December 06, 2012 journal, the law of the Lord is perfect; meditate upon it day and night. Predestination by man not God to be rich or to be poor decided by the countries occupiers. America is in captivity to the substitute Israelites the fathers of Revolution & Communism. Now we learn of the Russian Holocaust killing Christians and that Auschwitz was a country club. Not one person died in the prison camps unless it was from old age and the piles of bodies shown to the world were dead Germans not the so-called Jewish people. Russia continued its killing and blamed it on Germany deliberately killing army officers in Poland. American people should wake up and reassess the propaganda fed to us by the news media. The Jewish people created a Holocaust in Russia in 1917 under Lenin and recreated it in their favor in the 1930's in remaking Mr. Bad like big Sam in Adolph Hitler. Do not forget how they demonized Saddam Hussain and kept a war going for a decade. Be not deceived. Google Eustace Mullins if you're interested in truth of how we succumb to the Communist. Antichrist Russian Khazars created communism under the German Karl Marx philosophy. That was not the second Holocaust because the Jewish people increased in number during the Second World War from 10 million to 12 million. It was all a hoax. The real Holocaust was in Russia killing Christian people at least 66 million wiping them out by the imposture House of Israel. The real House of Israel, the Orthodox Jews are almost extinct number less than 500,000. "He will put a hook in their nose", in fact they are a marked people. You will know them everywhere you see them in the world by their hook nose. May God deliver US. It is not the president or Congress that runs this country; it is the Zionist Khazar Russian Communist impostures masquerading as the House of Israel when they are house of Satan. We must reverse out of this downward trend and come to our senses to know God and to know our enemy as the occupying force of Antichrist endorsed by the Protestant Church. Take back the Federal Reserve Act Bank from the foreign Illuminati Russian Communist. Cancel the phony national debt and give everybody a free million dollars compensation. It is cheaper than giving it to the banks or fighting wars to kill innocent people for Israelis. I see the big picture now and it is not at all any pretty picture of the death and destruction of we who are considered the Talmudic goyim cattle of the Biblical Synagogue of Satan with the mark of the beast upon us living under the Antichrist as only God can deliver us from them. There is no need to go any further thinking we have an honest country with honest courts where we can enjoy independence because the rulers of evil have no peace in mind in their agenda for the people they openly call cattle in their sacred Babylonian Talmud mythology. Republicans are driving it off the cliff with crybaby John Boehner as a showman railing against higher taxes for the rich when some-rich folks like Buffett are willing to pay taxes. He may be even called anti Semitic for volunteering to pay taxes double crossing the rich. The real holocaust was 1917 in Russia killing Christians, there was no German Holocaust. The Israelis are pushing us off the cliff driving America too far killing millions of people. The blood for the wars is supplied by Blacks, Poor Whites, Hispanics but never Jewish. Most blacks are poor. More blacks are unemployed and Hispanics are seeking citizenship. The Republican Party has lost one of its chief warrior's teapartyman Senator Jim DeMint. Another earthquake has hit Japan 7.2 on the Richter scale with an expected tsunami. A rabbi of a rare Jewish cult in New York City is accused of raping a 12 year-old girl. money makers 10minutes world end 2012 1 hr 9minutes amazing falls jcarter 4minutes Israel not Iran 10minutes 21minutes 5minutes 10 minutes one minute no garden