February 29, 2012 journal, if I were president of these United States I would sign another executive order to abolish the foreign Federal Reserve including all federal debt and send its creators back to Russia. I would forgive all debt including mortgages for the rich and poor and set America free from the artificial burdened obligation even from the landlords. I would make sure that the executive order of John F. Kennedy be enforced on the Fed. I would nationalize the oil accompanies and set the price of gasoline at a fair price for all. I would nationalize medical treatment free-for-all and pay the doctors at minimum-wage. I would terminate the government control over pharmaceuticals and band chemotherapy. I would overturn every act of Congress in the last hundred years and embargo imports of sugar and non-essentials. I would bring the troops home from every country and stop the killing by predator drones flying over the U.S. or foreign countries to spy on or to kill us. I would eliminate the Department of Education in Washington and let the states control. I would dismiss all federal employees and make service on a volunteer basis for workers. I would outlaw Monsanto with their Round Up and Bayer aspirin's chain of accompanies and all Chemical Companies including fluoride and chlorine in the public waters supply. I would prohibit all abortion and reinstall midwives for childbirth delivery. I would also eliminate airport security and trust the people to maintain all their peaceful surroundings. I would eliminate all payroll tax and the Department of Labor. In fact, I would eliminate all departments of government. I would limit the state law powers to the Constitution. I would restore truth to our history books and make education free-for-all. I would forgive all student loans. I would shut down all the tobacco and liquor & alcohol industries. I would overturn every Supreme Court decision including Roe vs. Wade on abortion. I would nationalize all the news media after all most every nation owns its own media. I would guarantee free food and housing for every American. I would demand the churches rely on divine healing once again then I would take back the hospital from the profiteers. I would make medical treatment so cheap that everyone could afford to pay. If I were president I would restore prayer and Bible reading in the schools, courts and Congress by executive order. I would stop funding ethanol in gasoline for pure gasoline. There are many things I would do if I were president to make a better place for us to live. I would cancel every contract with Halliburton and freeze all their assets in this country. I would cancel every contract with Black Water and freeze all their assets in this country. I would outlaw lobbying of Congress by local or international interest and set people free. I would cancel privatized prisons and set the inmates free. I would demand common law in courts. I would tax transactions on Wall Street and band all political contributions and-