June 05, 2012 journal, who is behind the predator reaper drones proliferation in the world killing people at will anywhere anytime and without due process of law in any country. The Jews Behind US Spy Drones-By Brother Nathanael opposing messianic Jewish rabbi. It was bound to happen sooner or later...a frightening scenario that makes Orwell's 1984 look like a children's bedtime story......... For with the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act last January, known as the NDAA, not only is the US military empow-ered to arrest any American citizen without charges or trial, but also-after a 90 Day waiting period and that period is now up-to share US air space with civilian aircraft. Military Drones, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, UAVs, barely seen from the ground and remotely controlled from Air Force bases, Predator Reapers used in Afghanistan...about to be unleashed on us-up to 30,000 of them armed with 3,000 pound payloads and heat sensitive surveillance cameras. It's a whole new way to wage war...and that war is about to be waged on us. The sponsor of the NDAA, Jewish Senator Carl Levin, who heads the Senate Armed Services Committee, and those with whom he works closely: Jewish Senators Joseph Lieberman, head of the Senate Committee for Homeland Security; Diane Feinstein, head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Chuckie Schumer, head of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Border Security; apparently look upon the rest of us as "enemies" of their Judaic police state. Is it any surprise then that the Israeli company, "Stark Aerospace," was recently granted permission by the FAA to fly its Heron Drones in US airspace?...the very same drones used in the genocide of the Palestinian people. For we are ALL "Palestinians" now as Levin and Company's Spy Drones flying the unfriendly skies of America solidify a Judaic Police State. Due to the lobbying by New York Jewish Senator Chuckie Schumer, four initial test sites launching the Spy Drones just expanded to six with one in the heart of central New York. I didn't know we had a "border" threat in New York with our Canadian neighbors did you? And with every assassination strike US drones perform in our never ending "war on terror" Jewish Senator Dianne Feinstein will be given premiere viewing of American citizens shot down in cold blood by the NDAA's US spy drones. What's next for American citizens? Will it be the robot "Big Dog" accompanying National Reserve Troops on our American streets once Obama uses the NDAA to declare Martial Law due to some trumped-up "national emergency?" It is not a Video Game or a James Bond thriller my friends but an Orwellian nightmare about to come to an American town near you. And the Jews behind our American Orwellian Spy State: Levin, Lieberman, Feinstein, Schumer-will have created not only a mammoth outdoor TSA Line stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific-but a Big Brother Police State with a HUGE Jewish Star invisibly nailed to America's swarming, Jewish-inspired, horde of sinister US Spy Drones. America, you've been hijacked NOT by terrorists but by a Judaic cabal maneuvering its agenda out of Capitol Hill. And now with its US spy drones the Jewish police state is now focused on you. Neophit-cary stuff, when will people wake up, its only going to get worse. Here are some new drones-you may not even notice these once they employ them. http://picturepush.com/public/8407584 http://picturepush.com/public/8407630 Taylor-These upper echelon Jews that include Feinstein, Schumer, Lieberman, Levin, et al are some very sick-thinking folks. Blake-June 4, 2012-I agree with all you had to say and it's pretty scary stuff. Mission Impossible-What I would like to remind my American cousins, is that those upper echelon Jews (such as Feinstein, Schumer, Lieberman, Levin, et al) are most likely taking orders from people or groups living outside the United States. I cannot be certain, but that is the hunch that guides my deeper thinking. They are only acting as Change Agents or Managers of an Agenda that was plotted long ago, and was switched into high gear by the theatrically staged, nine1*1 event, followed by the 7/7 event in London, then by the surprise award of the Olympic Games to that other premier 'Jewish' city, London. Remember that London started out as a rank outsider for consideration by the IOC. Recall that London was awarded the 2012 Games only after huge lobbying by some Zio heavy hitters, supported by their stage poodles, such as Tony Blair (who personally attended the final vote session). The official 2012 ZION logo was probably already lined up, as it surely took very little imagination to create. It could have been sitting on someone shelf for ten years or more, to be dusted off when the time was ripe. In this Bilderberg week, who or what could be giving the orders? Inevitably, the Rothschilds come to mind, but there must be others. Perhaps a couple of hundred of them? The Rothschilds get a kick out of being wealthier than anyone else. But there must exist others (less visible) who get their most thrilling kicks out of simply being more powerful and sadistic than anyone else. They like to see unsuspecting people bleed, suffer, and howl in despair. History recorded the distant ancestors of these psychopaths while it recorded the slow decline of the western, Roman Empire. A substantial part of the United States (mostly those states south of Virginia) started out as Penal Colonies, and were first settled in numbers by White Slaves. This is (I would suggest) where the motivation to really 'screw' contemporary Americans is coming from. Such a motivation could only really survive in the minds of a people (i.e., bloodlines) who have long considered themselves equal to, or above God. This would include senior Ashkenazi Jews, but certainly not be confined to them as a group. duggy-The pen that creates dollars is mightier than any sword." The Zionist-owned Fed Reserve and regular banks create paper money and electronic money from air. Uncle Sam prints bonds to use to rent new dollars at interest from the Zionist-owned Fed Reserve and pre-circulated dollars from China, Bank of England, et. al. You march in lockstep to the Zionist connived Infernal Revenue scam to pay endlessly income tax and even when you die Uncle Scamuel wants your death taxes".