July 08, 2012 journal, a world of conspiracies as old as the earth itself for Satan against God. "There is a MAJOR DIFFERENCE in what the Bible says about this coming One World Order, however, from what the Conspirators say about it. That DIFFERENCE is that this attempt to usher in a One World System is called something "very good" by the Conspirators, but something "very bad" in the Bible. Indeed, the One World System is flatly labeled as being a SATAN-INSPIRED plan which God allows to materialize for "one hour" (2-3 months), then steps in, unmasks and brings to naught. This unmasking reveals the REAL AND HIDDEN goal behind all the global conspiracies. That real and hidden goal is to bring about a One World Government that can establish a One World ANTI-CHRIST RELIGION. As planned by the Conspirators, this One World Religion will finish the job that is already well-advanced in all top level political and economic planning. Once officially launched, the initial goal will be TO EQUALIZE ALL RELIGIONS, using lovey-dovey, deceptive propaganda, of course. Soon, there will be no Absolute Spiritual Truth being claimed by any religion, and especially not by Christianity. All gods and all holy books will get equal billing, sort of like ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Peru, or wherever (HERE & HERE). Any attempts to extol Jesus and His New Testament as the only and absolute spiritual Truth will be regarded as a form of intolerable bigotry to be severely punished by "Hate Crime" laws.... So it is then that the Bible regards all these One World Government plans as Satan motivated conspiracies designed to defeat and ultimately eradicate The New Testament of Jesus Christ with its message that Jesus is the Son of God. Thus, from a purely Christian, New Testament-based standpoint, while there are many of these conspiracies, they all have one author, namely Satan, the created Adversary and antithesis of God Himself. (See: Satan: What Makes Him Tick?"> HERE & HERE.) Still, though there are many conspiracies with one author (and one goal, namely, the eradication of God's Truth and the victory of Satan), there is, nevertheless, One Particular Conspiracy that embodies and yet transcends all the others. It transcends the others not because it is the biggest. No. In fact, it is among the smallest. It transcends the others not because it is secretive and has kept its true purpose and authorship so well hidden and disguised over the centuries. No. Others have been equally or more adept at such secrecy. It transcends all the others not because lying and deception are at the core of its operations. No. All the others operate the same way. It transcends the others for one reason alone. That reason is that God foreordained that it be this way because this particular conspiracy is special in His Plans. This particular conspiracy is going to play an irreplaceable and completely understandable part in His Perfect Plan (which Plan, I am pleased to report, not only culminates in an eternal, Satanless New Earth in spite of all efforts to stop it (HERE - HERE), BUT also has room for repentant conspirators!). This granddaddy of all One World conspiracies is not new. It is basically the same one Jesus encountered in the Pharisaic Establishment headquartered in Jerusalem nearly 2000 years ago. Now, of course, the present establishment--though spiritually headquartered in the same place since 1948--is not confined to that tiny geographical area and limited to doing business on foot or by mules and camels. Rather, today, it is in positions of control globally and doing business thru state-of-the-art technology capable of handling its global transactions almost instantly. This Conspiracy is the latter-day offspring of the one the Jews brought out of their seventy years of Babylonian Captivity in 536 BC and then expanded over the next eighteen centuries or so. It is the one codified in sixty-three volumes of the virtually unobtainable Babylonian Talmud and reinforced in the Cabala and the Zohar. It is the one that characterizes God as inferior to Rabbis and--in its demonic accretions since the first century--oozes hatred for Jesus and His New Testament. It is the one that characterizes good as evil and evil as good. It is the one authored by Satan and designed to discredit and ultimately destroy the New Testament authored by God's Holy Spirit. As a bit of groundwork for better understanding the rest of the chapters in Part I, we need now to sample several teachings from the Talmud.... These will illustrate the Rabbinic view of God and their hatred of Jesus and the New Covenant, and their diabolic concept of what is moral and ethical. Once the origin of this devilish hatred of Truth and fairness is identified, no strain on anyone's part will be required to understand why the Talmud-based Pharisaic Establishment of Jesus' day had to kill Him (on the mistaken assumption that this would eliminate Him and His teachings). Nor will it be hard for anyone to see why the Jews have had such a turbulent history. Their Rabbi-controlled, Talmud-based spiritual leadership has caused virtually all of the problems the Jews have experienced throughout that history. More, the Rabbi's Talmud-inspired vision of being the rulers over a global slaveocracy is a vision that is destined to bring God's End Time Drama on stage very, very shortly. This Drama will provide the final lessons of the struggle of good and evil, lessons that will serve on the New Earth eternally. (See: Heaven: God's Love Story and Hell: It's Not What You Think It Is and God's End Time Drama: The Sweet and the Bitter.) According to the Bible, the "war" prophesied over 1900 years ago by Jesus (Rev.17:14) has to come sometime if the Bible's perfect record of prophecy fulfillment continues! It has to come because the teachings of Jesus given in His New Testament--as many Jews themselves attest--are the exact opposite of the teachings of the Rabbis given in their Babylonian Talmud. Morally and ethically, they were polar opposites 180 degrees apart in Jesus' day. Nothing has changed. They are still polar opposites. They are spiritual oil and water. They cannot mix. "Judeo-Christian" is a self-destructing hyphenation." read more http://www.fixedearth.com/talmud.html http://www.antichristconspiracy.com/synagogue_of_satan.htm http://www.antichristconspiracy.com/PDFDocs/The_Real_Culprits_Behind_911.pdf "The Real Culprits Behind the 9-11 Attacks-By: Edward Hendrie Renowned British author and World War II London Times journalist, Douglas Reed revealed: The money- power and the revolutionary - power have been set up and given share of the symbolic shapes ("capitalism" or "communism") and sharply defined citadels ("America" or "Russia"). Suitably to alarm the mass-minded, the picture offered is that of a bleak and hopeless enmity and confrontation. ... But what if similar men with a common aim secretly rule in both camps? ... I believe any diligent student of our times will discover that this is the case. 1-Do we have examples of officials in the U.S. Government who are working toward a Zionist communist world government? President of the United States, Franklin Roosevelt, for one, was guided secretly by a communist agenda. Josephine Adams testified under oath before a subcommittee of the U.S. Senate that she acted as a courier between Earl Bowder, then Chief of the American Communist Party, and Franklin Roosevelt. She testified that she met with Roosevelt approximately 40 times during a 3 year period prior to Roosevelt's death. 2 She testified that the meetings took place either in Roosevelt's Hyde Park home"