December 13, 2012 journal, what do we stand for nothing, what do we tolerate, anything. I ask myself these questions, do we give our lives to the Church or to God? The Physical Cliff is spiritual and physical but not financial. Falling off the Physical Cliff may be good for the United States if it will rid us of all debt and set us free from all taxes completely. This is not what the Republicans have in mind however, they just want to shift their tax burden to the poor people. Republicans do not mind taxes so long as they do not have to pay them, so long as they are exempt from them and so long as they can draw off them. Hell is hot and the suffering last forever like they tell us about evolution 30 million years ago or whenever. It is time we start thinking about eternity where we will spend it and how we will register our name in heaven if not already. We can miss heaven over the smallest sin, arrogance, disobedience, disrespect for others, failing to work and witness for Christ, being ashamed of being a Christian. Let us focus directly on God Almighty. There is not enough money in the world to equal the price of eternity good or bad up in heaven or hell. It is naive for anyone to take eternity for granted. God will and Christ Yesu is the key to the kingdom as our savior and sacrificial lamb who paid the price for us and is coming again to rule on earth a thousand years destroying all sin and the sinners. Make peace with all people not war and prepare to stand judgment for your all decisions. with you sell your soul for a billion dollars or even a hundred billion dollars then go to hell where all your money will not buy one drop of water? "The fool has said in his heart there is no God". The unwise has said in his heart there is no hell. The clock is ticking. A thousand years is like a day with the Lord. "Look up for your redemption draws nigh." The destination of this world is hell unless we can switch our own destination to heaven. The 6000 years since creation will be nothing in time compared to our final destination. Compared to eternity, our lives on earth are like only minutes with God our savior and our judge. There is no choice of saviors, only one and that is the Yesu Christ The Lord. The governor of Michigan has signed a right to work law after the unions have held the workers hostage for 70 years. Why should not every person have the right to work with-out joining a union? Why should old people not have the right to live without paying any health-insurance? Why should every religion not have the right to be free to worship at any place and time? Protestant Christianity is being challenged, after all, they were all killed in Russia beginning in 1917 by the very same clan that runs these United States through the false phony Federal Reserve Rothschild Zionist dangerous bank institution. Dominate has settled the civil lawsuit against him for rape in New York City for an un-disclosed amount I guess probably a million dollars. That lady sure did clean his plow. The star of Mexico crashed into a mountain taking off from Monterey in her Learjet at 3:00 a.m. and some suggest that her pilot being 78 years old may have been at fault. My guess is in the dark of night he misjudged the height of the mountain and crashed. However, something may of happen to the aircraft or to him physically with fatal results. Flying is extremely dangerous and much more so at night and in mountainous terrain. My heart goes out for the Indian lady hanging herself in London after answering that prank phone call from Australia. However, is the press not to blame also for her death? Why don't they give so much coverage to every person killed by our predator drones? Why don't they lineup at abortion clinics and give so much coverage to the innocent and unborn children that die by the hands of the Supreme Court and all hell bound doctors?