have a Mormon running which is a carbon copy of the free Masonic religion of the temple selecting someone to speak for him in Catholic language being Rep PaulRyan from the battleship Wisconsin. Everybody's come out to his defense but I view him as a disaster. 100,000 people contributed $7 million in the last 72 hours but will all be in vain. Pat Robertson keeps the fires burning for an attack upon Iran which most likely will bring on the great battle of Armageddon, the battle of God Almighty against Russian Zionism. Salvatore Babones, Truthout: "Virgin Galactic, billionaire Richard Branson's space tourism venture, is charging $200,000 a seat for a few minutes of weightlessness and a view from outer space. The firm has so far taken in $70 million in deposits from 536 passengers, according to an August 1 report from Reuters. Call me old-fashioned, but I personally find it morally offensive that some people can afford to spend $200,000 on a three-minute experience when others can't afford food." Read the Article Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: "Paul Ryan is sort of the Antonin Scalia of the Congress: even some Democrats think he is a 'bold' thinker and whip smart, when he is really just a hyper-ambitious con artist who is full of himself. He knows how to package self-promotion so that it obscures both his intellectual limitations and lengthy trail of contradictions (voting to increase the deficit by trillions under Bush, while running against the so-called ruinous impact of the same deficit under O---- for example"