July 13, 2012 journal, Texas will not use the abominable affordable health care program. Doctors are reporting to be quitting as a result of the complicated regulations on practice. "The Mayor of Scranton slashed the pay of hundreds of city workers, including cops and firefighters, to $7.25 an hour - the lowest hourly wage currently allowed for by law. The Mayor says that his city is broke and, because he's unwilling to raise taxes on business or millionaires, can't afford to pay its workers anymore money. That's the problem in several cities across America, which have seen their revenues dry up during the Bush Great Recession. President Obama offered a clear solution to this problem with his American Jobs Act, which gave emergency federal relief to states to help struggling cities avoid massive layoffs or pay cuts to public worker salaries. Unfortunately, Republicans have blocked the American Jobs Act - so police and firefighters across America are joining Wal-Mart workers in the ranks of the working poor. To add insult to injury, Republicans are also fighting a Democratic effort to raise the minimum wage - which currently has less buying power today than it had in 1968." It may go even lower than that very soon. "A new report suggests that the state of Florida may have covered up the worst American tuberculosis outbreak in the last 20 years. Shortly after Governor Rick Scott signed into law legislation to downsize the state's Department of Health last year, officials in the state noticed a sudden spike in cases of tuberculosis and notified the Centers for Disease Control. Florida health officials believed the TB outbreak was only affecting homeless people, a group Governor Scott doesn't much care about, so it was kept secret from the rest of the population. Within a few months, however, the outbreak had killed 13 people, and infected 99 others including six children. Over the last two years, health officials believe as 3000 people may have been exposed to the TB strain - and the vast majority of them have not been located. Some might even include Scott's rich buddies. TB outbreaks have historically been common in developing nations like India and China, but the United States in recent years has become a new hotspot for TB - yet another sign that our healthcare system is failing us, and that we as a nation are un-developing - unraveling - at an alarming rate." Free voluntary medical clinics is our best hope for healthcare in future. Hoping every governor will have the guts to block the abomination healthcare bill from. "Early Monday morning, Gov. Rick Perry (R) announced that Texas won't create a state insurance exchange nor accept expanded Medicaid funds outlined in the Affordable Care Act. In a statement, Perry said, "Neither a 'state' exchange nor the expansion of Medicaid under this program would result in better 'patient protection' or more 'affordable care.'" Perry's announcement is an especially harmful move because Texas will benefit more from the Affordable Care Act than any other state. Texas was recently ranked worst in the country for health care delivery by the federal Agency for Health Care Research and Quality, scoring "weak" or "very weak" in 9 of 12 categories. Perry's office discounted the study as overly broad, and has argued that Texans' real problem is personal health choices, not lack of health insurance. More than 25 percent of Texans - 6,234,900 people - are uninsured, the highest rate in the nation. After five years of the Affordable Care Act, Texas would be able to insure 1,798,314 more Americans under the Medicaid expansion alone - more than any state in the nation. Setting up a state health insurance exchange would enable the remaining millions of uninsured Texans to purchase affordable health insurance. Thus, despite Perry's claims, implementing the Affordable Care Act results in better patient protection and in more affordable care. Though the Supreme Court ruled that states can reject the expanded Medicaid funds without any penalty, any state that refuses to set up a health insurance exchange will have one set up for them by the federal government. This doesn't lessen the impact of Perry's decision to deny 1.8 million uninsured Texans the opportunity to be covered under Medicaid. He joins other Repub-lican governors across the country in pledging to or considering turning down $258 billion in Medicaid funds and leaving 9.2 million Americans uninsured. A new study by the Brookings Institution found that states led by Republican governors have the most uninsured Americans, making political moves like Perry's particularly harmful to Americans' health." Basically America is over treated in pain killers and chemotherapy. Its bullish for the federal government to say we will set it up for you and force you use it.