December 21, 2012 journal, this is Friday the last day of our work week and the last day of the Maya calendar where many believe will be the end of the world, for some it willbe. Even people in India today are selling and giving away their assets getting ready to die. Maya Native Population from central Mexico to South America were the Maya Indians. They were obviously a very intelligent people that calculated time and very accurately. "The Maya Indians have fascinated scholars, as well as, the general population for many years. The Indians are often referred to as Mayan, but that is incorrect. Maya is the term for the Indians and the language in the Mayan culture. As the Maya population suddenly formed in the Americas with a well-developed & fully functional socio-economic system, scholars often disagree or are baffled as they have no good explanation how this occurred. Map of Population. As we know the American Red Indians were here thousands of years before the Pilgrims landed but probably not before the great flood 4000 years ago, the Spaniards from Spain came here to the Americas beginning in 1492 and fought the native Indians for their land and passage. It sounds alot like the Khazar Russians taking over Palestine from the Arabs. Only God Almighty in heaven knows the end of time not any sun worshiping Indian tribe. Why do we know the true and living God when the Indians did not, because we are the true Israelites through the 10 lost tribes that migrated out of Assyrian bondage during Old Testament times when Assyrian empire fell and we migrated to the British Isles before coming to America. We know the true Christ which without no man shall see God or be in the kingdom of God. However, I believe God's day of grace is limited for a diminishing Christian America and judgment is just ahead of us to give in account for our murdering ways of baby killing and warmongering no matter for what reason or who sent us there. There is no basic difference in what the product of Hollywood vampires did to that 20 year old mentally deranged kid in the safe zone of Newtown Connecticut causing him to kill 26 people and himself than what doctors are doing to the unborn children all over. It is terrible what he did in taking his mother's automatic weapon into a school to murder. It is also horrible for those individual children to suffer death in their mothers womb and just the same before God Almighty at judgment day for those that do it and those that let it be done like citizens that do nothing about it and Churches that do nothing to stop it. Who are we kidding? What America is doing to the world is worse killing by predator drones, innocent man women and children everyday in the Middle East and elsewhere. When this indiscriminate killing comes to America then news media gets really serious. It seems to me that it is another false flag for the purpose of passing gun-control in the zombie Congress. What does a school teacher need with a 100 rounds automatic or what do the police need with assault weapons? England has less crime than America yet their policeman do not carry weapons. Guns get bigger for the police and smaller for people. Who needs 3, one gun is sufficient for a lady schoolteacher to keep hidden in her house. Her son used only used one of her weapons to kill 20 children and 6 adults plus himself . America is armed more than ever in history but it is foolish to have more than one gun to protect when most robbery's are by one single individual or 2 and 6 bullets is all one can fire off. War is created by the bankers and they all have an open window to the Federal Reserve Rothschild exclusively financing every war even before they instigated the Fed. Indian people are not the only ones worshiping the sun, they all do including Egyptians all way-back to when the House of Israel were slaves in Egypt and carved the Cleopatra's Needles which are manifested on London's Tames River & New York City Central Park. Roots of the Masonic Lodge go back to Old Testament King Solomon at least artificially. My most recent prayer, pray always and if you do not need any thing just praise the Lord. Our father God Yahweh, hallowed be thy holy name, Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. We pray in the name of thy son Yesu the Christ giving thanks today for your many blessings including creation and life through your breath and nourishment physically and spiritually. Thank you for the sun that rises and heats the planet and grows our food and provides many of life's necessities. Forgive us our sin as we forgive those that sin against us. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil for thine is the kingdom, and the power and the glory forever".