July 30, 2012 journal, New Mystery Babylon revealing the Antichrist system of New York.Thanks for a wonderful occasion of the finishing of the painting Mystery Babylon. I regret that I may have failed to describe the inspiration that caused me to begin it in 2005 and with all the excitement going on. Please transmit to your mailing list and friends the original concept of the 4 great biblical world empires and now Babylon reappears as a world economic system crowding out freedom and liberty. I should have explained what people may already know that Babylon was a world financially controlled system much like New York today and blood flowed like it is flowing today from the war zones and labor camps, the abortion clinics and the attacks on Christianity worldwide. I believe God put it together including the New Jersey landmass where you painted blood pipes. I had no idea why I left that space at the bottom until I saw what you had painted. We talked about pipes and those pipes lead around the world collecting up all the blood. Every person in America deserves a home to live in free of mortgage and taxes. If we take back the Fed from the foreign ownership, cancel all debt rather than give trillions to foreign banks then everyone can live in peace. This we can do. We can afford it. I had envisioned a rainbow of supply lines coming across the top but I failed to think that out that it should come from the base of Manhattan and not the sky, the sky was reserved for you to paint the 1 World Trade Center tower and the commanding name of Mystery 2012 Babylon. It is done perfectly and I am so proud of you and the painting and of your ability. I saw clearly the lay out including the underground and the Hudson River and the New Jersey landmass but I could not see how to finish it because that was reserved for now and for you. The Babylonian one world financial system which is the New Age One World Order that is represented by the one world Tower of Power. I was frustrated when I failed to generate the inspiration to finish it but now I realize we must leave all things to God and his great wisdom and knowledge. I truly believe this was an inspired work and I only regret that I failed to describe it when I had the opportunity although we need to describe it as we have our other collaborations' in text available immediately under the image on the Web and possibly in print. We have a basis now for a complete description. I believe the painting speaks for itself the facts of the prophesied Mystery Babylon but if there is anything still left to say or paint it would be the term in parentheses beside the F-E-D in front of or behind on the island of the evil trinity, (Since 1913) Federal Reserve private corporate independent Bank was authorized. The international banks were in charge already since the inception of the United States but they really got a stranglehold on us in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act of Congress, the false phony Federal Reserve is like a parasite sucking the blood from the people since 1913 when Congress gave our currency away free of charge to a hostile intrusion force whose home base is in southern Russia and exiled from the world. George Washington D.C. has little if any control over Mystery Babylon operating freely on international trade & world slavery Manhattan style. The rainbow of universal supply lines described in the color of their materials such as gold, silver and blood diminished to 3 and almost obscure but that is okay because they are obscure normally anyway as part of the underground of secrets and now ground zero is the base of power stronger than ever since nine double one. It is the 666 system. May God bless you and keep you strong with the super natural artist touch of vision and ability. Thanks for your hospitality. I am truly thankful for this canvas coming to life now and all the good works it will do now or in the centuries to come. God may not need our art in eternity but I really believe he needs it now. Christian art is our mission & ministry. The false and phoney name Federal on the treasonous Reserve Act is a big mystery itself. A billboard sign in Indiana saying God weeps over 59 million aborted babies and I think the figure is double that in these United States of America in the last 40 years due to the Antichrist Supreme Court. The name of God should be mentioned on this painting and the word Antichrist should be used because we serve an Antichrist system of government powered by Satan the Devil. The blood is obscure of these innocent children as is our victims of war for our own blood brothers and foreigners that we perceive as our enemy's. You are revealing the truth and I provided that foundation by the black hole and the New Jersey coastline from the Hudson River of living waters without even knowing what I was really doing. You are revealing the rivers of blood flowing from the souls of men, women and children. Mystery Babylon is the present Antichrist system of bloody slavery. Why are American people so willing to be ID-ed on the streets, for medical care or even to check in a hotel, it is a form of slavery and a lack of trust and it's a disgusting disgrace. Please send the information by e-mail- I am not a member of face book or any other Internet clubs because of the risk of having your ID stolen or your personal information compromised. They all require your birth date and with your birth date almost anyone can take over your e-mail account and beg money from your address book or even empty your bank account. Just today face book was reported to have lawsuits filed against them for disclosing people's personal info. Cheap hotels will ask for ID and I walk away because if they do not trust me I do not trust them either. Pay the difference and go to a hotel that does not require ID and it will most likely be cleaner and professionally operated. Never allow anyone to photograph your ID to keep it forever to browse over or possibly sell your personal information to scammers. The rivers of blood include alcohol related highway deaths about 50,000 per year There is a dual language in what is called Hebrew depending on which brand of Hebrew