June 09, 2012 journal, what a magnificent discovery that man is second only to the creator God. That makes an impact on me when I read it and I knew I must study and explore its wonderfulness before I reply. I have been at a loss for words in your time of bereavement over the tragic death of your brother Paul. I never think about dying only living. I do think of the many times I was spared death when death came so close to me. I think of my own only brother having trouble now walking and with his short-term memory, he was always so big, strong and smart. My daddy talked to him about important things for which I learned a lot in my youth but my daddy never really talked to me the same way. Took knowing him as an adult years later to establish the kindred spirit but O, If I could talk with him now for 5 minutes. Is there any way I could communicate with my daddy for just 5 minutes? There are just a few things I want to clarify to him of what I meant to say to him back then. You are my teacher and my spiritual advisor. Are there other errors in the Old Testament translation? There are 3 glorious events I remember well in my life, Receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit at about 1:00 a.m. in the church seeing white pure heavenly clouds and having the feeling of floating on them and praising the lord in unknown tongue. No words can describe. I had a visual experience in approaching the airport at Waterloo Iowa in the '80s descending to land at about 2:00 a.m. in heavy rain clouds through the whitest I have ever seen clouds as the landing lights illuminated them as we descended through them, felt like going to Heaven. I remember seeing the vision to paint art when the skies were blue and pure as I had an instant absent from the body and seeing prophecy being fulfilled. I remember what seem to be a portal by which I passed through from the shed over my head to a weightless atmosphere where everything was brought near. That was 20 years ago this July and 4 months later the Berlin Wall was torn down, they celebrated that on Monday the 9th. of November. I have always wanted since I begun, to go paint art on what is left of the Berlin Wall. Thank you for sharing this good news with me regarding our human relationship to God. a man that will not provide for his family is worse than an infidel ".