January 13, 2012 journal, the abomination healthcare bill is a disaster and will never work in America. It already takes 3 secretaries to do the paperwork of one doctor and the cost is skyrocketing. Doctors are not doing their job but are referring patients to specialists and that adds $1,200 to government bill. People say do not worry about it because insurance pays it anyway or at least part of it and the doctors forgive the rest. Here-in is the major discrepancy and reveals absolute proof of the double standard of charging for health care. If an individual sees a doctor they are charged hundreds of dollars and then must pay the $1,200 to see the specialists whereas, Medicare or the insurance company pays about 20% of the amount billed all together with the supplemental insurance policies and that cost a fortune now days. It is unfair and unjust for individuals to pay a higher rate than paid by insurance companies. Medicare sets the rate for all pay and it is very low. No insurance company pays more to doctors and hospitals than Medicare pays as they set the rates. What a lopsided system and like most things in America today it is a disgrace to say the least. The system is built and operated by the elite mysterious profit racketeers' from their yachts to steal & spent billions for their lobbyist to lobby Congress for their easy money. I predict the abomination healthcare bill and Medicare will lose their participating doctors very quickly under the new system and will be forced to relinquish their golden plan of forced health care insurance. Capitalism has gone overboard and now we see it revealed. No, Mitt Romney will not overturn the abomination healthcare bill such as he passed in Massachusetts. Romney was a freedom of choice candidate competing with Ted Kennedy before he was a Republican candidate for president as he was marching with the perverts. Medical services are corrupted in America and it all needs to fail then start over to build it fairly. There is no future for a corrupt system corporate insurance companies have given us. Like kids in a classroom, Medicine can be prescribed by a computer in every home. There is a no need for a schoolteacher any more and there's no need for a doctor, it is all on computer Internet available for everyone to make their own decisions in health care and treatment. Then there is the natural cure and much safer and less harmful to the body. The scripture says we are to eat plants for our healing as it refers to meat as living plants. Free America from oppressive pharmaceutical industry government control over our lives and set American people free from mandatory health insurance, same for car insurance. Terminate every Act of Congress in the last 2 hundred years and let America start over. It will take more than an act of Congress to rid America of the oppression of profiteering. A presidential order of John F. Kennedy to dissolve the Fed lays dormant never fulfilled. Know the truth but let God dissolve the Fed to give us a new land that will honor creation and magnify the creator of all life against all opposition to the supreme power of the God Almighty. God's certainly not pleased with what's going on in America and he will judge. The health of America is hopelessly doomed consuming tons of filthy third world sugar. The Chinese do not have sugar in their diet and it virtually eliminates the need for dentist. America has a dentist office on every street corner and their rates are ridiculously high yet never covered by insurance. This is a triple tragedy with sugar causing hundreds diseases. So long as Burger King, McDonalds, KFC (MSG) and other fast food super supersizers pedal sugared soft drinks America is going to be obese and suffer medical consequences. Loaded up on sugar American people are going to feel lousy all their lives and do strange things causing undue medical expense and necessitating psychiatric analysis or treatment. Even liberal mayor Broomberg of New York has ordered a band on super size soft drinks.