August 20, 2012 journal, beware of New York City drinking water raw or with chemicals. The most important thing may be to be the first user of water before its processed through sewerage treatment plants upstream. Imagine the Hudson River having raw sewerage. "A broken pipeline is forcing millions of gallons of raw sewage in New York to bypass a treatment facility and instead be sent right into the Hudson River - and just in time for the Big Apple's first ever Ironman triathlon! For the fourth time in only two years, a pipe that carries an average of 3 million gallons of sewage has broken in Tarrytown, NY, forcing county workers to send the waste not to treatment facilities in the Empire State but instead right into a river in nearby Sleepy Hollow. From there the sewage is draining directly into the Hudson River, where only 25 miles downstream the tributary's waves wash by downtown Manhattan. New York City is expected to host its first annual Iron-man competition tomorrow, a contest that consists of a 26.2 mile run, a 112 mile bike ride and a 2.4 mile swim. As it stands right now though, participants will be truly put through the test, to say the least-authorities say they will dilute the contaminated water with doses of chlorine, but otherwise the triathletes will be trying to swim through millions of gallons of, well, shit. Workers in Tarry Town are scheduled to replace the damaged 20-foot-long, 30-inch-wide segment of the pipe causing the problem on Friday, but meanwhile millions of gallons are being continuously pumped into the Hudson. Although a round of chlorine is being added to the runoff to attempt to disinfect the river, WABC reports that the contest's organizers will arrange to have the river tested before the competition is underway. "Obviously the safety of the athlete has to come first," organizer Shane Facteau tells the network. Some athletes, though, seem to think it's no big deal" . "I'm from the Jersey shore," Michael Halfacre adds to WABC, "so I've been swimming in New York's garbage my whole life." In the meantime, officials have advised against swimming in select parts of the river north of New York." Water flowing through stone is the natures cleansing process probably better than the chemicals added to cleanse it. The fish eat the particles and we eat the fish's particles. Fight Over Closing of Illinois Supermax Ends 14 Years of Prisoners' Silence in Solitary Confinement. Yana Kunichoff and Jesse Menendez, Truthout and Vocalo: "The story of Tamms [Correctional Center] is the story of something positive that may have come out of a recession, about what may be the last throes of the supermax movement, and what a campaign against torture accomplished in less than four years." Romney Still Reaps Huge Profits From Bain's Vulture Capitalism John Nichols, The Nation: "Romney was a robber baron. And he continues to profit - to the tune of $230 million and counting - from the 'vulture capitalism' his Republican primary opponents decried." Where Is the Arts Funding to Create a Collective Sense of Beauty and Meaning in America? "So, we have money to spend $30 billion on a fleet of B-2 Spirits, but are somehow supposed to believe that we can only afford to spend 0.05 percent that amount on the 2012 [National Endowment for the Arts] budget?" "A Totally Moral Man": The Life of Nonviolent Organizer Rev. James Lawson "After his release from prison, Lawson moved to Nagpur, India, where he served a three-year stint as a Methodist missionary and studied satygraha - the principles of nonviolence resistance developed by Mohandas Gandhi that had freed India from British colonialism. One day in 1955, while in India, Lawson was reading a newspaper and saw photographs of masses of African Americans launching a bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama."