July 23, 2012 journal. the trip to Wisconsin the dairy State by Lake Michigan to paint the endtime prophecy at Green Bay with artist Norbert H. Kox in the University of Wisconsin gallery. This is a great privilege for me and a thousand miles with temperature 107 degree when we entered the State. Shortly past the Kohler factory we came into a blinding storm with heavy wind. We passed through the beautiful countryside going north and we saw the windmills pumping water and producing power. It must be from the Chicago winds. The State of Wisconsin is under highway construction with every road in Green Bay torn up making it very difficult to see the city or move from one side of the city to the other. I have never seen anything like it. Somebody is getting very rich closing off all the roads. I was proud to find the Suburban Extended Stay hotel at $46 per night with a full kitchen. Eating egg omelet breakfast with dark rye bread at Julie's Cafe was enough to write home about. Julie's had a full salmon dinner for 8.99, egg omelet and Salomon's most delicious. We are completing our fifth collaboration entitled Mystery 2012 Babylon. I started this painting in 2005 and did the basic outline of Manhattan being elevated on and pivoting on the point of the pyramid of the Illuminati all seeing eye illuminating. I did the Hudson River showing the Constitution floating downriver concluding the right of free speech, the right of Habeas Corpus, the right of trial, the Bill of Rights and our basic freedoms being lost. I did the secret underground showing fire and skulls of the sacrificed ones. This month Norbert saw the painting for the first time and was inspired to finish it with so many meaningful additions. The painting is now an institution with hundreds of meaning. The bottom line is that of blood flowing from all countries of the world through Mystery Babylon the great, the Antichrist, the banking system that puts America and the world in slavery to the dollar, and to the artificial false Federal Reserve world banking conspiracy. The focus now is Scripture in the Book of Revelation saying "Selling the souls of men". May God deliver this country and the world from this ungodly and unChristian menace. Our collaboration No. 6 will be entitled Apocalypse with an earthquake and tsunami on the Great City Big Apple Mystery Babylon, the world's most corrupt Financial System. It is prophesied that there will be a great earthquake with fire and flood to destroy that Great City Mystery Babylon the most powerful economic system in any world history. Coming soon will be another collaboration painting with the great artist Norbert H. Kox. I show a skeleton form of the Statue of Liberty with her broken spears from the weight of homeland security and the false phony deceptive Patriot Acts of the lunatic Congress and George W. signature signing goofball moron puppet on many strings of powerful foreign double citizen people interfering with our freedoms and taking us in the same direction as they did Karl Marx Communist Russia in 1917 when Lenin took over killing Christians. I realize that a majority of the people do not understand what is going on for what we are painting about but some day they will yea though it may be too late when they awaken from their sleep. May God reveal these things to the kind hearted people of America. May the Lord God Almighty Yahweh/Yesu send mighty revival to the church once again. Passing through the mighty City of Chicago is a dreadful experience hoping the car runs. Chicago under their new Jewish mayor Ron Emanuel has spent over $4 million tearing down foreclosed houses that only homeless people could use. They are now outlawing homelessness and essentially they had already with all the vagrancy laws in the country. America has gone for fracking which mixes natural-gas with drinking water most always. America is in mysteriously serious drought in half the country with starvation already on the horizon. Using our corn for ethanol gasoline has driven its price to double and it will soon double again. George Washington D.C. is a cash crop for the brainless legislature. There are merciless toll ways north of Chicago adding to the expense of travel too much. Do not forget Wisconsin cheese as a good old honest employment way to feed the world. Some universities now have gender free bathrooms for their students. This is really a sign for a free-for-all manifesting unGodlyness and worldly lust. We have become a fallen nation and eternal final judgment of these abominations is straight ahead for the world. I do not recommend the Super 8 Motel at Lafayette Indiana because my experience it is the dirtiest I have ever been in. They propose shall have no-smoking rooms but once you lay your head down on the pillow, the sheets have been washed with smoking sheets and smell with tobacco smoke and continue to smell like until you open the door for air at 3 a. m. How disgusting it is they collect real money to rent their rooms to traveling people that are unsuspecting with all their filth they cannot really see even if they look until daylight. Never again will I stay at a Super 8 Motel and this one happened to be American-owned. Television is trash for the most part with wicked and suggestive words and scenes of Satanic invasion of the minds of the people, of the children, of the schools and church. The 700 Club CBN shows billboard sign saying "This man wants to rent your daughter". The so-called West Nile virus is sweeping the country said to be from mosquito bites and it is very rainy weather here adding to the mosquito infestation. Avoid the outdoors in the evening time and wear long sleeves is my advice. Dispose of all standing water outdoors. "Something very twisted is happening - it's been happening for a long time. But we're reaching the point where we can't allow it to continue because it's putting us all at risk. A study out today shows that Americans waste about 40 percent of our food. Try to picture all the food that we grow and import to feed a population over 300 million. Then take 40 percent of it and put it in a big, rotting pile. That pile represents a massive waste of energy, water and time. It also gives off a massive amount of methane, a greenhouse gas more powerful than carbon dioxide. How are we able to throw away $165 billion worth of food every year, while, in 2008, 1.29 billion people survived on less than $1.25 per day? Where's that "efficiency" those who worship at the altar of "free markets" always preach about? It turns out, for efficiency, sometimes you have to remove the profit motive. Truthout"