June 16, 2012 journal, CBS reports on the so called illegal immigrants speak their minds. CBS News. The cover of the latest issue of Time magazine features journalist Jose Antonio Vargas and 35 other undocumented worker who reveal their names and stories in the magazine. Vargas outed himself last year as one of the nearly 12 million undocumented workers in the United States. The Pulitzer Prize winner who wrote the Time cover story said there hasn't been an honest discussion in the U.S. about the issue. "We are not who you think we are," Vargas said Thursday on "CBS This Morning." "To me, the power of this Time magazine cover is, you have 35 people here from 15 different countries, Mexico, Nigeria, Israel, Korea, Philippines. You know, when we think about illegal immigration, we seem think it's all about Mexicans and the border. That's not the reality." In the political world, Vargas said this has become "a third rail issue." "Politicians don't want to touch this," he said. "Because, again, I don't think we've had an honest conversation about it. It's really tough to talk about any pieces of legislation without first having an honest conversation about what we're talking about." Vargas lives under the threat of deportation. "All 35 of us on this cover worry about it," he said. "But what's even more worrisome is not doing anything about it." Vargas said there's currently not a process in place for illegal immigrants to become residents of the U.S. "There isn't a process. People don't know that," he said. "I remember being in Iowa in Cedar Rapids and Mitt Romney telling the audience (that) people like me should get in the back of the line. Where is the line? If they can tell us where it is, if it's in Times Square somewhere, I'll go there right now. There is no line, there is no process." Since he came out as an undocumented worker, Vargas said he has not been approached by the government. In fact, he said even called a government agency and was told he was not in their database and that they couldn't talk about his case with him. "At the end of the day, most people in my situation haven't been encountered by the government. There's 11.5 million of us, right? Most people have not been encountered," he said. "... I am about as public as it comes on this. I'm on Twitter, I'm on Facebook. I'm on the corner of 14th and 6th in Manhattan. Vargas said the debate going forward should be about finding a solution. "The debate should be an actual solution. The debate should be an actual compromise. The debate should be about an honest conversation about this issue," he said. Vargas suggested a system that gives people the chance to come forward would be fair. "We're almost invisibly visible," he said. "You know we're here. So allow us to come forward and say, 'Hey, if you want us to pay our back taxes, if you want us to wait in some sort of line. If you want us to learn to speak English,' ... But give us the process that we can enter." When asked if that's inequitable to people that have entered the country legally, Vargas replied, "The thing to me is, what's more counterproductive is allowing people like me to even stay in the shadows. For example...people didn't know that we pay taxes. In 2010, we paid $11.2 billion in state and local taxes. We pay into Social Security, yet we can't benefit." Vargas said he is paid as an independent contractor. For more with Vargas, watch his full "CTM" interview in the video in the player above." http://www.amazon.com/The-Devils-Highway-True-Story/dp/0316746711 "History demonstrates that the U.S. is not very good at winning wars, having gone without victory in any major conflict since 1945. Smaller interventions have been a mixed bag with modest victories in places like Panama and Grenada and ignominious outcomes in Lebanon (in the 1980s) and Somalia (in the 1990s), to name a few." The Pat Roberson 700 Club show interviewed the author of the book Death of liberalism saying the present administration is far beyond liberal and of course that is correct, calls them socialists and that is also correct for both Democrat & Republican Parties, so-called liberal or conservative. The author of this book says this president increased the national debt by 5 trillion dollars but he ignores the former president increasing our national debt to double what it was to fight the wars. It is bad to be a politician and it is a disgrace in today's world, is even much worse to lie about it. It is worse still to murder innocent people of these phony battlefields. I pity the soldiers having flashbacks to the point of committing suicide from their bd killing experience in today's combat. The deaths by suicide now exceed the actual casualty count of the battle in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Christian life will manifest itself with loving kindness to his family and toward all others. There will not be any law enforcement in heaven because everybody will be an arm and it with the will guard which is still low off the same as they were all in one accord in the upper room when they all received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in Acts Chapter 2. Georgia really don't care about those poor old people needing that money to save their homes. Georgia diverts-100 million grant to save houses-Garofalo, News Report: "As Kate Little, president of the Georgia State Trade Association of Nonprofit Developers wrote today, that money did indeed wind up in the state's general budget, where it will be spent on corporate giveaways - economic programs meant to entice companies to move to Georgia - rather than helping homeowners: According to Georgia's Attorney General Sam Olens, the state's Constitution requires such funds to be deposited in the general fund with the General Assembly responsible for determining how to allocate the money. "Dimon-Simpson-Geithner The 3 horsemen of the political (Bankster) Apocalypse". Richard (RJ) Eskow, Op-Ed: Not a single Senator asked Dimon about the propriety of his seat on the Board of the New York General Reserve. JPM received $48 billion in secret, direct emergency loans, and it also benefited from the $107.3 billion in loans given to Morgan Stanley.- and that all of that money was given to Dimon's institution while he held a power position on the Board of the New York Federal Reserve, and on the committee that decides the Fed's executives salaries and other compensation." No freedom money loving politician is about to risk their livelihood to learn the truth.