December 10, 2012 journal, there is no physical cliff for the federal unlimited money but there is a physical cliff for the unsaved and even the church folks thinking they are on the right path, if they are supporting Antichrist blindly being in danger of falling off into hell. There is no limit to how much artificial fiat money the foreign phony Federal Reserve can authorize to stuff in the pockets of the Illuminati Rothschild Banks of the bloody Russian Zionists with their magic Israeli satellite nation to violate the soul of Palestine & Mideast. All wisdom & knowledge comes from God above but the modern Mega Church and most churches are totally ignorant of past history of Russian Lenin Holocaust beginning '1917'. Suicide among returning soldiers are now said to be more than those killed in battle and, Who will pay the price? The warmongers including the war church mongers promoters. Hell is hot and forever but I guarantee not one part of you will ever be consumed away. Let my people which is to say God's people discover and understand who Antichrist is. The "physical cliff" is God's judgments upon America for flying those Predator Drones killing people and by murder aborting babies against the commandments and law of God. Can we not all see the judgments of God coming down upon us with the honey bees all dying that produce our food, with the Florida orange citrus trees sick and dying with an incurable disease, with half of the nation's corn crop lost to the drought while we as idiots make fuel out of our corn. Can we not see the Antichrist in charge of Washington D.C.? All wisdom and knowledge comes from God Almighty as part of his original creation but our minds are guided by the television tube as zombies believing whatever the enemy is telling us. There is no future for America under this spellbound hypocrisy given to Satan. Charles Stanley preached on December 9 that God does not always answer our prayers immediately but in the delays we are being purified and show proof of in testing our faith. I promise not to buy any product made in China or eat any food from there for rest of my life. I will buy only U.S. made products because the quality is so much better at any price. I've been told not to use the word Jew and not to criticize the Jewish people which are the Israelites and I agree. I will no longer use the word "Jew" because it is not original in any language. The modern crypto Israelis who forced their way into Palestine in 1948 were and are Russian Khazaria Zionists in most cases they are Communist having the blessings of the United Nations in the bloody takeover of Palestine with the British agreeing to the deal, gave it over to them free of charge. Harry Truman reluctantly signed off on the deal. The word Jew or Yew is a nickname is not original with either the fate Jews or Israelites. From now on I will address them as Zionist. The Zionists are the bankers of the fake fiat Federal Reserve criminal Act of 1913 and 500 years earlier, they are the Illuminati and they have invaded the Masonic Lodge, the Catholic Church, the U.S. Congress and every important job in America. They are not just in New & York Miami, they are in every city. They are in every public corporation and they change their names and marry into wealth. They are also in the White House, the Pentagon, the major banks and Wall Street, in all TV networks broadcasting propaganda and pornography with Hollywood their second home. They are in the court system with 3 Jewish justices, 6 Catholics on the Supreme Court but no Protestant justices. We are a fallen nation occupied by these Antichrists. They say that worry is like a rocking chair, it keeps you occupied but gets you no place. Lisa Garber, News Report: "The nutritional value of foods is at risk, with the amount of nutrients found in fruits and vegetables having diminished greatly over the years. One apple today may carry half the amount of nutrients as an apple produced 50 years ago. Although it is still very true that everybody should be consuming many fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis (preferably organic), the sad truth is that we would need to consume many times more of them in order to get the nutrients we need. One University of Texas in Austin study has gained particular attention in the media." I am not surprised. Ruby red grapefruit has been genetically altered and probably has almost no vitamins C. Without vitamin C and 0 processed sugar we are at risk of catching a cold or maybe even pneumonia but do not let them fool you into taking a flu shot which is very dangerous. Every time you go out now city, county or state you see flocks of police profiling a car stripping it down increasing the incarcerated 2.5 million mostly black in America today. Abraham Lincoln eventually signed the proclamation but he did not really free the slaves. Never think that any secret from God is worth anything other than represent a wasted life. "Here are simple ways to get the most nutrition from produce. Buy Locally Grown Produce-Small, family-run farms are more likely to rotate crops to maintain nutritious soil, and food grown nearby has less distance to travel (and nutrition to lose) before reaching your dinner plate. What better way to advocate nutritious food than to support its closest source? Buy Organic as Often as You Can Dr. Oz may call you a snob, but there are countless holes and disregarded aspects (like pesticide residue) in the anti-organic campaign and so-called study by Stanford. The fact is that organic produce at the very least contains less pesticide residue than does conventionally grown types, and the less of that stuff the better, since it's been linked to a multitude of unpleasant and often deadly conditions ranging from infertility to risk of brain cancer" For Salvation-John 3-16 Ellen Brown, Op-Ed: "The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and the Bank of Scotland have been pillars of Scotland's economy and culture for over three centuries. So when the RBS was nationalized by the London-based UK government following the 2008 banking crisis, and the Bank of Scotland was acquired by the London-based Lloyds Bank, it came as a shock to the Scots. They no longer owned their oldest and most venerable banks. The Model of the Bank of North Dakota My assignment was to show what the government could do with its own bank, following the model of the Bank of North Dakota (BND). On the Saturday following the RSA event, the Scotsman published an article by Alf Young that summarized the issues and possibilities so well that I'm taking the liberty of abstracting from it here. North Dakota is currently the only U.S. state to own its own depository bank. The BND was founded in 1919 by Norwegian and other immigrants, determined, through their Non-Partisan League, to stop rapacious Wall Street money men foreclosing on their farms. All state revenues must be deposited with the BND by law. The bank pays no bonuses, fees or commissions; does no advertising; and maintains no branches beyond the main office in Bismarck. The bank offers cheap credit lines to state and local government agencies. There are low-interest loans for designated project finance. The BND underwrites municipal bonds, funds disaster relief and supports student loans. It partners with local commercial banks to increase lending across the state and pays competitive interest rates on state deposits. For the past ten years, it has been paying a dividend to the state, with a quite small population of about 680,000, of some $30 million (18.7 million) a year. Young writes: Intriguingly, North Dakota has not suffered the way much of the rest of the US - indeed much of the western industrialised world - has, from the banking crash and credit crunch of 2008; the subsequent economic slump; and the sovereign debt crisis that has afflicted so many. With an economy based on farming and oil, it has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the US, a rising population and a state budget surplus that is expected to hit $1.6bn by next July. By then North Dakota's legacy fund is forecast to have swollen to around $1.2bn. With that kind of resilience, it's little wonder that twenty American states, some of them close to bankruptcy, are at various stages of legislating to form their own state-owned banks on the North Dakota model. There's a long-standing tradition of such institutions elsewhere too. Australia had a publicly-owned bank offering credit for infrastructure as early as 1912. New Zealand had one operating in the housing field in the 1930s. Up until 1974, the federal government in Canada borrowed from the Bank of Canada, effectively interest-free. . . . From our western perspective, we tend to forget that, globally, around 40 per cent of banks are already publicly owned, many of them concentrated in the BRIC economies, Brazil, Russia, India and China. Banking is not just a market good or service. It is a vital part of societal infrastructure, which properly belongs in the public sector. By taking banking back, local governments could regain control of that very large slice (up to 40 per cent) of every public budget that currently goes to interest charged to finance investment programs through the private sector. Recent academic studies by von Mettenheim et al. and Andrianova et al. show that countries with high degrees of government ownership of banking have grown much faster in the last decade than countries where banking is historically concentrated in the private sector. Government banks are also LESS corrupt and, surprisingly, have been MORE profitable in recent years than private banks. Young writes: "Given the massive price we have all paid for our debt-fuelled crash, surely there is scope for a more fundamental re-think about what we really want from our banks and what structures of ownership are best suited to deliver on those aspirations? . . . As we left Thursday's seminar, I asked another member of the audience, someone with more than thirty years' experience as a corporate financier, whether the concept of a publicly-owned bank has any chance of getting off the ground here. "I've no doubt it will happen," came the surprise response. "When I look at the way our collective addiction to debt has ballooned in my lifetime, I'd even say it's inevitable". The Scots are full of surprises, and independence is in their blood. Recall the heroic battles of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce memorialized by Hollywood in the Academy Award winning movie Braveheart. Perhaps the Scots will blaze a trail for economic sovereignty in the E.U., just as North Dakotans did in the U.S. A publicly-owned bank could help Scotland take control of its own economic destiny, by avoiding unnecessary debt to a private banking system that has become a burden to the economy rather than a pillar in its support."