December 07, 2012 journal, 71 years since the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Beside Satan, who is responsible for every war in history of the world including WWII? December 7, 1941 at 8:00 a.m. in Honolulu the Pacific Fleet was asleep in Pearl Harbor. It sure sounds a lot like nine double one where another 3000 died to instigate World War. The one man that was fully aware of the Japanese coming that was Theodore Roosevelt. Immediately after Japan's stunning victory in Honolulu they returned to Japan not ever to return. What purpose did it serve other than to ignite the war in Europe against Germany? I am a slow thinker; it has taken me a lifetime to figure it out that it was a false flag attack. Were the Japanese paid to attack us so we would declare world war the very same day. The Zionist Russian Communist with front man banker Rothschild had already conquered America in 1913 with their cleverly planned false and phony Federal Reserve Bank Act. It was not really an act of treason because they were not American citizens, it was an act of sabotage against the United States and its people conned on us by the neocons and not really yet in Congress. By then the slaves were all freed they had sold us but the bonds of the fiat unFederal Reserve were even worse enslaving all the people of the United States. These shadowy creatures were already following us profiteering on us since Columbus discovered America certainly helping to create the Revolutionary & Civil wars including World War one and two, the Korean War, Vietnam, the re-war of 1812, war on America of Israeli nine double one, they were the scalawags and vagabonds cycle of war on South raping killings and stealing like vultures everything left and burning down the houses left. It is time the American people wake-up to the truth and real history of the enemies in our home and restore our site from blindness from watching New York Hollywood television. We must rewrite history dispelling the falsehoods and reporting truth for all generations. Stay off tap water and out of the genetically altered grocery stores, producers of poison. Following bill in Congress to forbid you growing your own garden which is unbelievable. one minute no grow garden Genetically altered wheat is said by scientists to be poison reported by CBS 60 Minutes. Judith Scherr, News Report: "Better known as drones, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles piloted by military in the U.S. hunt and kill suspected enemy combatants abroad. Now the drones are coming home to beef up local law enforcement. But people across the U.S. are pushing back, contending that domestic drones could invade personal privacy or chill free speech by monitoring political activities. "They want to use it for intelligence gathering - that's spying," Linda Lye of the Northern California American Civil Liberties Union told media at a hastily called press conference Dec. 4 outside the Alameda County administration building in downtown Oakland."