June 02, 2012 journal, Predator spy Drones flying the skies silently killing innocent people. Innocent families are being blown to smithereens with this indiscriminate killing machine of mass destruction. Does no one have the guts to stand up and stop it because it is evil. The second U.S. drone attack in as many days killed 10 people in northwest Pakistan on Sunday, intelligence officials said, an incident likely to raise tensions in the standoff between Washington and Islamabad over NATO supply routes to Afghanistan. The remotely-piloted aircraft fired four missiles at a suspected Islamist militant hideout in the Birmal area of the South Waziristan tribal region near the Afghanistan border, officials said. A drone strike in the same area killed two suspected militants on Saturday. The United States and Pakistan are locked in difficult negotiations to re-open overland supply routes to NATO forces in Afghanistan, with no signs of a breakthrough. Islamabad blocked the routes last November to protest the death of 24 Pakistani soldiers by cross-border friendly fire from NATO aircraft. The supply lines through Pakistan are considered vital to the planned withdrawal of most foreign combat troops from Afghanistan before the end of 2014. The CIA drone campaign fuels anti-U.S. sentiment in Pakistan and is counterproductive because of collateral damage, Pakistani officials say. But U.S. officials say such strikes are highly effective against militants. (Its just not so, all Pakistan is militant, America is full of hypocrites) by Hafiz in WANA, Saud Mehsud in DERA ISMAIL KHAN and Jibran Ahmad in PESHAWAR; Writing by Qasim Nauman, Editing by Jonathan Thatcher) Keep the cash flowing and the war will keep going. This is disgusting hypocritical action. John LaForge, Consortium News: "In the war fever being ramped up against Syria, there is broad public indignation over the massacre of more than 100 civilians in the town of Houla last weekend. Would that the U.S. diplomatic corps and the commercial press were equally outraged over our own military's atrocities." Let us ground our killing machines. Have you heard of this man. He seems to have it all right except the name of God. He says they are now changing the name of God and he is speaking of the new Chrislam movement merging religions for a one world government New Age including Rick Warner of the saddle back church, chryral cathedral defunked Robert Schiller and maybe John Hagee, Kenneth Copeland who says on the video i send u a fw that when he reads in the Bible where Christ says I am, he just smiles and says "I am to". what an abomination. http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/ Jack Van Impe on his program Saturday night rebuked those that believe and say 'I am' making themselves god's. I don't think much of Jack Van Impe but I agree with him on opposing the new movement and a new Bible of Chrislam combining the two religions . This link whoever the man is says the church is deceived and lost for the most part. Revelation 17 The pit beast rising up out of hell, drunk on the blood of the saints of God. with a golden cup in her hand. I will send you a J peg on an earlier painting of mystery Babylon Feb 2001 with the Ishtar gate, the calf and the portals. Mark Karlin, Truthout: "One poll shows that eight out of ten Americans support the use of lethal drones. That's because drones have been posed as a cheap alternative for killing our enemies that puts no American lives at risk and only hits the 'bad guys.' In reality, they are not all that cheap (especially since they are constantly crashing), they kill lots of innocent people, and while they don't put pilots at risk, they sure stir up anti-American sentiment and provoke new attacks against us." Read the Article. Propaganda works.