June 18, 2012 journal, never ever fail to do your best with a Christian smile on-your-face. Love your family and be present with them physically and mentally to be into the highest blessings of the Lord God Almighty Yesu Yahweh, the Holy Spirit, as one Lord and God. Never grumble or complain about your job, about your salary or about your family at all. Show your love for your spouse and offspring daily and be generous with them with your time and your assets. You will be proud you did. Love thy neighbor also in a matter of Biblical Christian tradition and you will be blessed. Have a positive attitude toward God and man always and rejoice to celebrate your life and all living things God has given you. If your spouse is ill tempered then search your own life to see if their attitude is justified. Never give up on a spouse or a child, make sure your own conduct is pleasing to God. Live-in peace and harmony will all people praying for those who have not understanding. Bury your anger before it burys you. Anger goes against the natural life flow of the body. What can talk with the Lord through his holy Word and hear his commandments to us all. CBN Pat Robertson's latest author says the universal focus now is on Israel and that it is. America is becoming a homeless nation rapidly due to the greed of Wall Street. and property owners. 2 million people are now rotting in American jails lucky to be alive, considering the wholesale killing brought on by the satellite guided unmanned predator drones safe killing method 8,000 miles from the splatter. America has become the beast. compare it to Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, Hitler and Mussolini not to forget the Pope, George W. has the blood of more than a million human beings on his hands, both his and Cheney's, now we have in the executive position one following in Bush's footsteps killing nonstop by satellite. It is not really however these people killing but foreign orders to kill from the bankers which are the Russian Communist from the philosophy of Karl Marx's Red Shield Rothschild Communist and unchanged from the tyrant Lenin and his Christian cleansing of Russia. There is a puppet in power and his orders come from the awesome obscure ancient bankers that determined to take over the world. Bush set in motion the killing apparatus that will go on until the coming of the Lord to cleanse the earth of all sin and to rule on earth for 1000 years with the devil being chained down into the pit of Hell. Do read the Book of Revelation to know what is current and what is the future for us all. Genuine Christian people are persecuted by the world but sinners are also ridiculed and that by scripture. We know how to live by Moses and the prophets Word of God in Old Testament and the Protestant Christian people have the New Testament the beginning and the end. There is no excuse for anyone in the civilized world to die lost without Christ. From rense.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TvSiYu8z2M&feature=youtu.be