July 06, 2012 journal, streets are bucking up with the extreme heat melting asphalt and expanding concrete. A major water line broke on a major street here yesterday which closed that street until this is fixed after it had washed out a large block of the asphalt. Sharks are on the loose in coastal areas. One lifeguard is reported to have lost his job for leaving his guarded area to save a life nearby sparking other lifeguards to quit their job in protest. Lake Hartwell half dried up claimed the life of a young mother who stepped off into 13 feet deep water after walking out in the dry area lake bed and into shallow water. Best to stay out of those tricky lakes and shark infested beaches and live happy ever after. 13,000 babies are reported to have been born in 2009 addicted to pain killer medication. We need to send the pharmaceuticals all to Siberia and most all doctors except that one in Illinois that at 86 years old sees patients in his office or in their home for $5. per person. To add insult to injury during the creation of the free clinics the abominable healthcarebill passed because the corporations and particularly the abominable health insurance industry wanted and needed the powerful monopoly it carried and pay all the bribes to get passed. The love of money and the power it commands is an evil disease people can live without. The monopolized medical industry needs a good meltdown and people need to be freed from the burden of health insurance bleeding them to death for exorbitant rates they help to bring on over the years of favored payments by them as the third-party and not caring. American needs to start over again at ground zero and rebuild on the Biblical principles. Save your generic seed and plant a garden to stay free of GMO generically altered food. Export Monsanto to never land and dissolve the Washington Department of Agriculture. American people could survive much better without every department of the government. Export the Patriot Acts and homeland security back to Russia where the hellish idea came from. I could say the German Nazis but it goes back further to the Russian Khazar Lenin. This is the same people that converted to Talmud Judaism in 743 by which Israeli is part of today. They have conquered us by their phony banking system the Rothschild dynasty. Nazi Germany would be considered mild compared to the tyranny and hell of communist Russian Zionist, their secret Holocaust beginning in 1917 under bloody Lenin the terrible. The gates are closing on America and you can guess what is happening by reading what happened in Russia the awful Holocaust killing up to 100 million Christians we need to know about now while they call it freedom, peace and security. It is death warmed over. I'm sure we've all made some mistakes in our lives losing important factors of our future. However, in December 1913 the Russian Khazaria bankers pulled the wool over our eyes while Congress was on recess and passed the fraudulent Federal Reserve Act giving away our currency to a hostile enemy. Congress sacrificed our sovereignty for a mess of pottage As this was a false flag operation of Congress catching US Congress off guard and forced the president's signature that day before Christmas. This was the biggest Santa Claus ever and has kept us in slavery ever since paying them interest on our own money. The harvest of 1929 resulted in the financing of every war since then and by supporting both political parties. They withheld our cash until the economy collapsed deliberately then harvested a wealth of real-estate. They control the history books therefore this crime was never truly identified as a conspiracy but it was the worst of all times. There is history available on it. These are the very same Russian Antichrist thugs masquerading as God's favorite people. Return the true capstone to the Great Pyramid and rid the world of the satanic imitation. Only a mighty revival will reveal the evil of our captivity to a Antichrist reptilian people. The dollar debt is again destroying this country making us a wasteland by the totalitarian money lords of the Big Apple Antichrist wine press reaping havoc with our Constitution. Robert Reich, Op-Ed: "True patriots don't hate the government of these United States. They are proud of it. Generations of Americans have risked their lives to preserve and protect it. They may not like everything it does, and they justifiably worry then special interests gain too much power over it. But true patriots work to improve the U.S. government, not destroy it. But these days some Americans loathe the government, and are doing everything they can to paralyze it, starve it, and make the public so cynical about it that it is no longer capable of doing much of anything." Amy Goodman, Video Report: "I don't know whether people's minds are going to change if there is this continual barrage of disinformation, but it is becoming a reality in everyday life, undeniably. And I think what it does is it calls to question the role of government. And the real difference between the Global South and the North in facing this problem is that, in the Global South, government-the public sector-has been systematically dismantled, on the orders of the IMF and the World Bank through structural adjustment programs, state assets and state-have been privatized, and state capacity has been diminished" I feel that I have been left behind. I cannot pray and it seems heaven is now closed to me. I can only imagine things and I have no interest in anything on earth and I am not inspired anymore. I seem to have been removed from the real world and cannot comply with it. "The Royal Bank of Scotland is about to be fined $233 million (150 million pounds) for its role in the Libor-rigging scandal. It joins Barclays as the first banks to walk the plank in what should be, but so far is not, the most sensational financial corruption story since the crash of 2008. Many of the banks implicated in the Libor mess have also been targeted in the various municipal bond bid-rigging investigations, and RBS is no different - its subsidiary Natwest is also a defendant in the major civil lawsuit in the bid-rigging case. The cases aren't related, except in the sense that they both involve manipulation and anticompetitive cooperation. It's going to be harder and harder to make the case that the major banks do not routinely cooperate at the expense of the public when it serves their purposes to do so. The news that RBS is involved comes with a perverse twist. This is from the Times UK: The bank, which is 82 per cent owned by the taxpayer, is preparing for a political firestorm over the affair because it believes that it has no power to claw back bonuses from the traders responsible. Instead, the expected fines would be borne by the shareholders - largely the Government. Libor manipulation is a crime that already robs the public to create bonuses for bankers. By artificially lowering interest rates, the banks caused cities, towns, countries, and other public entities to receive smaller returns on their variable-rate investment holdings. If it turns out that taxpayers end up paying the fine for RBS's crime of robbing taxpayers, how perfect would that be?"