July 29, 2012 journal, Chick Fillet is not welcome in the city of Chicago and according to Chicago's new Jewish mayor Ron Emanuel because they support the traditional marriage. The 700 Club reports the disgrace of Chicago and Boston politically selecting businesses according to politics of gay pressure. It suits me if those sexually perverted do boycott. The 700 Club yesterday ask everybody to patronize Chik-Fil-A and they are causing enormous lines of customers waiting to be served. The mayor of Boston has apologized. Chicago is the murder capital of the world and Chik Fil A may be smart to stay out of it. The people have spoken overwhelmingly for natural God-given relationship between man and woman and against same flesh marriages, gay people should be happy to be alive and not dead with AIDS. People are tired of hearing about their filthy perverted life style. Let them go back into their closets to not be free to be a threat to little children or neighbors. God will I believe send judgment of fire and brimstone down on them like he did upon the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to totally wipe out all their filthiness and ungodliness. "This particular Chik-Fil-A has two walk-up windows and two drive-thru windows and you are only seeing the overflow line for one of them as it comes around the side of the building. The pic was taken in the parking lot at the back of the building. Thanks to all who have sent me messages about what they saw at the location they visited! EVERY LOCATION that someone has sent a report on is pretty much like this and the "news" rooms are in a panic over how to "spin" things I'm sure! Although I didn't solicit them earlier; reports on what you are seeing at a location near you are much appreciated and I will follow up with a compendium of reports - names removed!" A major blackout in India of electric power as their grid has failed for 700 million people. What is the difference in their power grid and ours? And the rule and ours could fail also. India is showing no signs of getting power back up any time soon in this very hot season. True or false this site has the right information showing America with the rulers of evil. The tragedy in Aurora, Colorado demonstrated the devastating lethality of AR-15 type guns, and has caused many to question whether it makes sense to allow the purchase of this type of military-style assault rifles. What a lot of people don't know is that this type of rifle is also the weapon of choice among Mexican drug cartels. In the last 5 years, over 60,000 people have lost their lives in Mexico's wave of violence. The Olympics rings remind me of those in the belowground on the Mr. Babylon painting You had the answer disputing attacks on talmud at your fingertips but were they real or just excuses to cover their sins posted like hearsay by some of their thousands of ready defenders. How can anyone prove or disprove what is in the tal-m-ud conglomerateur of confusion other than one of the favorite people of God or Satan? It is secret from all. Have we revealed the Antichrist rulership of the universe as a warning to the world here? And according to end time prophecy? The Talmud is rare to find a copy and are you taking someone else's word for it. The only truth we have is on the Internet never through the main media, we must determine what is true and false. This mountain of man made scripture would take a lifetime to read. Have you ever found a set of these somewhat 23 volumes of Talmud books in any library? You responded favorably to my suggestion you paint a small silver circle on the pivet point of the capstone and you ask me if you should put a grease fitting on it which I thought was appropriate. I wonder if you've attracted any press from the 2012 concept. The political correct condemned sites condemn the truth along with error. In fact, it poisons the truth and changes it to error. I forwarded a white supremite site not knowing it roots. It is cursed by the elite Supremites therefore its contents are all poisoned be they true or false. It reminds me of being Pentecostal before the charismatic movement took over when everybody looked down on you as a holy roller but now it is become popular. My brother always refused the British Israel history for the 10 lost tribes because he said Armstrongs World of Tomorrow taught it on television because Armstrong had some weird doctrine otherwise. The ph church Bishop told me his driver had discovered important information on the 10 lost tribes, I visited him and he loaned me the book where he got all his information, it was the Armstrong British theory. My brother later admitted we came from the 10 lost tribes not because I said it but because someone else told him it was true. He burned when Alan Campbell would say the Queen of England was a descendant from King David. It just happened that Armstrong had one right. We may have omitted showing the largest blood flow pipe of all the USA although it all flows through here through mystery Babylon the great city of the Book of Revelation. I wonder if the paintings are still hanging wherein the tidal wave would be easier to paint.