January 02, 2012 journal, a new start for my journals with a new perspective on life as a Christian and with more Biblical emphasis. Let us take serious all the things of the Lord God Almighty. I have a new attitude in life and in my output to the world. My written comments and opinions will be based in scripture from now on. I thank God every morning for life since the dead know nothing. First restore my joy Lord I pray. My peace. I have been severely challenged physically spiritually and mentally. I now see the good in people. I see the bad greater than I see the good. Most people are good people of every religion. I will from now on recognize and celebrate the good in people and let God deal with the bad. My journals will be all based on scripture everyday with prayer. It is a new day for everybody and new opportunity to make the best of our lives and of our Christian influence on the world. If I do nothing else but recite the Word of God I will have surely accomplished my purpose. My purpose is to please God and I am praying for his will to be done in my life and by my labors. There is nothing else important certainly not in the secular world except the life of a genuine Christian. My journals now witness the true name of Christ. My mission is to witness His Name for salvation through the gospel of Christ Yesu. How precious and powerful is his holy name to save mankind. The basic message is the same but I have realized that my approach should be kinder and gentler if I am to represent the Christian world. My original intent was to have a journal of prayer and scripture. Social and political comments are worthless and they are dated. Nothing other than the scripture is worth quoting. The Holy Scriptures contain the Word of God of Yahweh Yesu. But my energies on a whole manifest the power of God and the truth of scripture. Let every word that proceeds out of my mouth or mind coincide with the will of God. The scripture says that "if the righteous scarcely be saved where will the sinner and ungodly person be at the time of judgment?" These are my opinions-Lord help me I pray to understand the diversity and complexity of the day and age where-in we live. The world is changing and America is changing toward revival but the powers of government are going in the opposite direction and the people need to be made aware. Let us not fight government anymore than Christ did in his day. Let us be loyal to God 100% as the prophets of old. Fox News the media conglomerate is the chief jackhammer of propaganda and telephone hacker at least in London, sets a new standard for disgrace & disregard for human beings. Natural attractions take away from the godly reverence of the day. We are looking for the super natural things in our lives. The Antichrist is manifesting himself continually. "Hallelujah, also spelled halleluiah, halleluyah, and the Greek and Latin form alleluia aretransliterations of the Hebrew word ???? ?? (Modern halleluya, Tiberian hall?lyah) meaning "Praise yeYah" or "Praise Jah, you people".[1][2] "Praise Jah" is a shortened form of "Praise Yahweh",[3][4][5] or, in another transliteration of the name, "Praise Jehovah",[6] It is used in different ways in Christian liturgies. The last syllable is from the first two letters of the name of God, YHWH (also written JHVH). Hallelujah is found primarily in the book of Psalms. The word is used in Judaism as part of the Hallel prayers, and in Christian prayer.[8] It has been accepted into the English language and has a similar pronunciation in many other languages."