January 29, 2012 journal, American problems are that we are supporting Antichrist in the Church and state, contrary to this big creature preacher. American government lacks true understanding. Modern Israel are proven to be part and parcel of the larger Zionists base of Rothschild banking Associates chief of which is Goldman Sachs untouchable powerful money lords that dominate the phony Federal Reserve private independent banking Corp. It's hard to believe that even John Hage the big hot air balloon would dare say America is mistreating Israel by US not attacking Iran at Israelis command when Israel wags the dog. "This new book by "New York Times "best-selling author and pastor, John Hagee, says the United States is heading into a "Perfect Storm." The Titanic. John F. Kennedy's assassination. 9double1. John Hagee maintains that these American tragedies all have one element in common: they were unthinkable. And in the opening pages of his newest book, "Can America Survive? "Hagee uses these tragedies to prove two points: that the unthinkable can happen and, given the right conditions, the unthinkable can quickly become the "inevitable." (Hagee appears to be a highly paid agent of Israeli Antichrist.) In "Can America Survive?" Hagee asserts that the seeds for tragedy are once again being sown, evidenced by the disturbing economic, geopolitical, and religious trends that now threaten to dismantle the very nation itself. "Think it can't happen?" Hagee asks in a theme repeated throughout the book. "Think again." Indeed, Hagee presents alarming examples of recent events, current research, scientific evidence, and biblical prophecy that are gathering to create a "perfect storm" that could bring down the "unsinkable" United States of America including: (do not be deceived by Hagee & company rhetoric.) (Israel does not have a God mandated right to exist especially with Russian Communist in charge. John Hagee is full of mud, most all true Israelites are opposed to the modern state of Israel formed 1948 by the Khazar Russian Karl Marx Communist killers of Christians.) "The U.S.'s negligent handling of Israel, and history's evidence of the danger to any nation that challenges Israel's God-mandated right to exist The dangerous belittling of Iran's nuclear threat by careless spy agencies--and the super-weapon that could stop the U.S. in its tracks "instantly" The chilling biblical prophecy that confirms Iran as one of 6 Arabian countries that will form an Islamic military force "as a cloud to cover the land" The real $2.5 trillion price tag of healthcare reform, the international currency shifts, and the national economic trends that are poised to bring about the death of the American dollar. (So he said it himself, the dollar is the reason they are pumping iron against Iran.) The criminalization of Christianity around the world; "Can America Survive? (Yes and I can agee with that statement) "is not just a warning. It is a wake-up call and a rallying cry to Christian citizens everywhere to prevent the next unthinkable American disaster. After all, as Hagee points out, "those who do not remember the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them in the future." Think it can't happen? Think again." These weird remarks by Hagee were posted on the CBN.com Internet site. It is sad that Hagee does not use his knowledge of truth but prefers to lie repeatedly in defense of God's condemned people. You cannot trust John Hagee although he does say some things that are right like CBN. John Hagee rides the Republican horse and that would be one of the 4 Horsemen of the Biblical Antichrist. is it white, red, black or gray? Actually it is all 4 colors he is riding. The enemy which is to say the banks which is the Russian Zionist. They are our enemies. To write from inspiration or Solar flares on the sun