January 15, 2012 journal, the military industrial complex Eisenhower spoke of is here and it has been here for a long time bleeding the American people of money & blood always. Defense gets the money, mountains of money and the cry went out to support our troops. This was another false flag to stuff the pockets of defense contractors with tons of money. With this ill-conceived rhetoric the Fox Chase went on for a decade in burying American soldiers and shaming anyone opposing war as unpatriotic until now look at this big mess. The 700 Club still pushes war on Iran daily under the name of Christianity but it is not the Christian way. How long will it be Lord before you avenge the blood of those lost souls? By now we all know the wars in Afghanistan & Iraq were not to make the world safer but to make the rich richer with their oil resources and oil pipeline from Afghanistan to boot. By now every self thinking American knows nine double one was an inside job, inside the Israeli circle which includes the Pentagon and the Red Star that guides American disaster. Those familiar with the Book of Revelation New Testament prophecy that predicts all of this are not surprised, the Church is not as familiar with Bible prophecy as they should be. The Church is following off after the wrong Star leading them to Armageddon and a false Christ which is Antichrist in charge of America as a invasion force of illuminating tyrants as is evidenced on the dollar bill all seeing eye indicating the Illuminati as our pagan god. America is 60% Protestant Christians yet our government poses no Christian principles. Our Supreme Court has no Protestant Christian justices and our altered history sidetracks Christian issues. The whole of the United States government is infiltrated and commanded by non Americans with Khazar Russian heritage from the Lenin Christian killing regime of 1917. These secret money lord banking invaders were here plotting war for 200 years and even financed Lenin's takeover of Russia in the Bolshevik revolution of 1917, they helped finance Hitler in his rise to power and they helped finance Russia during WWII. They financed World War One and even the Civil War and even the Revolutionary War. Research George W. Bush's grandfather and his skull & bones Harvard connection to the stealing of Geronimo's skull for worship in the Harvard University Skull & Bones tomb. Secret orders are all connected at the top including the Freemasons to the bank Illuminati. It's time to cleanse this country of all that's not Christian to pray God to spare us in future. Most all those so-called Christian broadcasters are aligned with the Antichrist and they are leading the good Church folks to the prophesied destruction of this country when the Big Apple is destroyed by God the same as Sodom and Gomorrah with fire from heaven. The blood of the saints of God is running through the veins of Mystery Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and abominations against God Almighty and Messiah Yesu Christ. The more people are robbed by Republicans and become poor the more vote Democrat. We never were a Christian nation but the majority of the people are Protestant Christian believers therefore, Christianity is of and by the people, not by the Antichrist government. There's nothing we can do without God's intervention to stop the wars or sinful abortions. Beware of the war warmongers and their phony promises of peace and security. The greedy military industrial complex requires blood and the price is very high. They are not there to protect us but to stuff their pockets and bank accounts with billions of dollars of blood money. The reported 250,000 brain injury is means intensive care for those people forever as long as they shall live while their lives are ruined for all practical purposes. They cannot live a normal life and support a family but do well to survive. When man plots war it is without regard for God or fellow man or family or future for them. War is a very selfish thing taken the lives indiscriminately leading a nation to die. This is not counting the thousands dead and hundreds more committing suicide from the stress and battlefield trauma remembered. They said that if their feet off the ground in a Iraq when they die than they did not die in the battle but from natural causes so they're not counted as casualties like the enemy is not counted or even correctly estimated not showing the millions that have been killed or displaced from 2 of America's wars alone. Hollywood is too busy showing Tom Cruise love affairs and the Church of Scientology to report the spoils of war. Let those recruiters put this in their pipe and smoke it if they will. It is sickening how easily people give up their freedom and vote for phony security. When they say follow the dollar it goes into the pit of secret to ever find the truth but it is needed to be digged to expose and reveal the corruption behind our supposed freedom and independence or dependence. Following the dollar may be more dangerous than war. There is a big demand for that stuff the Fed creates as money and it brings in the mobsters especially if realestate is involved so make sure to let God avenge our enemies and not us. Never take up arms thinking you can win the battle because that path leads to destruction. They said years ago that Joe Stalin demanded the big one be dropped on 2 Japanese cities even though Japan was already defeated. This was early signs about who rules America and the world. My daddy told me that Roosevelt was drunk at Malta and gave away all of Eastern Europe to Russia for slavery, death & destruction of the people. Probably he had no choice but to surrender those helpless nations to brutal communism as we are today. Eisenhower likewise may not have had any choice but to return our allies to death camps.