July 04, 2012 journal, independence in memory only as America is dependent on China and others for basic needs. Independence Day has become a vain meaningless celebration. With forced health care insurance from corporate America and wholesale destruction of our constitution and all things for sale, freedom is only a fading memory for Americans. The president participated in a swearing in ceremony of new United States citizens in the military about 30 from various countries but how can we believe they will be loyal to us? A solar flare was visible on the sun so strong that it disrupted radio signals across Europe. A Particle of God has been discovered by scientists, first time in history God given credit. Washington Metro area plus millions along the Eastern Seaboard are hot and hungry with no electric power from Friday's storms that downed trees and power lines in a wide area. Restaurants lost their food supply when refrigeration failed and grocery stores stocks also. Most frozen and refrigerated foods are all spoiled by now with no hope of replacement. Flooding in Georgia while Colorado and other Western states are burning to the ground. Chicago today has 100 degrees while we have 92 degrees and Jacksonville 78 degrees.-We are suffering more from weather extremes than anytime I have ever known in my life. Is this a God particle we are experiencing apocalyptic from Revelation Biblical prophecy? Beside the heat wave Chicago also has a crime wave with 14 people shot dead over night. Anderson County has 3 dead with a mother of 3 children drowned in dried Lake Hartwell as she stepped off into deep water accidentally shortly after noon time. Anderson County seems to be jinxed with dead bodies everywhere it seems to me from all the news reports. Arafat is now being reported to have been poisoned to death and I say that is a possibility. There does not seem to be the least link between good church folks and reality we suffer. American people are hypnotized by the news media spreading fear and war-mongerings. What a pity to see all the wounded soldiers walking on artificial legs and many times with no arms. We have sacrificed ourselves in vain for nothing to satisfy America's captivity bankers greed and prosperity. We are occupied by the enemy who are the Communist. Real history is not taugtht in public schools but those behind public education do know the truth and it is public knowledge of the Lenin massacre of up to 100 million Christian people beginning in 1917 which was the Holocaust of all the Holocaust in world history. The Zionist bankers and their collaborators in the high echelon of the Masonic Lodge do know the truth but they participate in the capital gain as the money god's favorite people. Other than the puppet robot and brainless George W., Skull and Bones members know what is going on and what is about to happen to our Christian freedoms here in America. Every president has sold out the American people for fame and fortune keeping their big secret of the occupiers who are draining and drinking our blood, Revelation 17 the scarlet colored beast rising up from the pit of hell with the woman image drunk on the blood of the saints. This is unmistakable and fitting for the time we live-in with Predator Drones spewing death by satellite control in many nations of the world coming home to America. Almighty Yahweh Yesu, take control and drive out the Antichrist, the enemy of our souls. They are accused of drinking our blood literally and not just being accused by the Arabs. There is a Jewish custom I don't believe it to be real Jewish people drinking gentile blood. What country on the face of the earth since creation beginning of time were people free? God Almighty gave the law in the 10 Commandments to Moses but the Israelite people failed to keep the law of God. The laws of Noah are not the laws of God. We must keep the 10 Commandments in our personal lives to be saved and have eternal life in heaven.