June 31, 2012 journal, the hopeless Supreme Court have again ruled against the American people. This time the godless roofless murdering high court of shame have misinterpreted the United States Constitution allowing mandated health insurance all American people to be purchased from their corporate cronies as the Joe Lieberman Healthcare Insurance monopoly of Hartford. Yes I know there is no June 31st but I needed another day to write in June so I created one like magic. It is kind of like the Fed creating money from nothing and they have nothing. If you think Romney is going to reverse all this you are mistaken. The Republicans rejected and blocked the Public Option in the new healthcare colossal and abomination bill that will sink the United States into everlasting confusion. Thanks to the just as bad Republicans, you will now be paying your exorbitant rate health insurance policy or pay a fine and perhaps even go to jail. There is no way for words to describe how awful it is. Children will be going hungry so their parents can pay for their "Health" insurance which is putting our priorities in the wrong place. Health care takes U.S. over. The Supreme anti Christian Court behave like animals with no soul and no fear of God. Arizona artist Frank Bruno painted the Court as a gang of chimps swinging by their tails. Upholding this disaster health care plan is disgusting. American industry has no hope of recovering with a price tag of about $2,000 per month per family for health insurance. Ron Reagan is quoted as saying he will spend your retirement years telling your children and grandchildren how good it use to be to be free. Abraham Lincoln said any plan will work if the people support it but that no plan will work if the people do not support it. Congress and the Supreme Court are not real people in touch with reality and certainly they are not God fearing people. The president is only a puppet for the Illuminati elete. The net result of the un affordable health care plan is that it is a tax on the middle class. People have the option to pay a fine if they need help care of $2,000 per year rather than $20,000 per year to buy health care insurance even if you are not employed. Insurance companies get to share the tax of the exorbitant rates mandated by Congress & the court. This abomination health care bill will increase health insurance rates tremendously, it will result in many more people being uninsured that cannot afford the ridiculously high rates. Bottom line is $2,000 per year added tax to the average person or family we can't afford. Looking at the fat college chow lines I would say America must change its abusive eating habits and stay well and not get sick and not use the American Medical monopoly or the exorbitant health-care insurance responsible for jacking up the hospital / insurance rates. CNN showed a typical chest X-ray list price as $4400, while negotiated insurance price was $2,800 while paying cash this procedure only cost $240. You be the judge and see if you think we need this crazy system to jack up the prices outrageously on poor people. Return health care services to ground level provided free of charge by the church or state. Why should people be robbed of their inheritance to pay medical bills even if they die. http://www.thewatcherfiles.com/noahide_laws.htm