December 24, 2012 journal, who would dare say any thing against Santa Claus because he is the image of good but not God, he does not represent the true and living God at all. I speak to the remnant of the Church, come out of Egyptian paganism of the Star of David and of the Idol Santa Claus and of the Idol Mother Mary as in idolatry Church and State. The idol Buddha never hurt anybody with no power to send a soul to heaven or hell. It is the worship of a false god that is destructive to the soul. Even Judaism decapitates people according to the 7 Laws of Noah for worshiping a false god wherein they consider Christ. Check out the Bush law of 1991 under the title of Education Day USA, 7 Noahide Laws. If you want to know America's future just get educated about laws that are in progress now against Christian people in a hopeful so-called Christian nation Antichrist occupied. Santa Claus mimics the coming of the Lord with all his miracles at Christmas time. Santa Claus comes tonight in his spaceship slay loaded with a bag of toys for the kids all around the world in one night supernaturally. To say one word against Santa Claus would be worse than saying the Holocaust did not happen. The Holocaust really did not happen. A Holocaust happened in Russia in 1917 when the Zionists under Lenin killed Christians. There is no history of there not being a Santa Claus as there is no history of no Holocaust. I thought there was a Holocaust in Germany but exaggerated as to the number of people killed, but now I have learned that it was all a false flag to get world sympathy and to take over Palestine from its rightful owners. Germany is home base for the money bank Jewish people with their red shield as Rothschild so they lived it up during World War Two and the death camps were their resort hideouts. Not one Jewish person died in German camps. The German holocaust was a total hoax but the Russian Holocaust beginning in 1917 was real in killing Christians up to 100 million Christian people killed in Russia under Lenin. I never did think history was a very important subject but now I see it means everything. I urge you to tell your children there is no Santa Claus but there is the real Christ Yesu. I urge you to tell your children there was no German Holocaust but there was a Russian. I urge you to tell your children the truth about all things in life hiding nothing from them. Abraham Lincoln is reported to have died from bucking the banking system refusing to pay their interest of about 30% for money to fight the Civil War. Lincoln printed good cash from the U.S. Treasury without it costing the American taxpayers one cent interest. Jack Kennedy also printed his own money from the U.S. Treasury along with presidential signing order but he got killed and it was never distributed and never referred to again by the Zionist owned press. I believe Kennedy was also killed by the Illuminati conspiracy. All things are red now with products from Red China and warmongers from Red Russia. America needs to nationalize all banks and cancel the national debt zeroing it completely out and free the people. America needs to cut loose from its support of the world through the foreign phony Federal Reserve bank and deport our oppressors back to Khazar Russia. "Interesting that the Federal Governments solution to any problem is always counter to sound logic. We got a debt problem. Solution: Borrow and spend more money. We have an illegal alien problem: Solution: Make them all legal. We have a problem with crazed gunmen killing children in our schools. Solution: Prohibit the good guys from having weapons in and around schools. These folks lack sound judgment and as one very wise man said many years ago, "when the blind lead the blind they both fall in the ditch". Come home America and stop killing It is utterly ridiculous to think this kid did the killing himself, it is another false flag like nine double one to control the American people and the world with war and tyrants. The tyrants are all as one in Congress, on Wall Street, F0ederal Reserve bank Act and Israelis. From a friend- "With all the questions surrounding the Connecticut school killings I decided to do the math based on the information provided. It is reported that the killer shot each victim 6 to 11 times. If you average these two numbers, you get 8.5 times multiplied by 28 victims you arrive at 238 rounds actually hitting their targets. Lets say this 19 year old mentally impaired killer hit his target on 75% of his shots (which would be difficult for a trained professional). The total shots fired would total 298 rounds or 10 full 30 round clips. If the shooter fired one shot per second it would take him almost five minutes to fire 298 rounds of ammunition which does not even consider clip changes and moving from point A to point B. We are told that the killer was mentally ill, very shy and weighted about 100 pounds. The killer is said to carry two hand guns, copious amounts of ammunition, a rifle (not found at the scene), flak vest, and at least 10 full AR-15 magazines. So, the math says that a 100 pound retarded boy strapped on at minimum 60 plus ponds of gear and attacked a school, firing over five minutes non-stop. This kid was not trained in firearms and mentally dysfunctional. The atmosphere would have been extremely dynamic and chaotic. Reality says the environment would have overwhelmed Lanza and he would have dropped mags every where, he would have hit about 25% at the very best (total firing 1192 rounds or almost 40 mags). You would have to be extremely well trained to keep your composure in that environment. The only logical way for this to happen would have been for multiple well trained gunmen to have approached down a hall, shooting as they went. They trap two classes in their rooms and mow them down quickly and then methodically place additional shots (6-11) into each stationary body to insure body count."