June 20, 2012 journal, good luck to Julian on his aspiring to be free from persecution in his case of publishing truth as a journalist and all journalists should be wishing him well. Wherever there are secrets to leak there are leaks such as the W.H. is now experiencing. The secret Asian trade deals were right to be leaked cause it is the business of the people. "WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange has taken refuge in Ecuador's embassy in London and asked for asylum. Assange made the move Tuesday in a last-ditch bid to avoid his extradition to Sweden over sex crime accusations. Earlier today, yard police in London announced Assange is now subject to arrest because his decision to spend the night at the Ecuadorean embassy violated the conditions of his bail. Assange is seeking asylum because he fears extradition to Sweden may lead to his transfer to the United States where he could potentially face charges relating to Wikileaks. "In my view, it is a situation of political persecution of Julian Assange for his political activities," says Michael Ratner, a member of Assange's legal team. "It fits in the asylum application procedure under the Declaration of Human Rights." In an apparent reference to the United States, an Ecua-dorean official said Assange fears being extradited "to a country where espionage and treason are punished with the death penalty." Published: Wednesday 20 June 2012 Assange is seeking asylum because he fears extradition to Sweden may lead to his transfer to the United States where he could potentially face charges relating to Wiki-leaks. Story written by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now. What have we come to? May the Lord be with Julian and all who suffer persecution from telling the truth on the government gone astray. The Republic is gone and there is no democracy as the same "Russian tyrants close in on the last of our freedoms. Let us pray to God to avenge those. Anthony Gucciardi, News Analysis: Monsanto appealed the decision and the case is now suspended until a further hearing is initiated by the Justice Tribune of the local court stationed in Rio Grande do Sul. Recently, however, the Brazilian Supreme Court declared that any decision reached in a local court case should apply nationally. The result? Monsanto now faces even larger charges, due to the larger legal application on a national level. Now, the charges total or exceed 7.5 billion dollars." Monsanto is a global enemy. "Chamber spokeswoman Blair Latoff called the bill 'politically motivated' and designed to single out and stifle the speech of ...the business community. The bill does not ban businesses from election advertising - it only requires them to go public. When asked how DISCLOSE would 'stifle' speech, the Chamber did not respond. Advocates for disclosure say the speech issue is a smoke screen." crooked politics crooked Congress. "Greece has no good options, but a serious contagion risk remains to be contained in order to prevent derailment of the fiscal and growth-oriented reforms in Italy and Spain. In the face of high systemic risk, private capital is leaving banks and the sovereign-debt markets, causing governments' borrowing costs to rise and bank capitalization to fall. This in turn threatens the functioning of the financial system and the effectiveness of the reform programs. speaks " stand back and watch it all fall because its Olympic godless. Josh Harkinson, Special Coverage: "As we enter Day 276 of the Occupy movements the protests have spread not only across the country but all over the globe. Thousands of activists have descended on Wall Street these past weeks as part of the #Occupy Wall Street protest organized by several action groups. What follows is a live video stream and live Twitter feed of this event." 5% of the people is all it takes to make or break a nation. Anthony Gucciardi | Monsanto Faced with Paying 7.5 Billion Back to Farmers Froma Harrop, Op-Ed: "The context for O's move is quite interesting. Obama is the first president in a long time to have taken the immigration laws seriously. He's been going after employers who hire undocumented workers. Deportations during his administration have exceeded 1 million, the most since 1950. His active enforcement of the immigration laws has made him suspect among some Hispanic activists while winning scant praise from right-wingers." American Congress crude and cruel politics just to get them elected. Cora Currier, News Report: "The Securities and Exchange Commission is looking into how JPMorgan disclosed risks to shareholders. SEC chairman Mary Schapiro outlined in testimony to the House today the various kinds of disclosure the SEC can target, without going into details on JPMorgan. JPMorgan has two former SEC enforcement heads working for them now." it stinks' to the lowest bottomless pit of hell all of Wall street. CBN shows about 2 dollar abortions in India sex selection disappearing daughters June 21st http://www.cbn.com/media/player/index.aspx?s=/mp4/GTH348v1_WS Is Barack Obama Morphing Into Dick Cheney?-Michael T. Klare, TomDispatch: "As recent events have demonstrated, Obama's energy policies globally bear an eerie likeness to Cheney's, especially in the way he has engaged in the geopolitics of oil as part of an American global struggle for future dominance among the major powers". America is like murder incorporated. Des Moines Register: "The health of the Postal Service lies largely in the hands of Congress, which has made a tremendous accounting strategy error. In 2006, President George W. Bush signed the Postal Accountability Act that requires the agency for 10 years to pre-pay retiree pensions 75 years in advance.. This pre-payment strategy could bankrupt the post office as early as this year." Read the article-We went to the post office at 4:45 p.m. for stamps and it was already closed. We ask about a stamp machine that was in the lobby but they said it had been removed. Now I read where they are prepaying 75 years of retirement and I think, no wonder why. They have padded their wagon for 75 years and longer now it is paid day. There are a lot of good hardworking people and the Post Office sincerely doing their job but the gravy rises to the top and sucks out the blood of the sweating people down below. They could cut out Saturday deliveries but then they are not interested in saving any money. The post office answers to Congress who are out of touch with reality. The Post Office at the top has forgotten they serve the people who are not their slaves. Hook on to any government job if you want to retire early at full pay even the state after 28 years far as of yesterday the new governor signed the bill for full pay forever to State employees. In the 1970's we were in Rome where already 70% of the people worked for government and now they are broke leeching off the European Union to support their pay. As goes Rome so goes America politically and theologically. All hail to the Roman Pope.