February 27, 2012 journal, truest history I have ever discovered describing our control. It is no longer a mystery who controls America and you should agree when you read this. Star Wars, Lesson Thirteen. "...Then Herod, when he saw that he was mocked of the wise men, was exceedingly wroth, and sent forth and slew all the children that were in the city of Bethlehem, all the coasts thereof, from two years old and under, according to the time which he had diligently inquired of the wise men. Then was fulfilled that which was spoken of by Jeremiah the prophet saying, In Rama was there a voice heard, lamentation, and weeping, and great mourning, Rachael weeping for her children, and would not be comforted, because they are not... " Matthew 2:16-18 Nominal Christians read quickly through these verses completely ignoring their dreadful implications. Unless Christians understand and believe what God said in Genesis 3:15, there will be a very important Scriptural lesson missed in these few verses concerning the Holocaust of Herod. Herod, as both Scripture and secular history establish, was a son of Esau-Edom. He was an alien ruler over God's Jacob-Israel people. As one of his last acts as King, he ordered the brutal murder of every Israelite child found in Bethlehem, Jerusalem, along the coasts, and as far north as Ramah. Herod was one of those that the Prophet Obadiah wrote about. My Encyclopedia Britannica, 1929 Edition, states that Herod's High Priest was a Babylonian, and that Herod was a Jew. Ordinarily, these three points are never drawn together by the Bible student: Esau's Son, A High Priest of Babylon, and a Jew. Herod, the alien ruler over the Remnant of Israel still living in Palestine, was a Talmudic Jew, a Pharisee, who in thought-theology was very much like those who call themselves Jews today. In keeping with his racial propensity, the natural inclination built into his gene memory since Genesis 3:15, the common coin of Herod The Great, displays the Six-pointed Star of Babylonian Talmudic Jewry. It is the Star Moloch and the Star of Astarte, the Queen of Heaven as the heathen call her. As his anti-Hebrew and anti-Israelite thought-theology might suggest, Herod's coins had Greek, not Hebrew, inscriptions on them! Herod was the ruler in Palestine, then under conquest by the Roman government, and yet his coins do not have Latin inscriptions on them. Do not be confused with the date of death of Herod as being 4 B.C. Smith is giving the actual date according to the adjusted calendar now used today. Under our modern calendar, Christ was actually born October 3, [some scholars say the 6th] in the year 4 B. C. The nature and inclination of the Serpent's Seed betrays itself in the personal life of Herod. Although he had ten wives, his favorite was Maraimne. Yet, he was not above murdering her, along with her mother, grandfather and brother. He ordered his two sons by her. Alexander and Aristobulas, strangled to death at Sebaste. He ordered his first-born son, by his first wife, murdered by drowning at Jericho. The Davis Dictionary of the Bible draws attention to what it calls, "Herod's natural propensity to bloodletting." My 1985 Encyclopedia Britannica, published today under Zionist domination, by the University of Chicago, gives Herod a rather good report. They describe his life and rulership as being "more good than evil." It is, after all, the Wall of Herod's Temple that the Jews wail at hoping someday to have another ruler like him. Britannica still admits that Herod had "a dark and cruel streak in his character." The general thesis of Star Wars will show that this "dark and cruel streak of character" is quite naturally found among those of Esau-Edom, from the very earliest records of Scripture, through the time of Herod and the brutal murder of Israelite children and members of his own family, down to today when we again have Talmudic Jews ruling over us from behind the scenes. Don't you see their control over the inscriptions on our money, the immoral influences over our society, our legal and political systems, our usury debt system bankrupting America, our taxes amounting to about 50% of earnings and the series of bloodlettings, from Vietnam to Iraq, that they have managed to bring about? As Herod lay dying, in his 69th or 70th year, from what historians will only describe as a "terrible disease." he knew that there would be great rejoicing among the remnant of Israelites still under his domination. Remember, he had only months earlier ordered the wholesale slaughter of their children. The first Salome in this racial biography of Herod was his sister. It is sister Salome that is the woman after whom so many Talmudic Jews name their daughters. She was Herod's Chief Counsel. She had him order that all of the Israelite leaders of David's Seed Line be arrested and incarcerated in the "circus at Jericho" and held there under guard until the hour of Herod's death. It was to be in the very hour of Herod's death, according to historical record, that these Israelite men were to be executed in a second Herod Holocaust. Herod the Great, and his sister Salome, intended that there be "universal mourning throughout all the land of Judea." Well, it didn't work out as Herod had planned. God, in His Mercy, found yet a few good men in Israel, * and they succeeded in liberating their brethren, as it happened, in the very hour of Herod's death: St. Matthew records the next events bearing on this issue in Chapter 2:19: "...But when Herod was dead, behold an angel of the Lord appeareth in a dream to Joseph in Egypt, saying, Arise, and take the young child and his mother, and go to the land of Israel, for their are dead which sought the young child's life." Notice that Herod had died, but they were dead. Now, who do you suppose they were? Could it have been those of the Palace Guard, and certain of Herod's friends and associates, who went to "The Jericho Circus" with the intention of watching the exciting murders? I think that quite a bit of action happened between verse 18 and verse 19 that has never been recorded. Maybe it is too much to speculate that the angel, who appeared to Joseph, might have just finished a special forces tour of duty in and around that Jericho Circus where a number of Edomites finally got their just reward. Are these the they whom Scripture says were dead which sought Christ's Life? Until someone is better able to identify the they who were dead, I will stand on my theory of the case. So, as we see in succeeding verses, Joseph and Mary did return to the land of Israel, but when Joseph found out that an Edomite son of Herod was ruling, he took Jesus and settled among the Benjamites in Galilee. Again, Bible readers, not knowing the Old Testament very well, will miss the point. If you were Joseph, a Judean of the House of David, and wanted to provide proper security for the future King of Israel, what better place to have a low profile than among the Benjaminites working as a carpenter? Remember also, as you study this exciting story pulled up from between the lines of Scripture, do not get your Herod's mixed up. History in Scripture is incomplete as to what Christ did from that time until He was twelve and the opening of His Ministry. We know that by the age of twelve (Luke 2:421 He was sufficiently learned in Scriptural matters to amaze and astonish the most learned men of Jerusalem. By twelve, He was going about His Father's business as He told His parents on one heated occasion. Now, we will skip a portion of Christ's Life and begin at the time He was about 30 years old. John the Baptist had arrived on the scene. Herod's son, Herod Antipas, was ruler in Galilee. Observe that there was another Serpent's Seed ruling over God's Image People. John the Baptist comes in off the desert preaching, as the astute Bible student can discover, about 30 different Christian doctrines. The one doctrine that Christendom does not want to hear is John"s point-blank attack on the Edomite Pharisees, whom he identified as a race of vipers. He knew the people from the Serpent's side of Genesis 3:15. He could preach all he wanted to about repentance, the Kingdom of heaven, prophesy, water baptism, restitution, Godliness, miracles, sin, judgment, love, honesty, justice, the unworthiness of man, just to name a few taught by John. However, when he began to identify the Imposters, and call them by their rightful name, he was in big trouble. Although most of you know the story, one part of it, bears repeating. It was Herod II's birthday and a party had been arranged for him. During the evening, Herod II's daughter-in-law, Salome II, danced a very seductive dance, as the Edomite Gypsy is wickedly gifted to do. After the dance, Herod II offered Salome II anything she wanted up to half of his kingdom. Salome II asked for and got the head of John the Baptist orb a platter. Sooner or later, the wicked propensity of the Serpent's Seed will always show up in their activities. Thus, one of God's greatest men died at the hands of Esau-Edom. Do you see why the Jews today love that name Salome? In Christian contrast to the genes of Salome I and Salome II, there was an Israelite woman named Salome. Salome III was the wife of Zebedee, and as Salome II was having John the Baptist murdered. Salome III was raising two sons, James and John! Again, we see the Divine Parallel. Whenever God permits, in His Economy of things, one of His servants to be martyred by an Edomite, He sees to it that there will be at least two more ready to rise in the martyred one's place. Praise the Lord! Did you realize that previous to modern times, there was no letter known as a "J" in the English alphabet? I remember as a teenage apprentice printer, setting type by hand, that the "J" and the "U" were not an their alphabetical sequence in the fonts, but located, as if as an after-thought, down, next to the "Z." I remember being curious about that at the time, but thought it was probably one of those unique peculiarities of the printing trade. It was not until the 17th Century that the "J" came into general and common use. Prior to that time, there was no distinction between the "J" as a consonant and the "I" as a vowel. Some of you are thinking, "So what?" Until the 17th Century, there were no such English words as Jerusalem, Jesus, Jeremiah, Judah or "J-e-w". All of these words have evolved into general use within the past several hundred years. We have arrived at a point in our thinking to where Christians believe that the original Name of the Christ was Jesus and that people have been known as J-e-ws since the dawn of written history. That is not true. (His name is Yesu) The point that I am addressing here is common and false assumption that Jesus Christ as or was a J-e-w. Many years ago, I was challenged to find one reference in Scripture wherein Christ was either called a Jew or identified Himself as one. As you will see, the terms Judean and Jew are not interchangeable with Israelite. There are no such instances, and anyone who teaches that The Christ as or was a Jew does so either from ignorance or deliberate deception. Shown here is a four-letter sequence often found on the Christian Cross --- I N R I. You may see it used by Christian patriots as a sign. To many of us, at as a holy sequence of letters standing for Ieus Nazarenus Rex Iudeorum. Those competent to pass on the correct translation of these four Latin words insist that they mean Jesus the Nazarene Leader of the Judeans. It is not properly translated to write it, as found in the King James Bible, "This is Jesus, the King of the Jews." Latin was Pontius Palate"s native tongue, and he certainly knew how to express himself properly. Iudeorum means Judeans not Jews. Likewise, rex is from the Latin verb rexi meaning only "to rule or to lead." It was not until the Anglo-Saxons invaded England that the word "king" was included as a meaning for the word rex. At the time of Christ, it carried no such meaning. It is true that Jesus Christ was to become the Judean King of His People Israel, but Palate, in his sarcasm, never thought of this Convicted Felon with this informed understanding. While the New Testament was originally written in Greek, the Latin inscription was used on the Cross. Even so, the Greek equivalent of Iudeorum is Ioudaios, and it still means Judeans. Here is the bottom line to all this: There is no foundation in history or theology for the implications, inferences, or innuendoes that the Greek Ioudaios, the Latin Iudaeus, or the English Judean ever possessed any valid religious connotation. In their three respective languages, as your pastor well knows, these three words have only a geographical or Israelite tribal meaning. Therefore, I will send a scholar's finder's fee of $100 to the first person who can prove that at the time of Christ's Life on the earth that there was ever any form of religious worship practiced in Judea, or anywhere else, which bore the name "Judaism" or any like name. I maintain, without possible chance of refutation, that no such cult or sect existed at that time. The very idea of America having a "Judeo-Christian" religious heritage or culture is a glaringly obvious fraud. What are the far-reaching consequences of this understanding? Can you not see, for instance, that St. Paul was a Benjaminite by Israelite Tribe, but also a Judean by residence? He was not Jew by religious persuasion, for no religion by that name existed at that time in history. St. Paul never states that he was a Jew by religion. Come on, Brothers and Sisters, wake up! Instead, St. Paul confesses to having been a Pharisee in the 3rd Chapter of Philippians. St. Paul was converted from the Pharisee religion of Moloch, Astarte, and the Six-pointed Star, to Christianity. It is quite true, in the vernacular of today, that there is probably very little difference between a Pharisee of Christ"s time and a Talmudic Jew of today. Both have the Serpent's Seed in their gene programming, and they will do the will of their father, the Devil. Don"t you see, to insinuate that Jesus Christ was a Jew would also imply that He practiced and professed that form of religious worship known under the modern name of Judaism? To suggest that Jesus Christ was a Jew of both modern Judaism and the ancient religion of the Astarte Pharisees would make Christ, like St. Paul, "Chief of sinners." It was that very form of false religion that Christ denounced throughout His ministry, and no Talmudist or Moloch worshipper could ever later become the Lamb without spot or blemish. There are some very subtle reasons why the Serpent's Seed would like to make Christians believe that Christ was, or had been, a Pharisee/Jew. The famous Rabbi Louis Finkelstein in his book, The Pharisees - The Sociological Background of Their Faith, states in the Foreword: "... Judaism... Pharisaism became Talmudism, Talmudism became Medieval Rabbinism, and Medieval Rabbinism became Modern Rabbinism. But throughout these changes in name ...the spirit of the ancient Pharisees survives. unaltered... from Palestine to Babylon; from Babylonia to North Africa, Italy, Spain, France and Germany; from these to Poland Russia and eastern Europe generally, ancient Pharisaism has wondered... demonstrates the enduring Importance which attaches to Pharisaism as a religious movement." So, as you read Scripture, remember this: The word "Jew" must always be read "Judean." Then from the context you must determine if the Word is referring to a Seed of the Serpent Pharisee, a person merely living in a very limited geographical area called Judea, or a person who is racially of the Tribe of Judah. Furthermore, there was never any religious sect, at the time of Christ, known as "Judaism," and the major religion in Judea at the time was Pharisaism based upon the Babylonian Talmud with its "adoption" of Moses and the Prophets. Christianity did not spring from either "Judaism" or from the Pharisee Religion of Moloch and the Six-pointed Star. Christianity is the natural prophesied continuation of the teachings of Moses and the Prophets which did not need or have any "Judaism middlemen" along the way. . Finally, Christ"s mission, clearly stated again and again, was that of Kinsman Redeemer for His Kin, the put away in punishment House of Israel. Christ did not come as a Reformer for the Talmudic religions of Moloch and Astarte. Recognizing that many Israelites, such as St. Paul, had been intellectually beguiled by Satan"s Seed into the religion of the Pharisees, He patiently teaches them at every opportunity. Scripture is silent about any attempts by Christ, except with tongue in cheek, to persuade any of the Serpent"s Seed to repent. To those He used as strong a language as anyone can imagine coming from a Gentleman. Among His words, we find these in John 8:47: "...He that is of God heareth God"s words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God." Believe these words, no matter what your minister or priest tells you about them. Digging deeper still, and remembering the theme of this perpetual warfare between the Stars, we find Christ making another clear and irrefutable statement about the Pharisee race who even then exerted power over God"s Image people of the Woman"s Seed. Look with me at St. Matthew"s account of this denunciation of the ancient Pharisee in Chapter 23. No less than seven times Christ said, "Woe unto you Scribes and Pharisees..." Christ called them Serpents and a Race of Snakes. Christ accused them of being the ones who were responsible for shedding all the righteous blood from Abel right down to His very day with the murder of Zacharias. If Christ told the Truth, then it was this Serpent Race, under a hatred imposed within them by Almighty God in Genesis 3:15, who caused the death of every single holy martyr mentioned in Scriptural history. My friends, it does not take very much faith to believe that you and I are sinners and in need of a Kinsman Redeemer. It does not take much faith to see that America is a sinful nation which also needs a Kinsman Redeemer according to The Law. Why then must it take so much faith to believe Christ when He instructs you plainly that this Pharisee Race, now called the Jewish or Zionist Race, are still guilty of the murder of every righteous martyr? [Matthew 23:35] He told them that because they were the children of them who killed the prophets, [v.31] that their house and families would be left desolate. [v.38] Think with me: If Christ had been a "Jew," or a child of the Jews, He would have also been just as guilty as the Jewish Pharisees of the blood of righteous martyrs since Abel, and that would include John the Baptist. Do you see how our churches, either through abysmal ignorance or deliberate deception, actually defame the Name of Christ by calling Him a Jew? May Christ rebuke you! Following along the Enmity Trail of the Pharisee, we move from Christ"s expose of them in St. Matthew 23, through the Judgment upon them and their land in Matthew 24, to St. Matthew 27:24. Remember Pilate and his Latin inscription on the Cross? Pilate was not of the Pharisee Race. He was a Roman. Seeing that he could not prevent the murder of Christ, he said this: "I am innocent of the blood of this just (righteous) person: see ye to it." Notice the Pharisee"s incredible answer: "...Then answered all the people, and said, His Blood be on us and on our children." Jesus Christ had stated that the righteous blood of all the prophets slain by the Serpent Race from the beginning of time until then would be on their children. Do you believe that? Now, do you believe that the Blood of the Righteous Christ must also be added to that Judgment set forth in Matthew 24? These Pharisees even asked, to the last man, that the Blood of Christ be on them and their children. Don"t you suppose that Christ, now the King, would be more than happy to grant them this request? Why, certainly! Do you know Christ well enough to be sure that He would have given them, and their children, the same judgment whether or not they had asked for it? Is your knowledge of history complete enough to be able to see that trail of judgment on this wretched Generation for the past 2,000 years? It happens over and over and American Christians are now being deceived into feeling sorry for them! They attempt to soften God"s Judgment on Satan"s Seed by having America send them billions of dollars in foreign aid to them. The followers of the religion of the Pharisee, which Rabbi Finkelstein insists is the same as modern Judaism, seem to be in continuous judgment of the Blood of Christ, don"t they? When you see wickedness in national, moral, social, and Christian affairs, look carefully for the influence and guiding hand of the Talmudic J-e-w. I N R I ? Average Christians, in their spiritual innocence, have not the faintest idea of what is contained in The Talmud. Many have told me that they think it must be some kind of Jewish Prayer Book or perhaps a set of religious regulations for the J-e-w-s to follow in their every day life. I have read great portions of The Talmud. I find it so degrading that I had to wash my mind out with soap! I had thought to include portions of it in this personal letter, as I have done with certain verses of Scripture as a sample of the Moloch-Easter-Edomite thought-theology. I am specifically referring to The Babylonian Talmud translated into English by Rabbi 1. Epstein and published in London in 1935 by the Soncino Press. I have chosen not to do so because this personal letter is intended for family Bible study. I do not want it restricted to our Christian children because of such degenerate ideas passed off as religion. Secondly, legal counsel has advised me that publishing such material as found in The Talmud might be a violation of postal regulat-ions, and make this personal letter difficult to distribute as widely as I feel must be done. I will have to include a few things and I will write them as delicately as I can. As we would expect from a religion based upon the sexual lusts of the goddess Astarte [Easter in English], we would expect The Talmud to have a preoccupation with sexual matters, especially what is lawful under their religious code, the Jews say that they have Moses and The Law, but The Talmud makes them liars by their own words. The Talmud authorizes sodomy and the coition with maidens as long as they are three years and one day old as found in Sanhedrin 55b. In 69b, mother/son incest is permitted. In Kethuboth 11a & 11b of The Talmud goes into the matter of a man with a little girl in these words: "Tears come back to the eyes again and again, so does virginity come back to a little girl under three years." In an official statement by Rabbi Morris N. Kertzner in Look Magazine, June 17, 1952, it says: "The Talmud is the legal code which forms the basis of Jewish religious law, and it is the textbook used in the training of rabbis." So, according to Rabbi Kertzner, it is The Talmud, not Moses, that is the law for the Jew. In most larger libraries, you will find The Jewish Encyclopedia. I direct your attention to Volume VIII, page 539. Deceived Christians get all excited as the Jews begin their Day of Atonement. Some Christian churches actually ring their church bells to "sound the Kol Nidre," a Jewish Traditional melody used at the start of Yom Kippur. Your preachers know all about this, but since you will not hear it from them, let me tell you about the Jewish Kol Nidre. Jewish authorities stay that it was added to The Talmud around the 11th Century. In English, it is the All Vows Prayer. It is recited three times by the standing synagogue in concert with the chanting Rabbis at the alter. Immediately following the recital of Kol Nidre ceremonies of The Day Of Atonement begin. Remember, The Day Of Atonement is the Talmudic J-e-w-s highest holy day, and celebrated as such throughout the world. Every Christian who attends Kol Nidre, also partakes of its implications. Printed below is the exact language of this Jewish Pharisee "prayer." I know that 95% of those who read this personal letter have never heard of it. This Kol Nidre Oath makes it possible for the J-e-w to make agreements, sign statements under oath, swear in Court, and if he has been to the Kol Nidre ceremony al the beginning of the New Year, he is not obliged by his god Astarte to keep his word or tell the truth. None of his vows are valid so long as he remembers Kol Nidre when he gives them, and he does not sin when he fails to keep them. This is fully explained in The Talmud. Book of Nedarim 23a-23b. Tale Kol Nidre Oath permits any practicing Jew to decide which, if any, of his promises, contracts, and oral agreements he wishes to keep. Those of you ho may one day have the Christian privilege of being investigated, prosecuted or judged by an Edomite Pharisee acting on behalf of government, might do well to ask every such person, on the Record, if he repeated the Kol Nidre Oath this year before the Day of Atonement. If they admit that they have, make a motion that their testimony, evidence and allegations be dismissed on the basis of this Oath. As Christ reminds us continually, they are liars and the father of lies. ? Valuable lessons can be learned once you grasp the concept that all righteous blood shed from nearly the beginning of time is on the Pharisee and his children. Through that enmity influence first generated in Genesis 3:15, we recall from history and watch in the news, various wars, both large and small, coming to pass. As I have reported earlier, we have observed the Holocaust Sacrifice of one class of Jews upon another, and in the process millions of the Woman"s Seed died in some horrible way. Recently, during my in depth study of the Spanish Inquisition. I found exactly the same parallel. Many historical scholars lay the blame for the inhuman cruelties of the Spanish Inquisition on the Spanish Roman Catholic Church. Some Bible scholars teach that the Great Whore of Babylon took control of the Catholic Church and from that time on Christianity in that Church took on the trappings of the heathen among whom they lived. The illustration shown on page 70 is taken from Foxes Book of Martyrs, Moody Press Edition, page 243 and shows the holocaust of the unfortunate being burned at The Stake. On page 233 of that revealing book, the name Torquemada is given as the man who held the Office of Chief Inquisitor. He ruled within the Catholic Church for eighteen years. During that time, 10,270 persons were burned a live, and 97,322 persons were punished by loss of property or imprisonment. What you will find out is that certain Talmudic Jews had "converted" to Catholicism and held control of the Catholic Church at that time. Talmudic Jews still call this Era as the "Golden Age of Jewry." This was the complete takeover of Church and State. It was Money, Government, and Ecclesiastical combined, to the helplessness and suffering of the Spanish Catholics and Protestants. True, scattered small bands of Protestants were burned at The Stake, but other persons also found themselves murdered by fire. If you will read Cecil Roth"s book, The Marranos, published by the Jewish Publishing Society of America, you will learn that the Spanish word, marrano, means swine. So, the Marrano Jews, were the swine Jews, according to the Talmudists, and had to be sacrificed in the holocaust of the Spanish Inquisition. Every now and then, you will read in the Jewish Press, congratulations to Israel from the Spanish "Catholics" who have practiced their Talmudic religion in secret since the days of the Spanish Inquisition. The amazing part of the history of the Spanish Inquisition, and its Holocaust of thousands, is that the Chief Inquisitor, Torquemada, was a leading Jewish leader of his day. He had infiltrated the Catholic Church to the top, through pretended conversion - remember Kol Nidre -- and saw to it that his own co-religionists, the Marrano (swine-gypsy) Jews, were put "through the fire to Moloch." They were a holocaust, .a burnt offering to Astarte and her Six pointed Star. The Spanish Catholic Church, as my Roman Catholic friends are quick to admit, is still controlled by the Talmudic Jews, and their influence extends right into the Vatican. It is no coincidence that of all the naives of the ancient enemies of God"s Holy people throughout history, the only enemy name used for this end of the age is Babylon. Ancient Babylon is destroyed and lying under the shifting sands of what is now Iraq. All that remains of Ancient Babylon Is The Talmud, and the Serpent"s Seed who follow its teachings. If you want to find the prophetic Babylon, that Great City that is just about to fall: you now know where to look. In the same Jewish author"s two volume House of Nasi, Cecil Roth makes an interesting comparison between the activities of his Jewish forefathers and what happened to the Orthodox Jews under Hitler. His historical account matches Edwin Black"s book, The Transfer Agreement, The Untold Stow of the Secret Pact Between The Third Reich and Jewish Palestine. [Macmillan Publishing Co. New York, 19841 Mr. Black is a son of Jewish survivors of The Holocaust. He gives us even more light on the two classes of Jews which I wrote about earlier. German Jews, according to Edwin Black, consider themselves Hofjuden, roughly translated "courtly Jews." The Jews of Poland and from Russian stock were "those miserable darkened Hebrews." He insists, and I am happy that he said instead of only me that American Jews also consider themselves as being of the Hofjuden Class, which, as Black writes, was the reason they had no real concern for the plight of the Eastern European Jews [Page 6], Quite a book. Mr. Black. Is it possible that there exist some "anti-semitic" Jews? As I pointed out earlier, Adolph Hitler was the bastard son of a bastard son, and had at least 255 Jewish blood. He, along with the top leaders of his Nazi Party were involved in a number of areas of the Occult. Hitler did to his kinfolks exactly what the Chief Spanish Inquisitor. Torquemada, did to his --- he put them through a Holocaust sacrifice. No one will disagree that Hitler was the Number One Nazi. Some scholars have pointed out that Nazi is very close to the Jewish word, Nasi, which as chance would have it, means Prince of Jewry. The Hofjuden knew exactly what Hitler was doing --- saying one thing but doing the exact opposite. Remember the Kol Nidre, and the confusing things of the world will begin to make sense. Hitler had no love for "those miserable darkened Hebrews," but he could never have accomplished what he did without the financial and political help of the Hofjuden Jews and some highly placed American traitors, such as George Bush"s father, Prescott Bush, whose banking empire funded Hitler from the United States. Some of us who have been given the eyes to see, observe the same Divine Parallel being set in place today. Talmudic Jews of the Anti-Defamation League are, like Salome, counseling those Edomites who now rule Christian America, setting in place various "h-a-t-e crime statutes and incarcerating Christian leaders on a variety of trumped-up charges. We re-joice as Christ is, even now, raising up a few good men who are capable of bringing about their rescue at some appointed time in history." I attest with all my might this is all true. Go to Lesson 12-Return to Star Wars-Go to Lesson 14