June 25, 2012 journal, most people do not understand the modern State of Israel as being organized from Russia by Khazar Russian people, not the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. These people are not as much akin to Jacob Israel as are the Arab Moslems. These who are Antichrist stole the birthright by converting to Judaism 743 and produced Lenin who took over Russia in revolution in 1917 and killed up to 100 million Christians. Again Jack Van Impe preaches that the Jewish people are suffering for the name of Jesus. On his program Saturday night he hammers against Iran saying they will destroy Israel yet he has no idea who Israel really is and certainly no Jewish people are suffering for Jesus. I have considered this man a false prophet for 20 years and he now says Christ puts the Jewish people first before Christian people which makes him a lunatic and ignorant of the Christians heritage. Jack In The Box is so smart yet he is so ignorant in facts of Scripture. I can only advise to beware of Jack Van Impe and his false doctrine as that is my opinion. The Jack Van Impe Ministries receive about $12 million per year and net about 4 million. Jack should know the Russian Khazars installed Karl Marx communism and death to the Christian people in Russia from 1917 until Russia became a wasteland after 70 years. He understands market of his message and money but he is weird on true Biblical doctrine. He advocates the Antichrist Pope also and their worship of a idolatry including Mother Mary. Many of those murdered in Russia by at Lenin were good very sincere Catholics. Vladimir Lenin was from the same breed as the Red Star Rothschild banking conspiracy. Vladimir Lenin was of the same breed as Goldman Saks and the Kissinger clan to name a few. America is headed down the very same road as Russian Communism by the same people that took Russia into Communism in1917 and manipulated the installation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 pulling the wool over the eyes of Congress and then President Woodrow Wilson. These are the same false "God's favorite people" that Martin Luther encountered 500 years ago. Most of these people are atheists and no where near God. These opportunist televangelists profiteers are traitors to Christ and the Christian religion. John Hagee on tonight preaching a big sermon on Esther Mordecai Haman Parham story. They are said to have killed thousands of Goyim with the approval of the King after this. They are accused of still committing that crime against so-called "gentiles" or non-Jewish people during their annual Parham celebration, there are warnings to watch your children. Rexella praised the repulsive U.N. Ambassador John Bolton reciting some statement he made to sustain the modern Khazaria Russian Israel. This couple does not know history. Without the grace and mercy of God I myself would not have known the correct history. "Sephardic Jews have lived in the state for more than 300 years, especially in and around Charleston. Until about 1830, South Carolina had the largest population of Jews in North America. Many of South Carolina's Jews have assimilated into Christian society, shrinking Judaism down to less than 1% of the total religious makeup. In addition, Roman Catholicism is growing in South Carolina due to immigration from the North." From the Book of Enoch CHAPTER XI. 1. And in those days I will open the store chambers of blessing which are in the heaven, so as to send them down ?upon the earth? over the work and labour of the children of men. 2. And truth and peace shall be associated together throughout all the days of the world and throughout all the generations of men.' Next: Chapter XII Good news-Campbell Robertson, The New York Times News Service: "The law, which was passed this spring by large margins in the State Legislature, requires all physicians associated with an abortion clinic to have admitting privileges at local hospitals. It is no secret that the physicians who do the majority of the work at the J.W.H.O. do not currently meet this requirement; three out of four of them, including Dr. Parker, do not even live in Mississippi." I pray this will be the solution to put one state out of abortion business ofr killing babies and with substandard doctors doing all the bloody dirty work Resilient Response: NYC Youth Join Stop-and-Frisk Debate Alina Mogilyanskaya, Indypendent: "The most recent report of the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) on stop-and-frisk indicates that of the 685,724 stops made in New York City in 2011, 42 percent comprised black or Latino youth ages 14-24. These numbers also include [Cory] Smith, who cites having been stopped five or six times in the last several months. For a teenager that has only recently begun actively socializing, the frequency of being stopped has risen dramatically in that time." -Read the Article Occupy is Not Dead, Occupy Continues to Work for Justice-Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, CounterCurrents.org: "The U.S. media has been writing an obituary for Occupy, but in fact Occupy is active all over the country and is just being ignored by the corporate media. This weekly installment of Occupy news highlights families occupying schools in Oakland to prevent their closure, Occupiers across the country working to prevent evictions and foreclosures, Occupiers confronting Jamie Dimon about JPMorgan Chase's foreclosure policies and Occupy SEC asking Dimon some tough questions." . This is the only good news I heard about the Republican party, I like that term castrate. "The Republican Party, falling deeper into the clutches of Ron Paul's "radical ideology," has a new item on its anti-populist agenda: Castrate the Federal Reserve so that it no longer can promote job growth." Well, that's not what it means at all. If the government take control of the Federal Reserve they could print artificial money to help the poor and unemployed people. The only other smart thing ben benake is said is that he was going to drop money from helicopters on the people so they could spend it and help the economy. That would sure be better than giving it to the sorry banks for international gambling and betting on worthless derivatives while not loaning it to their customers to buy and build. It is all so insane and getting worse by the hour until something will break down in future. May the ungodly body the Supreme Court do one good deed to overturn the abomination health care system in this country but do not get your hopes up too soon because it is still a mess even if it is overturned. So long as doctors flash their little stethoscopes around their necks as an exalted clan, the American people will suffer. Health care is really the job of the church and if it were not it should be free to the taxpayers that is to the public. All mankind our taxpayers in this society and when I grew up even all cows paid tax. Keep it free for the 50 million that cannot afford it and avoid those mandatory exorbitant health insurance rates for the 200 million going into the pockets of insurance companies. The Court is stacked with 6 Catholics and 3 Jewish justices, No Protestants.