June 11, 2012 journal, life is a one-way journey forward to the future, we cannot change the past but we can change the future. Let us commit all to Christ praying to Yahweh God Yesu Christ. Let us pray for wisdom and knowledge and that God would soon stop our aggression and let the world live. The U*S*A has taken God's laws into their own hands. Sudden death for profit and Fox fear News has wrecked our country. The following brilliant timely comments are from Sally at Myrtle Beach South Carolina. "Yes, I've read Open Veins....and I wish everyone did. Just as I wish everyone would read Devil's Highway, a true story about a group crossing the border from Mexico. I think your vision is true. Those days in Ky were my only escape from feeling like I'm living in a nazi state in SC - surrounded by a country of people so clouded in their vision, so disconnected from their souls, that they seem like zombies. It scares me. What is so absolutely frustrating is that I feel we have been given every chance and that at each juncture, the wrong choices are made. Or the people who DO have the vision, don't have the power - including the President. The thought of this piece of art is exciting. I feel like it's already formed in your head. And how I wish you could paint the fact that the number of suicides has exceeded the number of soldiers dying in combat. This is war. We can't help when we know there is wholesale slaughter somewhere because we are busy finishing a war that never should have started. There were no insurgents until we invaded. I believe in miracles. Egypt was a miracle. And I don't believe it would have happened, that governments would have fallen if Obama was not in office. It told the world that democracy means possibility. Sadly, they did not know that we no longer have any real democracy in the true sense of the word. I believe it's possible that one morning, people who still have an element of purity in their heart will open their eyes and DO something. I pray for it. It's all I can do. But you can paint. May God guide you, shower you with blessings. I think you have the beginning, that it may have to form as you go. I know it's hard to talk on the phone but if it will help we can talk about it. I like the idea of painting the death drones, and I felt your description of us as being in a web is very astute. It may be that you will have to decide if you want to paint where we are or what will happen if we (humanity) doesn't wake up quickly - spiritually. I have such incredible respect for the power of "the Word". And I feel your painting is a manifestation of "The Word." So my personal feeling is that your paintings are powerful and should either reflect what you see, what you know (from your vision), or what you hope. I don't think it should reflect your fears because that is the thread that seems to be binding us (all over the world). I feel words, paint, poetry, has tremendous power. As your work IS a ministry, it should give vision, strength and hope. This comes from my heart, I hope it helps..." Sally