July 28, 2012 journal, half America is in serious drought today with corn crops dried up so bad until the government had to suspend the mandated ethanol gasoline catastrophe. With corn already at $10 per bushel it is adding insult to injury feeding starving nations. This is without doubt the judgments of God upon America for its revulsion of Almighty God and his Holy Word. What Congress or what President would approve such nasty. The rage in favor of Chick Fil A continue to wraparound their buildings in support of the freedom of speech and opinions on anti-gay religion contrary to the hate crimes passage. Does this condemn Martin Luther also? The political correct condemned sites condemn the truth along with error. In fact, it poisons the truth and changes it to error. I forwarded a white supremite site not knowing it roots. It is cursed by the elite Supremites therefore its contents are all poisoned be they true or false. It reminds me of being Pentecostal before the charismatic movement took over when everybody looked down on you as a holy roller but now it is become popular. My brother always refused the British Israel history for the 10 lost tribes because he said Armstrongs World of Tomorrow taught it on television because Armstrong had some weird doctrine otherwise. The ph church Bishop told me his driver had discovered important information on the 10 lost tribes, I visited him and he loaned me the book where he got all his information, it was the Armstrong British theory. My brother later admitted we came from the 10 lost tribes not because I said it but because someone else told them it was true. He burned when Alan Campbell would say the Queen of England was a descendant from King David. It just happened to that Armstrong had one right. We may have omitted showing the largest blood flow pipe of all the USA although it all flows through here through mystery Babylon the great city of the Book of Revelation. How can anyone prove or disprove what is in the talmud conglomerateur of confusion other than one of the favorite people of God or Satan? It is secret from all. in have we revealed the Antichrist rulership of the universe as a warning to the world here? And according to in time prophecy? When you say certain things do not exist in the Talmud you may be defending the great conspiracy.