March 04, 2012 journal, a lost mind dwells on death while the saved mind dwells on life. The lost mind is corrupt in all its ways while the Christian mind responds to the positive. The mind holds the power over life and death for our bodies and we must keep it positive. The most positive enlightening thing I know is creation and plan of salvation from the Lord that is out of this world. Let us worship him and sing his praises because he knows our every need and will supply all our needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Yesu. Do not look back. Praise the Lord Yesu Christ daily with your heart mind it soul. This is the description of our first collaboration in art entitled Idolatry 7 by 10 ft. acrylic on canvas was shown at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore and in Luxembourg. I guarantee to everyone that the description is worth reading. "Visionary artists, William Thomas Thompson and Norbert H. Kox, both known internationally for their Apocalyptic art, have worked together on an individual canvas, 9.5 ft. x 7 ft., to create a powerful indictment of the apostate universal church system and the traditions of men. It is the first collaborative effort for either of these artists. The piece titled "Idolatry: The drugging of the nations", is a warning against the dangers of religious addiction. According to Webster, addiction is the state of being given up or over to, as a constant practice; habitual devotion to. Breaking an addiction sometimes produces severe withdrawal symptoms, as in the case of many drugs. Withdrawal means pain. Thus many addicts choose to remain addicted to avoid the pains of withdrawal. Religious addiction, like any addiction, renders the user to a state of irrational behavior. The religious addict clings to false doctrine with a belligerent pride equivalent to that of the drunken alcoholic, refusing to acknowledge his intoxication. He is unwilling to let go of that which is making him feel good even if the security it provides is based on a falsehood. When the truth does not fit organized religion it is rejected by the religious. This painting is referenced from Revelation 18:23, where the King James translation of "sorceries" comes from the Greek word pharmakia, literally "drugging", symbolically "idolatry". The piece warns against the deceptions of false teachers. It also points out the use of counterfeit images as modern-day idol worship. It is a depiction of and warning against the idolatry that is drugging the end time church, resulting in "religious" addiction, bondage, and death. Some of the common fatal mistakes are spelled out specifically on the gravestones in the pattern of the Earth Mother's blue robe: idolatry, harlotry, adultery, necromancy/seance, Sabbath breaking, lies, stealing, witchcraft, false witness, hatred, murder, coveting/envy, haughtiness/pride, swearing/cursing, drunkenness/drugs/alcohol, carnal lust, abortions, falsifying Yahweh's name, strife, greed, and self-righteousness. The main idolatry gripping the world and the church today is the love of money. Scripture says, "The love of money is the root of all evil" (1 Timothy 6: 10). This is symbolized in the golden-jeweled crown from which the churches are sprouting. On the crown is the word NOITROBA, which is "abortion" spelled in reverse. The Hebrew word for abortion also means "to fall" or "fallen down", which describes the state of the modern so-called Christian Church. The bloody paper dolls represent the Slaughter of the Innocents, in three ways: 1- Abortion of the unborn; 2- Victims of the physical molestation and sexual abuse by a perverted clergy; 3- Spiritual desolation and destruction due to falsehoods presented as truths by a blinded hierarchy. Scripture says, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" (Hosea 4: 6). The churches on the crown represent the conglomerate one world church system that is to introduce Antichrist for acceptance in the last days. Kox and Thompson, having both emerged from the clutches of religious addiction, warn against the deceptions of false teachers. Kox came out of a Catholic background, Thompson from the Protestant. Both have had Pentecostal experiences. Their combined diversity of religious knowledge contributes to a balance in identifying the false doctrines of the modern church, with scripture based facts. They identify false religious beliefs and the use of counterfeit images as modern-day idol worship. The 1940 "Head of Christ", by Warner Sallman, is targeted as a counterfeit Christ. The Greek word anti means "instead of", or "in place of", as well as "opposed to." The Antichrist described in the Bible is an imitation capable of deceiving even the very elect (Matthew 24:23-25; Mark 13:21-23). The elect spoken of are the followers of Christ. The Sallman image is being correlated to the "idol" shepherd in Zechariah 11:17, with the sword upon his right eye, symbolic of lack of truth. It also symbolizes the head of the Beast (Anti-Christ) that had the wound by the sword but did live (Revelation 13:3). Scripture foretold the people would create an icon of this Antichrist and worship it (Revelation 13:14-18). In this painting the seven churches and ten steeples symbolize the seven-headed ten-horned beast of the revelatory visions of the apostle John. He sounds the warning, Come out of her and be not partakers of her sins (mistakes). The New Testament word "church" comes from the Greek ekklesia, meaning "called out." The Scriptural church does not refer to a building. It refers to the people who are called out of spiritual bondage into the freedom of truth (principle, John 8:31-32).This painting also presents historical and etymological references to the name of Jesus being the result of a gradual progression in the English Language, from the Biblical name of Iesu (Yesu: yay-soo): A change which took effect in the 18th century. The gist of the whole piece is to entice the viewer to question traditions and inherited beliefs while embarking on an active search for and investigation of truth. Look to the word of God, not the traditions of men. Pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and search for truth in the Scriptures: "Seek and ye shall find". These two seasoned visionary artists hope that the revelations in this work will shake the world (or at least a small part of it) from its complacency, to question traditions and inherited beliefs while embarking on an active search for and investigation of truth. They see the true path of spiritual enlightenment as an individual road which must be navigated with the utmost of care, to avoid the pitfalls and disasters associated with the herd-mentality that leads unsuspecting sheep hurdling headlong into the pit (grave) directly on the heels of their blind religious leaders. This painting should not be perceived as a threat to the true church. That which is true will not be harmed. When all the rotten bark is chipped away and the dead branches are broken off and cast into the fire, that which remains will be healthier and stronger. Sometimes pain is involved in the healing process. Perhaps you can face the temporary discomforts of withdrawal when you realize the only alternative is death."