June 08, 2012 journal, I am Jewish from the original 12 tribes of Israel through Manasseh the 2 sons of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh. My mother was Jewish and my father was Jewish but not called Jewish. The King James Bible translation into English in 1611A.D. had no Jewish words whatsoever between its covers because the letter J had not yet been installed in any language in the world. Therefore, all the J words have now been changed and added. It may be a challenge to many people to hear that but that is the gospel truth. There are many types of Jewish people and the European Russian converts to Judaism act and look differently than the bearded Orthodox ones we see on TV so often and in Israel. The Zionists Jews allow the Orthodox Jews to perform for the sake of legitimizing them. The genuine Jewish people for most part are obscure the same as Anglo-Saxons heritage. God I believe in his time will reveal who we all are but those that are advocating Russian Israeli Judaism are commercially traitors to God and our people by supporting Antichrist. Almighty God Yahweh put a brain in our heads for a real good reason as we should use it. The Russian Khazar Zionists crypto "Jewish" dangerously powerful impostures extremely Antichrist converts to Judaism and eventually to Israelism while doubling as Americans, to take over the dollar and hold us the American people captive to debt as always slavery. These are slave traders and bloodthirsty warriors for which we want no association with. God forbids us to deal with them because taking their blood money, is I believe a crime before God Almighty who has promised to supply all our needs according to his riches in glory by the son of God Yesu Lord. There is no glory or victory in compromise of truth on this or any other issue in our lives because to compromise makes us dishonest or you might say to worship the beast and to fear the BEAST without sufficient faith in the God. Let us speak out and stand our ground like Martin Luther who risk his life for the gospel. There is said to be a 100 different kinds of Judaisms but the prevailing 3 are the Russian converts to Judaism, owners of the mighty deadly Federal Reserve Bank Corp. as pirated from the U.S. taxpayers. Second are the Edomite "Y-e-w-s" from House of Esau Jacob's brother who are at least akin to the House of Israel. Thirdly, there are the genuine Jewish people who worship by the Moses Torah and are opposed to the modern State of Israel. Then you have the so-called Messianic Jewish who believe in Christ and except Yesu as their savior. Which one would you prefer to be associated with? Actually, none of them with the exception of the possibility of Messiah Jewish, are Antichrist meaning that they do not believe in Christ as Messiah and as their savior. The Antichrist is mentioned only briefly in the Bible. When Yesu was on earth he encountered much resistance from the Antichrist of the temple and he condemned openly and verbally the descendants of Esau as being Satanic. Thus we have the "Synagogue of Satan". Largely it is the European false Judaism Russian Israelis that "hate" and "war" against the Christian people as was demonstrated by bloodshed in Russia in 1917 onward until they eventually lost out and leaving behind between 66 and 100 million dead Christians Protestants & Catholics alike. These criminals financed Hitler, the fathers of the Bushes Harriman&Rothschild bankers. Mystery Babylon (NY) exist today and let the world's people exist only through the blood thirsty universal banking system, they are backed sovereignly as it were by the American people. They can turn up the threat level anytime they wish because they have their RED button. I predict that massive inflation will come to this country as I can see it happening. already with many products doubling in price now as artificial shortages are being created God will not tolerate these vultures forever but God will destroy them in end-time Armageddon.