August 31, 2012 journal, sin is a disgrace to any person and compromise to Satan is a sin. I have stopped thinking of politics because it is largely compromise against God and man. Sin scars the soul forever and its rewards are death and destruction. Secrets are Sin also. It seems Mormon Romney political candidate is falling apart at the seams automatically. The government is said to now be paying millions for the 2 political conventions so there will be no more questions as to the legitimacy of contributions, how nice of them to do it. The taxpayers no longer even feel the pain of their debt being stacked on daily by the Fed. If I could trust any politician to deliver on his promises, I would hope and pray for same-sex marriages to be outlawed, for the sanctity of life to be recognized at conception and for the abomination unaffordable healthcare plan to be neutralized by an executive order. The people voted for change but got the same old wars plus retention of Guantanamo Bay torture prison, the people did not vote for bank bailouts but got it jackhammered on them. There are 2 political parties operating as opposites when in fact they are virtually one and the same. The Democrats will openly endorse the unnatural same-sex marriages while the Republicans pretend to oppose it but do they really? Telling lies is part of most politics. God does not endorse either candidate and neither do I. To vote for the lesser of 2 evils is no excuse. My vote is a no vote as to not be a part of this evil political system we have. America is in deep trouble and only the coming of the Lord will change things for better. A presidential signing order could stop abortion in its tracks but neither has the guts to do it. Implementing of the signing order of John F. Kennedy would stop the Federal Reserve international banking conspirators from exploiting U.S. taxpayers and Americans money. There is talk of how much money Wall Street will make on the poor people in food crisis. Watch the political conventions on TV because you are the suckers having paid for them. Sin is the biggest enemy of health causing mental and physical distress, ultimately death. A noose is tight around the neck of every American citizen enslaved to the debt system. Our medical system was destroyed by the insurance industry in the third party paying for services and finally they got them legally mandatory so that everybody on earth be taxed enormously for medical insurance as driven higher every day by the greed of Wall Street. Let the people demand the president stop satellite Predator Drones from killing people. The grave is forever and all those causing wars are on the verge of the judgments of God. The following scripture & comments are from and as far as this goes it's good. Proverbs 12:8 "A man will be commended according to his wisdom, But he who is of a perverse heart will be despised." We all have a little bit of perversity inside us. There is something there that pushes us at times to act against our own interests, or again common sense, or contrary to accepted decency. We need to recognize this trait and overcome it. We also have to listen to the good side of ourselves. This is wisdom. It can help us. Proverbs 12:9 "Better is the one who is slighted but has a servant, Than he who honors himself but lacks bread." One who is slighted. Hebrew "ish [man] nikleh [regarded as not important] ". In Hebrew there is an expression "work gives honor to the worker". There is much truth in this. It is not however absolute. At some level we must trust in the Almighty. [Proverbs 12:10] A righteous man regards the life of his animal, But the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel. First of all, the second half of this verse is very telling. Many of us may have experienced this. Even when a wicked person has a kind impulse he is liable to do more harm than good. Now for the fist part, The translation given above is correct. The Hebrew however may be understands the psyche of his beast. Or A righteous man understands the importance of his own animal needs. We need to look after ourselv-es. A righteous person will take care of themselves as well as of others. [Proverbs 12:11] He who tills his land will be satisfied with bread, But he who follows frivolity is devoid of understanding. I would slightly rephrase that translation thusly, He who tills his own land will satisfy [himself and others] with bread, But he who pursues empty causes is lacking of heart. Do something for yourself. Work for others if that is what is required but also look out for yourself whether by putting money aside, learning a profession, learning something else, be aware of wasting your time or of doing things that lack utility". Justice Party presidential candidate Rocky Anderson speaks candidly about the crumbling State of the Union. Ron Boyer, Truthout: "Is Rocky Anderson a veritable Don Quixote of post-modern American politics, tilting at the windmills of the national political establishment, where the Big Game seems well rigged? Or is he another visionary voice crying in the wilderness against the perils of American plutocracy?" (important reading) Jake Olzen, "On August 6, Department of Justice lawyers filed an appeal in federal court against a recent ruling that temporarily enjoined section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which gives powers to the military to indefinitely detain U.S. citizens - on U.S. soil-with-out charge or trial. The case, and the organizing that surrounds it, will have profound implications for basic constitutional rights, though it has been largely ignored by the mainstream media." Matthew Johnson, North American Congress on Latin America: "What is unique about SB 1070 is perhaps not its inevitably racist application nor its expansion of police powers, but rather the fact that the law represents a new tack in corporate governance of immigration policy in the United States.... After witnessing the effects of prison industry profiteering in our own communit-ies, Tucson's Fuerza! coalition has responded with a campaign to build public opposition."