August 29, 2012 journal, Hurricane Isaac ripping up the Caribbean seems like a warning to the political major arena in Tampa bringing back bad memories of Katrina hitting New Orleans 7 years ago while America slept and later that city was flooded I believe because Blackwater and Dick Cheney's old company needed some safer work closer to home. We live under an oppressive system of government after fleeing oppression from the Church of England as pilgrims to the promised land of the American wilderness. If I told you I had a dream that my beloved country America was invaded by Russian Communists and ruled entirely by those godless devil obsessed atheistic minded banker mentality people, you might think it strange but that is not a dream, that is the truth and there is plenty of evidence to prove it. What is being said in either political arena is all only fabrications to protect the Babylonian system that governs us as the Antichrist destroying Christians. Pledging allegiance to the flag that aborts innocent babies before birth and fights phony wars killing millions of people destroying country's like Lenin and his thugs did to Russia in 1917 after his kins or cousins conspired to flimflam the U.S. Congress and American people out of their money by the phony deceptive Federal Reserve Banking Act to give themselves an artesian well of money and by withholding it from the very people which it belonged to. These people continued taking over even Israel in 1948 under a false flag. The innumerable catastrophic evil perpetrated by these demons from hell stretch any and all imagination. Do not believe one word they say on the biased insider or outsider media. America is operated by the Zionist faking Judaism through the soft heart of the Protestant Christian Church falling for their misinterpretation of God's promises to Abraham known as "God's favorite people". With Satan being their God, they are Satans favorite people. Halliburton ruled the war and Blackwater was their firing squad and protector of all evil. Now a Navy Seal has written a book about his participation in the killing of the big ben. Chances are he's not going to say anything that would cause them to pursue him in telling the truth even though the government is surely not unconcerned that the truth will be told. By now with all of the misinformation and propaganda by the Wall Street news media, no person would believe the truth if it be told and it will eventually be told and be believed. Ben Ladin was created by America as an ally but when they finished with him they have killed him like a cow that no longer gives milk, a hen that no longer lays eggs. The truth is that the Israeli false flagers masterminds was behind nine double one in collaboration with the treasonous Bush administrationers and the Pentagoners to arouse the American people to fight & die in foreign wars fought against the cousin neighbors of the Israelites. Modern Israel are not the Israelite people. In fact, the Russian crypto Jewish people that have forced occupation of Palestine are not even as much akin to the true Israelite people as the Arabs are as the sons of Abraham. Khazar Russian people are impostures 100%. They have never lived in ancient Palestine being Babylonians and they have absolutely no right to it whatsoever. They scammed it like they did the American Congress & President Woodrow Wilson to sign them into power in place of and to rob the American people. Now we live under oppressive debt driven communism from the Russian Khazar "Jews", not the real "Jews" if there be any real "Jew" as opposed to legitimate Children of Israel. Anti-Semitism is their weapon of mass destruction that keeps them in power through fear. Dear Lord I pray you would break the bonds holding the American people and the church hostage where people that tell the truth like wleaks Julian Assange is considered terrorist. Deliver us O Lord I pray from corporate and banks mortgage debt and death oppression. I believe in the living God to protect those that tell the truth and stand for the creator God.