December 12, 2012 journal, Small Smiles dental clinic being accused of hurting kids and robbing the government to collect $150 million per year taxpayer money from Medicare and Medicaid. The Bible says that money is the root of all evil and it sure is true always. Church folks are not much different than the world when it comes to monetary enterprise. Most people only see the present, not the past and not the future, not being aware of the Progressive enslavement of the United States citizens. Our history is obscured as is our present condition with the Hollywood television tube being our church and moral decay. The physical cliff is a joke putting fear and anxiety in the minds of the American people to think the world will end suddenly if the rich folks are taxed the same as the poor folks. The rich used to pay 70 percent in federal tax alone while now it is reduced down to from 0 to 15% reportedly. Talk about Scrooge at Christmastime. The rich are all Scrooges. Andrew Carnegie said that it would be a shame for any man to die rich not having given it all away. Carnegie gave his 50 million away to build the library system in America. He literally put his money where his mouth was so to speak. Thank you Andrew Carnegie for your generosity. God don't need your money but man sure does. Let us be generous. Not all rich people are greedy arrogant bastards what Wall Street bankers and the crooked foreclosure industry. Rich people are giving away although sometimes for foolish causes and they later lose through the Wall Street gambling casino investing endowment funds. Bill Gates invested in vaccinations of Third World children as opposed to feeding them because they are hungry. Why vaccinate starving children? What vaccinate any children? And now the steam roller media is pushing flu shots to death for their corporate sponsors. Beware of flu shots because it often causes a paralyzing disease reaction that is known as Gillian Barre syndrome for one when the breathing muscles stop working as you will die if not put immediately on a respirator. Vitamin C is the natural health longevity vitamin. I prevent colds and flu by eating an orange everyday or half a white grapefruit everyday. I consider red grapefruit as being genetically altered and may not have vitamin C in force. All citrus fruits would have vitamins C also pine needles have vitamin C, other sources. Do not expect any amount of vitamin C to overcome the sugar in soft drinks for wellness. Sugar causes many problems and the result overall is a long suffering death. Therefore, Avoid refined sugar and certainly all sugar substitutes except that Stevia is a natural one. We should all be vegetarians and even then there is danger enough in our poisonus foods. The cry about the physical cliff is bogus to intimidate the people and Congress into a tax break for the rich 2% so they can continue stashing away tons of fiat money slave driving. As more people gather homeless under the bridges bagging food from soup kitchens and living one day at a time, the more the banks and the money are digging their own graves. If you have anything in this world we are going to take, the bank's or the government or both. There is no such thing as financial security without selling your soul to the Masonic Lodge and even then they're going to get all the wealth by the time you die and they bury you. We have Santa Claus now to replace Christ in Christmas and we have the X gospel. We have another dead SEAL of the Marine Corps fighting the foolish war in Afghanistan. We have vacant houses and homeless unemployed people trying to feed their children off the street. We have crime up to our necks and we have skyrocketing food prices all over. We have secrets in history of the world and its people supporting the Antichrist ruling the world. The end of sin is near so let us seek the Lord while he may be found to save us. There is no short cut to heaven but hell is a catchall for all stubborn unbelief hatefulness.