August 30, 2012 journal, in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth all by an miracle power. God created the minerals of the earth such as gold and silver which were used as mediums of exchange in metals of value but man changed to just gold certificates. Under the modern Russian Babylon Antichrist monetary system the dollar in your pocket represents debt to the foreign crypto Russian privately fraudulent Federal Reserve "bank". God has not promised to provide you with money because God has no money at all. God has promised to supply our ever need if we trust him and believe that he is Lord and God. At the expense of 673,000 dead men the great Abraham Lincoln saved the Union from the southern states seceding by forcing every man arriving from starving Ireland into the Union Army about 15,000 per day and none of them had $300 to buy their way out of the army, they died instead most all leaving wives and children to starve to death in America. Lincoln did one thing right that was to print the money to fight the civil war, a wrong war. Going against his European bankers and denying them the 30% interest they were asking may have gotten him killed. Never mind that in 50 years they took over our currency and they make all the decisions now especially in matters of war & all our financial activities We are not considered human beings by the phony European Russian Jewish warlords, we are considered goyim cattle like their sacred talmud says, considered only slaves and property. Fooling the Church was high priorty, Dr. Scofield helped them accomplish this great deception, politics knows better but they play the game to get the money and power. So now we have open ends with the German "Jewish" Illuminati since 1776 merging with freemasonry later and every secret order such as the Skull and Crossbones secret society dominated by the Bush family. The rich elite have an open window to the Red Star or the red shield as you might say with people like Rupert Murdoch and others more secure and obscure involved in buying up all the broadcast media's at any price to control fixed news and views and keep you in bondage to their system for your sweat, blood and time of day. There will not be one word of truth come out of Tampa's "Bloodlicans" convention other than perhaps a tiny bit of what Ron Paul may say and that will not even be broadcast in all likelihood any more than the president of Iran will ever get this biased media to report. They will storm out about war against the Arabs and getting revenge for nine double one even though any half whit would know the Zionists Israeli's took down the trade towers. They will say whatever pleases the Illuminati masters and it coincides with popular polls. All the talk of taxes is just rhetoric. The rich and powerful pay no taxes and they are not accountable to any government on earth, they make the decisions for taxing poor people. The Federal Reserve is its own private entity towering over this empire of most countries. I cannot keep a secret that which keeps my people in bondage to bloodthirsty Wall Street. A private foreign Federal Reserve Act authorized bank are accountable to no government. All United States government and the American people debt to the Fed is of no substance. Therefore, do as Spain did in 1492, expel the masters of debt. Send them back to Russia. Revoke "abomination" health care and every presidential order since George Washington. Dig up the obscured history of the 1917 Russian Holocaust under Christian killing Lenin. The very wealthy do not pay tax, we pay the IRS to collect their tax from us, they are tax. Sally "Just as we are surrounded by all these chemicals, each having their own particular poison-I see spiritual anarchy poisoning our world. The teachings are so clear, love one another. Treat others as you would want to be treated. See me in every face. Care for the poor, for they are Mine. And here we are bombarded by phone calls, commercials and emails full of lies and innuendo. Any truth is lost. Greed has become an acceptable attribute, I keep wondering where I should be because I don't feel like I belong here." Neil Armstrong passed away at age 82 having been the first man to set foot on the moon. He read scripture from Genesis to the world that day 40 years ago of creation of the earth. Our despicable education system has been teaching the theory of evolution much longer. The Mormon Church is full of good people but Mormonism is not Christian religion any more than Communism or freemasonry. They do not use the holy inspired Scriptures but instead they have the Book of Mormon which I can only determine is written by Brigham Young their founder which is said to be a copy of pagan Masonic Temple Lodge religion. The Catholic Church is full of good honest sincere people but why do we need another pagan religion in Washington. The powers that be in charge cleverly avoid all Protestants True Protestant Christianity including Moses and the 10 Commandments are virtually outlawed in Washington and the end of this day of grace for the Antichrist is on the near horizon. Details of what is going to happen will not be on CNN, ABC or NBC, they were prophesied already nearly 2000 years ago and can be read in the Christian Bible Book of Revelation, the New Testament Bible and even in the Old Testament books of prophecy. They can be read in the Greek and Hebrew language, in English I recommend the King James translation since there are so many now competing and changing the Word.