July 18, 2012 journal, some background history on the two sons of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh from British Israel. The 10 lost tribes are 11. Britain & America are definitely from the 10 lost tribes. So, who has the right to be called Jewish? We are the Israelites. "Answer to Query concerning Ephraim and Manasseh and the Relative Roles of Britain and the USA. Fredrick Murphy wrote: # Yair, you always say Britain is mostly Ephraim and America is a mostly Manashe. You say this with facts even in your most recent video clippings. However, I often seem to think that the very facts you state about Britain, can be said about America but in an even bigger way. When it comes to, for example, you saying Britain's influence is unparalleled across the globe, it surely seems like America has surpassed Britain's influence across the Globe and in most cultures. It would seem 10 times more likely of a fact to say that America's horns have pushed the nation's around the globe a lot more then Britain's. For a another example, although there are more, America's double fruitful prosperity is unparalleled in history, far outweighing what Britain experienced. Finally, how about the fact that Britain is on a HUGE decline and not even counted among the nations practically, compared to America? I understand that Britain would've been the sensible pick for Ephraim years ago, as you look at books and study things, but looking at the world today it's a much different picture is it not? The American influence still continues to be, and its reach, the greatest nation on the face of the earth ever. Again, does not this all say Britain would have to be Manashe, & America it's younger brother who was born after Britain has become the more powerful and doubly fruitful? Or does thinking like this undo other needful theories? Please advise, Shalom # Brit-Am Reply: Shalom, Let us first make a little order in what we do say. It may be that numerically there are more from Ephraim in the USA today than from Manasseh. Never-the less from the point of view of influence on the national character the USA belongs to Manasseh. The USA is the country through which Manasseh achieved his Tribal expression. The USA may therefore be considered primarily as pertaining to Manasseh. This is despite the fact that members of all the other Tribes are also to be found in the USA. Our identification of the USA with Manasseh is based on demographic studies, national symbols, and national characteristics, and other factors. The point you bring up is that of relative greatness. Here too, the evidence indicates that the USA is Manasseh and Britain (with her daughters) Ephraim. Rabbinical Commentaries on the Bible indicated that: Manasseh would ultimately be greater than Ephraim. The greatness of Manasseh would express itself especially in the material sense (HaNatziv). Manasseh would achieve greatness AFTER Ephraim had already done so (HaShelah, Bnei Yissachar, Malbim). Ephraim would become great immediately upon becoming a nation. Manasseh would express its power only after growing into a full-fledged nation expressing its national potential (Malbim). These points (together with others) all justify identifying the USA with Manasseh and Britain with Ephraim. See:Specific Tribes http://www.britam.org/ContentsSubject.html#Tribes England grew up out of the Angle and Saxon settlements in the south of what is now England. They consolidated their hold over England despite having previously been defeated and ruled by Scandinavian forces such as those King Cnut (995-1035) of Denmark, Norway, and part of Sweden. In 1066 England was conquered by Normandy. This was to lead to English claims over Normandy and later to the whole of France. The English did effectively rule over important sections of France for hundreds of years. They also conquered Wales, invaded Ireland, and periodically attempted the conquest of Scotland. Eventually Scotland and England (which included Wales) were united along with Ireland. The result was Great Britain. In the 1600s the region of Ulster in Northern Ireland was heavily planted with settlers from Scotland alongside some from England. The English became the British and established colonies in North America, the Caribbean, etc. They lost control of what became the USA but expanded elsewhere. The British gained control of India and Burma. They founded the cities of Hong Kong and Singapore and ruled over Malaya and Borneo. Australia and New Zealand were colonized as was a section of South Africa the rest of which was conquered. They ruled over much of Africa (including Egypt) and over numerous islands in every Ocean. These included the islands of Malta and Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea. Eventually one fifth of the world population and one quarter of its land mass was encompassed by the British Empire. Not only that but a good portion of the rest of the world also submitted to British influence and direction. There was not a single nation in the world in 1945 that had not suffered a defeat in arms at the hands of the British, at some time.In one form or other the English-British had possessed an impressive Empire for hundreds of years. The English tongue became the language of the world. British principles of justices and basic human rights began to be accepted everywhere. The British were responsible for the abolition of international trade in human slaves. In Ireland the British record is problematic. [The Irish however, though today they may be loath to recall it, more than contributed their fair share towards British military and colonial efforts.] Everywhere else British rule, relative to the time and place, brought improvement. In 1776 the citizens of the USA, who were mainly of British descent, declared their Independence. They then comprised 13 colonies on the east coast of North America. The USA immediately fought a war with Principalities of North Africa over the Moslem seizure of American ships and sailors. The Louisiana Purchases in 1803 of territory from France greatly expanded US territory and potentpotential. The Monroe Doctirne of 1823 declared the American Continents as out of bounds to Europe. This principle was enforced with British backing and encouragement. The British invested heavily in the USA, sent migrants to the USA, and served as a protective umbrella for the USA. Territories were conquered from Mexico. In 1898 the USA defeated Spain and took control of Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Guam, and bases in Cuba. The USA took control of the Panama Canal and made itself the final arbitrator in Latin America. In 1917 the USA entered World War-1. After the War a policy of Isolation prevailed and the USA kept to itself. In World War the USA did not enter the war at its outbreak but they did let themselves as a vast hinterland and free-of-charge unlimited production center for the British War effort. In 1941 the Japanese attacked America. In World War-2 the USA established itself as the major world power. In exchange for USA assistance Britain under Churchill agreed not to interfere with America asserting itself as the chief player on the world scene. US power and world dominance were an expression of its economy. "With 5 per cent of the world's population, the United States has generated between 20 to 30 per cent of world output for 125 years". # Britain (1845-1870) had 2% per cent of the world's population, 30 % of global GDP, 20% of world trade, 40% of world manufacturing trade. The USA equaled Britain in most fields by 1870 and surpassed it in the 1880s. # It took the USA more than 50 years just to give relative international expression to the power it did have. The transition from Britain to America as head boy in the class was almost seamless. It took British sacrifices in World War-2 to do it. In many ways the USA hegemony is a continuation of the British Empire. The historical developments described above reflect the relative roles of Ephraim and Manasseh hinted at in the blessing of Jacob to the sons of Joseph, and as explained by the Rabbinical Commentator known as the Malbim. See:Ephraim Comes First! Malbim on Joseph (Genesis chs 48 and 49)." http://www.britam.org/MalbimJoseph.html The Prophet Balaam and Barak Hussein. http://britam.org/fareed.html